SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Mike & Molly “Peggy’s New Beau” S1 E24

04 Jun

Overall, I think Mike & Molly had a solid first season.  The big thing I was worried about in the beginning that has really toned down is all the fat jokes.  They still creep in every once in while but it a way that makes sense and is funny to what is going on.  In the beginning the show felt like one big fat joke and I didn’t like that.  While I still think some characters may be trying a bit too hard (Peggy and Samuel) some characters have really hit big home runs with me (Victoria, Vince, and Carl’s Grandma) and the show is starting to find its groove so I’m happy it will be back for a second season.

The one thing that did surprise me was that M&M got engaged at the end of the season.  It seems a little too fast for me.  I could have handled another year of dating and maybe moving in together with an engagement at the end of next season.  But I think getting engaged this season was too rushed.  Plus, it felt like Mike was forced into it.  Not by Molly, but by the idea that was brought up by Peggy’s friend and everyone else chiming in with their opinions.  I don’t think Mike had any plans to ask Molly to marry him anytime soon.  So it lost a little something for me that he was doing it because someone planted the idea in his head and it didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Having said that, the proposal was so sweet.  He went to her school and proposed to her with Carl there and in front of her class.  Also, when he told her that he bought the ring the day after they met, I burst into tears of joy!   I know I just said it was rushed but there is a difference between knowing you met the one person you are going to spend your life with and the right timing in which to propose to that person.

Mike & Molly is a really sweet and funny show that if you haven’t checked it out this season, you should try it next year because I think it’s just going to get better.


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