SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Closing Arguments” S2 E23

26 May

I started this post about 3 times and each time erasing and starting over because I wasn’t sure where to begin.  The last 3 episodes of the season dealt with Alicia finding out about Peter and Kalinda sleeping together (including this season finale.)  While I think the other episodes were more powerful because she was confronting the betrayers, this episode set up how changed these 3 people have become as a result of this revelation and how different they would be going into Season 3.   Another 3 people will also be significantly impacted by all this…Will, Eli, and Cary.   We will discuss all of this but let’s get into the case first because it was interesting this week.

A man is on trial for murdering a judge.  He and his wife went court to sue a dentist for the wrongful death of this 9-year-old son.  Judge Ellerby drew the case and the judgement went against the defendant.   Two months later, Ellerby is dead and Jake Richter is on trial for first degree murder.   According to the crime scene photos, the judge was stabbed to death and he was wearing gloves.  One glove is missing.  An expert forensic witness testified that the missing glove would have the killer’s blood on it.  How was that determined without the glove?  I’m not sure why the glove would have the killer’s blood on it and ONLY this glove and nowhere else in the crime scene would have the killer’s blood.  You would think that if the killer was bleeding, there would be blood in other areas of the crime scene or body, but whatever.  I’ll let it go.  Neither the police nor the SA’s office have been able to locate the glove that would either exonerate or condemn his client (reasonable doubt) so Will is driving that fact home.

Alicia is back at the office talking to Diane about expanding her role at the firm…yeah!!!  Meanwhile when they wrap up, she receives an envelope and while talking to Owen on the phone she opens it and the missing bloody glove slips out and onto her desk.  As soon as that happened I knew who sent it but more on that later.  She asks her secretary to get Diane and while Kalinda walks by, she begrudgingly asks for her help.  Kalinda calls Sophia (Kelli Giddish) and Sophia offers her assistance.  Diane calls Will to tell him what is going on and to get to the judge in the case.  Before Will does that, he runs to his client and asks if there is any chance his DNA is on the glove.  He says no.  At this point, I thought either he was guilty or he was covering for his wife committing the crime.  I just didn’t like the way he responded to Will.   Will, Childs, and Cary go to see the judge and an all out fight breaks out in her chambers because Will wants a mistrial.  The judge says no but find her something and she’ll reconsider.  As Will is leaving she tells him in not so many words that if he finds something for her that’s concrete, she’ll declare the mistrial because she is on his side.   Once the jury comes back, it’s out of her hands and the appellate judges aren’t likely to overturn the guilty verdict of a judge killer.

They start investigating not only the DNA on the glove but also the fingerprints on the envelope it came in and who the potential whistle-blower may be.  Alicia and Kalinda have to work together and Alicia is still cold but professional with Kalinda.  The other problem is that they have no alley in Childs because this is his swan song case before leaving the SA’s office.  So Diane wants someone (possibly Alicia) to talk to the newly elected SA to see if they can get him up to speed on the case and get an alley on their side.  Will steps up and says he’ll talk to Peter.  Alicia warns Will that she and Peter are having some issues so don’t be surprised if he’s a little chilly towards him.   Will talks to Peter.  I LOVED this scene.  Peter thinks Alicia is sleeping with Will therefore he hates him.  Will has no idea what’s going on in Peter’s mind.  All he knows is that he and Alicia are separated.  But Peter doesn’t know he knows that.  It’s fantastic!!!  So they discuss the case  and Peter tells Will he will look into Childs’ misconduct in the case…when he’s in office.  Which means no help.  Will asks Peter how he’s doing and Peter asks Will about how Alicia is doing.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Here are two men who despise each other and would probably love nothing more than to go off and kick the crap out of one another, but they don’t.  They keep it civil and pointed.  Brilliant!

The prints come back and they match 2 cons.  One happens to work in their mail room who’s an ex sex offender but they decide to deal with that later.  They are also looking into another person who was wronged by Ellerby, Saul Barbarini.  Kalinda interviews him but doesn’t think it’s him.  Diane tells Will this and Will’s response is “Really?  Construction, Italian?  Did she even talk to him?”   Gee Will profile much?   So the guy is Italian and works in construction so he must be a killer?  Another reason for me to hate Will…he’s a bigot.  But back to the case.  Will asked the bailiff watching the jury to start serving them lots of coffee.  The bailiff wasn’t sure why (neither was I) until this scene happened.  On the phone with Diane, Will is about to enter the men’s room and asks Diane to ask him about the case.  He starts talking about a new suspect and the fact that they found the glove and guess who’s in the bathroom with him?  One of the jurors!!!!  Since it appeared the jurors were near a verdict, Will wanted to have more time so he set up this plan to get one of the jurors kicked off the jury and have an alternate replace him.  Therefore having to start the deliberation process all over again.  But it backfired slightly on him.   There was also another juror in the bathroom at the same time but he was in one of the stalls.  It was the only juror LG thought they had on their side…juror #2.  So as a result, he’s gone as well.  Way to go Will with your dirty cheap tricks!!   While all this is going on, DNA comes back and it’s female!!  So it will clear Jake and their other suspects but they still have no idea who the killer is.  At this point, I still thought it was Jake’s wife.

The case takes them to the daughter of the murdered judge.  She and her father didn’t have the greatest relationship and she informs Alicia and Kalinda that her father was taking bribes.  At this point they haven’t been able to find any females wronged by Ellerby and Diane asks them to look into cases where he recused himself.  If he took a bribe and stepped down, someone could have been very angry.   They were able to find someone and they were able to get her DNA from a fertility clinic to analyze it against the DNA on the glove.  It matched.  Kalinda brings it to Cary and the next thing you know, they are all in a courtroom and the judge is declaring a mistrial.  Jake can go home to his family!   So I was really wrong about Jake and his wife!!  And as everyone leaves, we see Peter hidden around the corner and he is the one ripping up the UPS slip of paper proving he was the one who sent the glove to Alicia.  That one I was right on.  I knew it would be him!

While this was all going on, Peter’s political aspirations were being worked out by Eli and the Democratic Committee.  They are setting their sights on higher levels of office…the governor’s office, the US Senate.   The DC wants Alicia involved and Eli, knowing what is going on, tells them no.  But they say, it’s not her choice.   In the meantime, Eli needs to work in between campaigns and he is looking for a law firm to align with and bring his consulting business to.  So of course, he chooses LG.  This is also the big promotion Diane wanted to discuss with Alicia.  She wants Alicia to be the liaison between the legal side and the political side.    Alicia immediately goes to Eli and tells him to take his business elsewhere and he firmly says no.  While he has deferred to Alicia about many things, this will not be one of them.  It’s in the best interest of his business so he is going to move forward.  It’s business not personal.  I’m so glad he stood his ground here.   While I love Alicia to pieces, she doesn’t have the right to tell him where to take his business.  And in this instance, she needs to suck it up.

We started by talking about how these last 3 episodes are really starting to transform people.  One big transformation we saw was with Kalinda.  After a sexual romp with Sophia, Sophia gets a call…from her husband.  Now we didn’t know this but apparently Kalinda did.  When she hears about the husband, her face and attitude completely changes.  She asks Sophia why she didn’t tell her about her husband and Sophia reminds her when and where she told her about her husband and even the picture she showed her.  Kalinda immediately leaves after feeling like a home wrecker again.  Before Kalinda wouldn’t have cared about sleeping with married people (which to be honest, really knocks her down a peg in my book.)  After what happened with Alicia, she is thinking twice about what her actions would mean to the person on the other end of the relationship.  She is starting to realize that her decisions have consequences to them.   I honestly believe the Sophia told Kalinda about her husband and Kalinda just blocked it out because that is what she always did before.  Now it seems moving forward, that all changes.

I also think Eli is going to have some tough decisions to make moving forward.  He and Alicia have developed their own bond.  There is a huge respect level between the two of them and I think he is slightly protective of her and not just for political reason.  So when he goes to work at LG, is his allegiance going to be stronger with Alicia than with Peter or will Peter still be the Florrick he gives preference to?   Because there are going to be times he has to make a choice.  So who will he choose.

Cary should be a very fascinating piece to this puzzle.  I think Peter will use him and his ambition to get information on Alicia and LG.  The problem is, will Cary see that he’s being used and not care, will he see that he’s being used and use it to his advantage (sounds like him) or will he not see it at all and pretty much hate all Florricks from here on out.   Cary is all about Cary but I do think he has a heart and do think he wants to do the right thing, even if sometimes things have to get messy for justice to prevail.   The key here is Peter’s motives.  I think Peter would like to bring down Will Gardner, but not at the expense of Alicia.  I really believe Peter wants Alicia back.  So anything he uses Cary for will not be to attack her but to attack Will.

I guess I have to talk about that final scene huh?   Ugh.  I put it off as long as I could.  Alicia and Will are at the bar celebrating their victory by doing shots…something Alicia always did with Kalinda.  It ends up with Will asking Alicia about their “timing.”  It’s always been off.  But he has broken it off with what’s her name (Elizabeth Reaser) and she is separated from Peter.  So he says to her, what would happen if our timing was finally aligned, even if it was only for an hour?  The go to the front desk to get a room.  Everything is booked.  He keeps asking but she keeps saying no.  Finally she says they do have the presidential suite but it’s like $7,500 a night.  At that point, I would have left to find another hotel.   Give me a break.  They get the room and hop in the elevator.  Unfortunately a little girls has hit the buttons to about 30 floors hence the preview scene with elevators opening and closing and we seeing varying stages of Alicia and Will hooking up.  It was a really well shot scene.   They get to the room and the key doesn’t work.  At this point I would think that someone is trying to tell me something.  I couldn’t get a room and the only one cost $7,500.  Then some kid pushes all the buttons to make the climb to the penthouse that much longer giving me more time to think about what I am doing.  Finally, the key doesn’t work.  I would have left.  But Alicia has another idea.  She takes the key and tries and voila!  It works.  The go into the room and we end Season 2.   I’ll tell you what though, that better be some balls to the walls amazing sex for $7,500!!!!

Needless to say, I hated the last scene.   Ha!!  As much as I dislike Will Gardner, I disliked this more so for the fact that I don’t think she should be with anyone right now.  Alicia needs to focus on Alicia and her kids.  If she needs to knock boots with someone, pick someone you don’t have a history with or feelings for or work for!!  I can understand after everything she has been through, that she deserves some happiness and some loving.  I just don’t think it should be Will.  I think he will break her heart just like Peter.  And not by cheating on her but by betraying her in another way.  I just feel it.  I worry that the end game of this show is to have her with Will so I am ready for that disappointment.  But I am still holding out hope for Peter.  I think eventually, when Alicia isn’t so hurt anymore and can see the situation clearly, her friendship with Kalinda will be renewed and she may be willing to start again with Peter.   I just don’t think that’s what the writers want sadly.   I did see an interview with Julianna Margulis where she said she doesn’t think Alicia should be with Will and that that ship has sailed.  So hopefully if JM has any say in her character’s progression, Alicia won’t end up with Will.   Yeah!!!  A girl can dream right?

What an AMAZING season of The Good Wife!!!   I am constantly blown away by the talent of the cast and crew.  I think moving to Sundays in the fall could be good for the show.  The only bad thing is with CBS having football, if games run late, so will The Good Wife.  I hate that!!!  But otherwise, I think it’s fine.  I already can’t wait for next season and I hope you will all be back with me in the fall to continue the journey!!!


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2 responses to “SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Closing Arguments” S2 E23

  1. Kiki

    May 27, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Hehehe you pretty much have the same reaction I had to the ending..NOOOOO! LOL

    Great review!! Looking forward to S3 😀


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