SEASON FINALE REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Challenge Accepted” S6 E24

04 Jun

This show is my favorite comedy since Scrubs.  Although if Happy Endings keeps getting funnier the way it has progressed, it will start to jump up there.  I know there are many people out there that have a problem with this show and have given up on it.  I never will.  This show is awesome.  I’ve heard people mention how they could care less about Marshall and Lily’s relationship and what happened with Marshall’s father this season and Robin and Barney and their “relationship” and that at this point they just want to know who the mother is so they can move on.  To that I say, you really can’t be a true fan of the show if that’s your opinion.  I hate to be that blunt about it but I really believe that’s true.  If you have watched this show from Season 1 “Pilot” through Season 6 “Challenge Accepted”, how can you not care about Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney?  I don’t get it.  In my opinion, those 4 characters make the show.  Without them, more specifically without those actors playing those characters, this show wouldn’t have lasted this long.  Those 4 and their relationships with Ted and each other, make the show the standout that it is.  I actually heard on one podcast that they thought this whole season was terrible especially the part with Marshall’s dad dying because no one cared about some character that wasn’t really on the show.  Are you serious?????  Anyone who watches HIMYM knows how close Marshall is to his family, especially his dad.  Who cares if he wasn’t on the show every week.  He was a steady part of the series so I couldn’t disagree more with the comment about him being character that wasn’t really on the show.  And that whole storyline highlighted two wonderful aspects about the show and what makes it so great…adding real world situations into the mix to see how the gang reacts and being able to interject a serious tone and subject into a comedy and it being pulled off perfectly.

The one thing I do agree with, it’s time to meet the mother.  It’s been 6 full seasons.  It’s time to meet her.  I want to see Ted date her and her interaction with the group and how their lives build and begin with her in it.  I don’t think you can drag it out much longer if at all.   It’s time to see who she is.   Every relationship Ted gets in at this point, especially if the show tries to lean it towards the serious nature, fails because this person isn’t the mother.  There was much debate out there about Zoey being the mother but we knew it wasn’t true.  Ted, in his story to his children, even said it himself several episodes ago when he said that this relationship ends badly.   Well if we know in episode 17 that they break up by episode 24, why not just break them up in episode 17 and not waste our time with Zoey in episodes 18-24?   I never liked Zoey and I never understood why Ted would stay with her and want to be with her.  It just didn’t make sense to me.  So the sooner that relationship ended the better.  But instead of giving Ted a love interest that is going no where, let’s just introduce him to the mother and have that relationship develop.

The one thing the Zoey/Ted debacle, I mean relationship, did was set up a potential rekindling of Robin and Barney as a couple.  In a move that didn’t surprise many people, Barney was the groom in the wedding we saw in the season premiere “Big Days.”  What was surprising is that we didn’t see who the bride was.  Those same people (myself included) suspected it would be Robin.  And I still think that will be the case.  But at the end of the season finale, Barney meets back up with Nora and asks her out for coffee with Robin looking on not too pleased.  So the show is setting up a “who is the bride” scenario pitting Robin against Nora…for now.   How did this all come about?  When Ted gets depressed, he has a tendency to get back together with ex-girlfriends he really didn’t like.  Ted was in one of those modes and was trying to get back together with Zoey.  Robin and Barney were trying to stop him.  While doing so, they started talking, cryptically, about their former relationship and we learn that they really did love each other.  You could argue they still do.   They find Ted and stop him from meeting up with Zoey and they start telling him how you can’t go backwards to former relationships, it just doesn’t work.  Of course Robin and Barney are looking at each other while saying this.  But we all know they don’t really believe that!!!  Enter a chance meeting with Nora and Robin pushing Barney to go talk to her.  He does, they set up a coffee date, and Robin is disappointed.  While I love Robin and Barney together and think they should be together, I love Nora.  Do you think it’s wrong to hope she’s the mother?  Too far-fetched?  I don’t care.  I’m going to hope for it anyway.

Finally in the finale, Lily has food poisoning from a soup shop where she also bought Marshall soup.   She is rushing to get home to stop him from eating it and while she does succeed, she is only stopping him from eating his 3rd bowl.   Oops!!!  So Marshall is counting down until he gets as sick as Lily.  The problem is, he has an interview with the environmental law firm he has been dying to work for and he’s worried the timing will be right when his interview is wrapping up that he should be getting sick.  I hope Marshall gets this job because I would love to see Dave Foley as a recurring guest star as his boss!!!  Marshall is doing well in the interview but ends up running out when Mr Bloom starts showing him pictures of whale carcases and pigeon fecal matter!!  He gets home and tells Lily how upset he is that he blew the interview and that he just wants to get some sleep before all the puking begins.  Marshall falls asleep but wakes up the next morning and he’s surprised that he slept the night and feels ok.  Lily comes running in and explains that it wasn’t food poisoning after all.  She’s preggers!!!!!   I should have seen this coming better.   When Lily first got sick, I thought she was pregnant.  But then when Marshall was in his interview and he was sweating profusely and looking as though he were completely nauseous, I assumed that it was food poisoning.  Maybe Marshall got himself so worked up that he started exhibiting signs of sickness, but if he really wasn’t sick, why did he look so awful?   Oh well.  I’m just very happy for the Eriksons!!!

Going into Season 7, we have already established that it’s time to meet the mother.  Well, I established it but I assume you are all with me on that one.  I am looking forward to seeing how Marshall and Lily’s baby news and subsequent pregnancy will impact the group.  Should be some hilarious material.  And I’m anxious to see what happens on the Robin/Barney/Nora front.  So if season 7 turns out to be the season of the mother, any guesses on who she is?  Is it someone we have already met or will it be someone completely new.   We do have some hints but if I have some of these wrong, please correct me:

  1. The Yellow Umbrella (she was on Ted’s roof one night at a party and left her yellow umbrella behind)
  2. Cindy’s Roommate (we were led to believe that the girl Cindy..Rachel Bilson…was living with was Ted’s future wife)
  3. Student of Ted’s (Ted mentioned in one of his monologues to his children that his future wife was in the classroom where he became a professor)
  4. Barney’s Wedding (it was mentioned in the season premiere that Ted meets the mother at Barney’s wedding)
Having all those clues, I think it’s safe to say it’s someone we haven’t met.   So it’s not Victoria the cupcake maker (Ashley Williams..who I loved by the way), Stella (Sarah Chalke), Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), Trudy (Danica McKellar), Abby (Brittany Spears), or Cindy (Rachel Bilson.)  Although Cindy and Stella were already out anyway since Cindy is a lesbian and Stella is already married.  She could get divorced from Tony but I doubt it.   The logical conclusion is someone we haven’t met.   Having said that, who would you like CAST as Ted’s future wife?  She has to be funny, smart, adorable, and lovable.  What about someone like Andrea Anders, JoAnna Garcia, or Judy Greer?  I love all those ladies and think they would be a great fit to the cast.  But let me know your thoughts below!!!

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5 responses to “SEASON FINALE REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Challenge Accepted” S6 E24

  1. Girish

    June 5, 2011 at 1:32 am

    I want HIMYM to go on for 10 seasons. I’m not actually bored with it yet! lol
    And all of those hints are right. I don’t want to guess who they’ll bring in as the mother, but whoever it may be, she’ll be awesome!
    And I would have liked Zoey to be the mother! I love Jennifer Morrison.

    • fortheloveoftv

      June 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm

      I like Jennifer Morrison too. I just didn’t like the character of Zoey. I was bummed because I was really ready to like her and I just didn’t!

  2. HIMYM Fan

    June 7, 2011 at 12:04 am

    I agree. I didn’t like the character of Zoey either. However, I actually liked the story between Ted and Zoey. It was entertaining. It also showed Ted in a somewhat similar, but still different light, and the dynamic that occurred between the friends because of her was great television. I’m sure you know this, but the show is going to be on for another 2 seasons. So, it’s plausible that they won’t show who the mother is next season. Honestly, I’m for it. I thought this season was way better than last season because they decided to give more range to the other characters. And it made the show funnier, more intense, and back to the quality it used to be. Anywho, I can’t wait for next season!!!

    • fortheloveoftv

      June 7, 2011 at 12:38 am

      I agree. This past season was a much stronger season. I’m biased though because I have loved EVERY season!! But of all 6 seasons, 5 was the weakest. So S6 bounced back nicely.

      I personally am ready to meet the mother. I think there is so much story to tell once we meet her. I just don’t want it dragged out much further.

      If I’m being completely honest though, Ted’s my least favorite character on the show so I care more about Marshall and Lily and Robin and Barney. For me, this show has become more about this circle of friends and less about Ted’s love life.

  3. HIMYM Fan

    June 12, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    I completely agree, except I don’t think I have a favorite character because I love them all equally. That’s why I think they might not show the mother soon because it’s not the complete center of the show anymore. People want to see the progression of the other characters, but when they meet the mother, the show no longer becomes “how” I met your mother. So, I think there is a good chance they’ll bring up the mother once in a blue moon, but not show her until the end.


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