The Event to SyFy Network? Say It Ain’t So!!!

04 Jun

Negotiations are happening as we speak to bring The Event to the SyFy channel as a mini-series.  So is it possible this show isn’t dead yet?   I’m not sure.  It sounds like it would be tricky but not impossible.  I’m also not sure if this would be a one time thing like an 8 episode arc to wrap things up and then be finished or if it would be a mini-series for the next 2-3 years.  You know what it all comes down to?   Money.  Can this work from a financial standpoint?   That will be the main deciding factor on whether or not this moves forward.  I think for fans of the show, let’s see if SyFy picks it up, then you can worry if it will be a one time shot or something more long-term.

I stopped watching after episode 6 or 7 so for fans of the show, this could be potentially great news!!!  Congrats!!!

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Posted by on June 4, 2011 in Canceled Shows, NBC, New Shows


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