SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Castle “Knockout” S3 E24

19 May

I think I’m still trying to recoup from Monday night’s incredible season finale of Castle.  I am blown away by the work of the writing team, the crew, and of course the cast.  What a fantastic hour of television and it has now moved up to #2 on my favorite shows list (The Good Wife is still #1!)   That was one of the best season finales I have seen in a long time.  And it capped off a truly tremendous season for Castle!

There were many big moments in the episode so I will try to break them all down.  Some really stuck with me, some simply moved me, some surprised me, and some left me wondering.  But I am anxious to hear your thoughts when we wrap up.

We started the episode with Lockwood breaking out of prison with the help of some cops who turned dirty and are working for him.  This makes everyone frantic for Beckett’s safety.   I think we also start to see Beckett turn a little fearful.   How could she not?  This man is a professional and incredibly dangerous.   Montgomery puts a detail on Beckett but he pulls Castle into his office to have a conversation with him about Kate.   He tells her that she won’t stop until this case is solved, even if it kills her.   But the one person that could stop her from killing herself, is him.   At another point in the episode, Castle gets a visit from Jim Beckett, Kate’s dad.   A Jim Beckett sighting!!!  We were supposed to meet him in one of the earlier episode but unfortunately those scenes were cut.  It’s another thing that is so awesome about Castle.  Sometimes in an episode this big, you never introduce a new character because it can seem disjointed and out-of-place.   Jim Beckett’s arrival flowed perfectly with the episode and his being there made perfect sense.  It’s obvious with the way they are talking that Kate has talked to her dad quite a bit about Castle even though we have never actually seen those conversations.   And much like Montgomery telling Castle he needs to stop Kate, so does her father and he implores him to have a talk with his Katie.

Castle, who no doubt wanted to talk to Kate himself about how dangerous this is all getting, now how some other powerful people in his corner…her captain and her father.  If you saw the sneak peek I posted last week, this is the scene in that clip.   He tells Beckett that she needs to stop or else these guys are going to kill her and that if she doesn’t do it for herself, she should do it for the people who love her like her father and (hard gulp) Josh.  “What about you Rick?”   Hello!  She only calls him Rick when it’s REALLY personal.  But all the cards are finally on the table.  He brings up the kiss, he brings up almost dying in each other’s arms and that he isn’t sure what they are but he knows they are partners and friends.   “Is that what we are?”   Damn she is getting right to the point.  Almost as if he told her loved her right then and there, she would jump into his arms and they would make out and have sex for weeks!!  Alright maybe that was more wishful thinking but don’t lie, you thought it too.  He is starting to get frustrated because he doesn’t know what they are but he does know he doesn’t want her to die.  He also brings up a hard truth to her that if she figures out what happened to her mother, she will lose a piece of herself because she won’t know who she is without this case.  With that, she wants him out of her apartment.  Truth hurts!  But this is what makes C&B so great.   She is angry with him and yells at him that he doesn’t know her.   What she really wants to scream at him is “Damn it Castle, why do you have to know me so well….like no one else does!!”   And again, this could be my wishful thinking, but I think she is also upset that he is coming to tell her how to live her life when he can’t even tell her how he feels about her.   She knows he loves her.   He knows, that she knows, that he loves her….but tell her already!!!   I think she needs him to be the first one to say it so she can let her guard down and open up to him completely.  But until he does, she won’t.  So he leaves with no one blinking on the feelings front….at least, not yet!

This leads to another great scene with Castle and Martha.  Martha can be a cook sometimes but when it comes to scenes like this, she always hits it out of the park.  Susan Sullivan is always wonderful with Nathan Fillion in these scenes!  Castle is obviously torn.  He doesn’t know how to help Kate and he is so afraid for her life.  So he goes to his mother and asks her advise on what to do and how to help her.   She can see her son is in pain and at a loss for what to do for Beckett.  Martha tells him to not waste another minute.   He should tell her how he feels.

As the investigation moves forward, the team realizes the reason Lockwood killed McAllister and broke out of prison was to go after the 3rd cop involved and possibly Beckett as well.   So the team wants to find this 3rd cop.  Now there were plenty of hints as to who this 3rd cop was last week and this week before he was actually revealed.  First was last week.  I mentioned in my recap that I felt when we met Captain Montgomery’s wife and the mention of his retirement and everyone blowing it off saying “he’s not going anywhere” was a good indication that he was going to be the one that dies in the season finale.  If he is the one that’s dying, what better way to have him go out then him being the 3rd cop that Lockwood is hunting.   Then there were some oh so subtle moments in the season finale.  Like when the 3rd cop was mentioned by the team and Montgomery just slightly lowers his eyes and his head.  If that wasn’t a guilty look, I don’t know what is!!!   So it was not that big of a reveal when we learned that Montgomery was the 3rd cop.   What was also not surprising was his death.   Lockwood basically told Montgomery either Beckett or your family are going to die.   You pick.  You knew he was going to protect his family and you knew he wasn’t going to give up Beckett.  Therefore, Monty was going down.  What was brutal was how it went down.   He lures Kate to the airplane hangar claiming to new evidence.  As she arrives looking for the Captain, he appears in the dark.  Once he appears, she gets a text telling her the Montgomery is the 3rd cop.  He explains how everything went down when he was a rookie and as he is finishing up, Lockwood’s team appears to kill Kate.  So Montgomery tells Castle (who has been hiding the whole time) to get Kate out of there.  She refuses to leave knowing what’s about to happen and she tells Montgomery that she forgives him.  But Castle literally picks her up and drags her out of there kicking and screaming.  Flashing back and forth between Montgomery and Lockwood’s team facing off and Castle trying to keep Beckett safe and quiet was great to watch and the editing department did a great job with this scene.  You see Montgomery draw his gun and aim to shoot at Lockwood and his men but you don’t hear the first gun shot until you are flashed back to where Castle and Beckett are and you hear the gun fire with them.  So they know and we know what is going on….the Captain is taking one for Beckett and his family.  Montgomery takes most of Lockwood’s men out and when Lockwood goes to check on him, Montgomery gets one final shot into Lockwood’s gut killing him.    Thank God.   When it’s all over, Beckett runs back in and cries over her Captain.  It was a touch scene to watch.  What was also tough was when Ryan and Esposito found out about Montgomery and neither one wanted to believe it, especially Esposito.  He fights Ryan for a bit but then realizes the person he was mad at was his Captain, not Ryan.   But they are both devastated by what they learn and Seamus Deaver and Jon Huertas were incredible in all their scenes but particularly that one.

As we get to the funeral scene, we flash to Montgomery’s office where Castle, Beckett and the boys are all sitting and Beckett tells them that no one, other than the four of them, will ever know about Montgomery being the 3rd cop.  He was a hero and he will be remembered as such.  We see Beckett and the boys in their dress blues as the pall bearers for the service and we Captain Montgomery’s wife and children there.  And I was crying my eyes out as usual.  Beckett gets up to eulogize her boss and at the very end, Castle notices a reflection of light in the cemetery coming from behind a grave stone.  He sees it aimed right at Beckett and he runs to protect her as the shot rings out.  People scatter and Beckett is on the ground….she’s been shot!!!!  Rick tells her to stay with him and then comes the big bomb…..he tells her he loves her and to please stay with him!!!   Guess who finally blinked!!!!

Now people have been calling this a cliffhanger.  I guess it is but usually the cliffhanger is, will Beckett survive the shooting.   The answer is….OF COURSE SHE IS!!!!  But I guess the real cliffhanger is what happens as a result of not just her shooting, but Castle telling her he loves her.   I have 2 guesses.  The first is that she reciprocates and we move forward in the series with them as a couple.   The other guess is that she loses lots of blood, survives but has memory loss and doesn’t remember Castle telling her that he loves her.  He doesn’t repeat it because Josh, the doctor boyfriend, is healing her and Beckett and Josh have gotten closer as a result.  So out of respect for them, Castle steps back.   I really hope for guess #1 to come true but I worry guess #2 is closer to what will really happen.  I don’t know that for sure, it’s just a guess.  And Andrew Marlowe is on record saying that Victor Webster (Josh) will be back next season.   Ugh!

What an incredible season of Castle this has been.  I remember when this was just a cute little show with a great cast that was pure entertainment for my Monday nights.  Now with the addition of some pretty spectacular ongoing cases (Beckett’s mom’s killer and 3XK)and the chemistry the entire cast has built, not only with C&B but with everyone involved,  this has become must-see-TV and is one of the best shows on TV.   From a drama standpoint, I don’t think there are two better written shows out there right now than Castle and The Good Wife.  Parenthood comes in a close 3rd, but those 2 are far and away the best.   I can’t say enough about Andrew Marlowe and his writing team who have done a phenomenal job this season.  And I also can’t say enough about the stellar cast…Tamala Jones, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion….OUTSTANDING!!!!  I will really miss Santiago-Hudson and his character of Captain Roy Montgomery.   I always thought he was  a tough but fair leader in the 12th.  I am curious to see if Beckett gets a promotion out of this or if they bring in someone else.   If they bring in someone else, they are going to have big shoes to fill!   I think Castle definitely deserves some Emmy nods in many departments and especially Stana and Nathan for acting but they had an incredible season!

I hate this layoff because I already can’t wait for next season!!!!  But at least this will give me some time to reflect on the shows a bit more and start to guess about what will happen in the fall for season 4.

What did you think Castle fans?   Best episode ever?   Best season so far?   Were you pleased with the finale?  Are you sad to see Captain Montgomery go?   And what do you think will result from Castle telling Kate he loves her!!!!   I want to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for a great first season (with me at least) and I really appreciate all the loyal readers out there (especially my loyal Castle readers!!)  See you in the fall (but probably sooner!!!)


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5 responses to “SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Castle “Knockout” S3 E24

  1. Allie

    May 19, 2011 at 11:55 pm

    I can’t even tell you how many times I shouted “WHAT?!?” over the course of this episode. My neighbors are probably annoyed at me right now. My favorite scene was when Castle carried Beckett out of the hanger and then put his hand over her mouth. I had tears running down my face and could barely even see the Captain getting shot. If they don’t get Emmy nominations, the judges are seriously biased. Julianna Marguiles will probably win the Emmy for Best Actress, but Stana should at last get a nod. Speaking of The Good Wife, **SPOILER** I bet you hated the ending. I did.

    • fortheloveoftv

      May 20, 2011 at 10:05 am

      I was the same during that scene. I was crying so hard I could barely see the TV!!!

      You know I didn’t get to watch TGW yet! I’m on vacation and we were out to dinner so ididnt get back in time. But after seeing the previews, I’m not sure I want to watch. ugh!! But I’ll let you know as soon as I do!!!

  2. Eljh55

    May 23, 2011 at 4:24 am

    Yeah, say it again. Best finale so far.. Bar none. We wanted to congratulate the whole team for a wonderful ride of season 3. Seriously, the EMMY should give this show some credits. The actors are all good particularly Stana Katic.

  3. Charles Clemens

    May 27, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I cannot disagree more strongly with all the positive reviews of the season ending episode of Castle. It was stupid and degrading to women (especially women police officers). In the real world, a paunchy out-of-shape author like Castle could not wrestle a professional and physically-fit police officer like Becket and win. Furthermore, his removing her from the crime scene caused the captain to be murdered. Had she remained behind, he might still be alive. I can only assume that he wanted to get off the series. A more realistic ending would have been to have the captain get cancer and die.

    • Eric Hamm

      May 30, 2011 at 11:09 pm

      I don’t think it was demeaning to women at all and yes a man could very easily wrestle a woman even a well trained one if he was determined enough. It’s the nature of the human form even an out of shape man around 190 to 200lbs is going to be much stronger than a woman 120lbs even if she was physically fit. The muscle mass isn’t there. I know people don’t like to admit it but physical contest men are designed to be stronger. Plus on top of that she was emotionally devastated which would have factored into it as well. I do agree that I was unhappy to see Captain Montgomery leave in this way but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good TV. The whole Kate getting shot thing is what I didn’t get. I hope she’s not replaced but I remember Monk, when they replaced his partner and thought that would be the end of the world but I ended up liking Natalie as much as Sharona. It’s about chemistry after all and if they find the right person with the right chemistry I would still tune in, doesn’t mean I wont miss Kate though. Good show as always very well written and I must say it seemed to ramp up a notch this season, much more clever plots. I also noticed the wrapped up all the little subplots that were hanging in the air involving Kate. So makes a bit more doubtful that she will return.


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