SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Unaccompanied Minor” S7 E22

06 Jun

We have a new chief resident, an unwanted and wanted baby on the way, a child adopted, a new mother and father, two marriages on the rocks, a new relationship forming, a relationship going to the next level, a potential rekindling of a previous relationship, a relationship ending, and friendships in turmoil.    So basically nothing happened in the 7th season finale of Grey’s this year!!

Derek and Meredith

The fallout from the news about Meredith tampering with the Alzheimer’s trial has made its way to the Chief and Derek.  At the end of the last episode, Alex, in a drunken stupor, told Owen, who is making the final decision and was just bragging about how great Meredith is, that Meredith tampered with the results of the Alzheimer’s trial.  Owen of course tells Derek who tells the Chief.   Not only is the trial ruined but they are considering firing Meredith.  Chief wants to know who Meredith tampered with and she refuses to tell him.   Her point, and I agree, is that the trial isn’t compromised as long as she doesn’t divulge who was involved with the switch.   But the Chief figures it out that it was Adele that received the benefit of the switch.   As a result he wants to suspend her vs. firing her.  Derek still can’t seem to forgive her so he is now staying at their new home that isn’t built yet.   The problem with that is, they were approved to adopt so Meredith was able to bring the baby home with her but she can’t get a hold of Derek to let him know since he won’t take her calls or return her calls.

Here is what bugs me about this whole thing.   The Chief was ready to fire Meredith.  However, once he found out that she did it to help his wife, now he’ll just suspend her to save face?   What?   If she ruined a trial and put the reputation of the hospital at risk, it shouldn’t matter who she saved.  If she should be fired, she should be fired.  Logically, you know it had to be someone she knew.  Why else would she tamper with the trial?  Not to mention, she’s right.  If no one knew who was effected by the switch, the trial still works.   But the whole situation is ridiculous because the Chief was just as guilty as Meredith here.  He let his personal feelings affect his decision-making and made a choice he shouldn’t have based on personal connection.

Cristina and Owen

This is a perfect example of why you should have conversations about having children BEFORE you get married.  Cristina is pregnant and has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want children.  Owen has made it perfectly clear that he wants children.  I don’t know how they thought they were going to be able to move past this since both are firmly entrenched in their view-point.

I have to say, I am on Cristina’s side here.  She was always very clear about her thoughts.  Owen thought he could change her opinions over time.  And now that she is actually pregnant, he wants her to go through with it because he knows she will change her mind about being a mother.   Could he be any more disrespectful to her and her feelings?   This isn’t the same as asking her to like one of his friends and give him a chance because once you get to know him he’s great.   This is bringing a human life into this world.   This is not a decision you enter into lightly or crossing your fingers hoping that you eventually change how you have always felt about parenthood.   And I give her credit for standing her ground about this very serious, life changing situation.  She also brought up a great point.  What if she has the baby and doesn’t change her mind and doesn’t feel any different?   How is that fair to the child?   I guess what really bothered me is that Owen never really seemed to listen to what Cristina had to say.  Every time she would try to explain how she felt and why she felt the way she did, Owen seemed to just blow her off and brush off her feelings.   That really pissed me off.  She’s your wife so whether you like what she is saying or not, you have to listen to her.  Just as she should give you the respect of listening to you.

I have no sympathy for Owen.  You knew how she felt about being a mother.  She never kept it from you and she never lied to you.   YOU just assumed you could change her mind overtime and never respected her true feelings.  So it shouldn’t shock you that she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy.  And your solution is to kick her out?  Screw you.   I understand that you are angry and upset because it’s your child as well.  But again, this is the woman you married.  If having a child was THAT important to you, you shouldn’t have married Cristina Yang.

I never liked Cristina and Owen as a couple and never bought into them the way I did when she was with Burke.  So if they break up over this, it wouldn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I hope they do because Cristina deserves better and Owen should be with someone who can give him what he wants.


I don’t know how this friendship will ever be the same again.  Alex has made a lot of very self-destructive decisions over his tenure on the show but this has to be the biggest.  He wasn’t in the lead for Chief Resident so he sabotages his best friend to knock her down because he’s pissed.  Cristina was right.  There were so many times Meredith stuck by him when no one else would.  And he can disagree with what she did because there were lots of times Meredith disagreed with him, but he still should have had her back the way Meredith always had his.

This group dynamic should be very interesting moving forward and I’m curious to see how the writers are going to handle it.


Finally, Teddy saw what we have all seen all season long…she should be with Henry!!!!!  I was so mad at her because of the way she was handling this relationship with Henry.   She knew he was falling for her.  She’s not stupid.   But she would go to his apartment and tell him about her dates and I hated that.  While it set up and showed how good they are together and how comfortable they have become with one another, I hated how clueless she was.

But she finally woke up to not only his feelings for her, but her feelings for him.  You knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time!  Plus I hate all the hinting around.  She would ask if she should go so she can test to see if he really does have feelings for her.   And he doesn’t tell her to stay because he loves her and isn’t sure how she feels about him.  For gosh sake will one of you have the balls to tell the other person how you feel and just have an honest discussion?   dear Lord people!!!   But Teddy finally did and kissed Henry and told him she was falling in love with him.   Yeah!!!!

So I hope Scott Foley will be back next season and they don’t kill him!!!   Do you hear me Shonda Rhimes?   DO NOT KILL SCOTT FOLEY!!!!!

Eli and Bailey

I love these two.  I love how he doesn’t take her crap and she respects him for it.  However, I don’t think it was fair of him to push her into bringing him home when her son was there if she wasn’t ready to introduce her son to Eli yet.  Now maybe she needed that push because Bailey has always been hesitant in the relationship department since her marriage broke up but when it comes to kids, I have no problem with parents being extra cautious.  Bailey throws up her walls very fast and Eli brought up some valid points.  So valid that Bailey agreed to let him come home with her.  I just hope he respects that she may have to let their relationship move forward at her pace because she does have a son.  But I think these two are in it for the long haul because they are really great together.


Slone and Lexie still love each other.  It’s quite obvious.  But she’s with Jackson and he’s got his life with Callie, Arizona, and the baby.  But something tells me the love story between Slone and Lexie is far from over and this episode’s interaction between them I believe was purposely done to remind us of that connection.  So we’ll see where this goes.

Alex and Lucy

Alex turned down the Africa position and Lucy ended up taking it.  So she’s leaving to do Charlie’s Angels, I mean help children in Africa and she goes to see Alex to beg her not to go.  He tells her to go to hell and she leaves.   Good riddens Lucy.


Dr April Kempner was named Chief Resident.  Ok I didn’t see that coming.  I hope she proves me wrong and she is fantastic.  But I would have picked Dr Jackson Avery.

A much different season finale from last year but lives were still turned upside down.  Just in a very different way.  This was a better season of Grey’s than they’ve had in a few seasons.  Still not as good as the old days, but better than it had been.  So I will be tuning in next season…especially since it may be Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo’s final season.  I don’t know how you have Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey (and don’t give me Lexie because you know this show is about Meredith and her perspective on things) so I wonder if this will be a final season of Grey’s or not.  I would think not because it’s still pulling in huge ratings but you never know.   But I will be back next season to see how all these hanging storylines play out.


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4 responses to “SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Unaccompanied Minor” S7 E22

  1. HIMYM Fan

    June 7, 2011 at 12:09 am

    I know that you are a Grey’s fan, but my honest opinion is that the show should have ended with season 4 (and I can go on forever about why, but I’ll spare you the details). What is your blunt opinion of the show and its progression?

    • fortheloveoftv

      June 7, 2011 at 12:28 am

      I don’t want you to spare me the details!! I want to hear your thoughts!!

      In my opinion, once Shonda started branching out and doing Private Practice and her focus was split, the show went down hill. It jumped the shark with Dead Denny and Izzie having sex. And when the show’s focus shifted from the core group of Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie, and Bailey, it lost something for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like Callie and Arizona but I feel like lately, that’s the main story and everything else has to revolve around it. Even Teddy had more of a story this year than Bailey. Plus, Grey’s used to be a show about these doctors and how they managed the progression of their careers, how their support system (each other) grew with their careers, and how their personal lives incorporated into all of this. There were some great cases and I loved how each of them would handle themselves and manage their ambitions with being there for each other. Now, it’s more about the relationships more than the medicine. It’s become more of a soap opera and less of a dynamic medical show.

      I used to be a HUGE Grey’s fan because I used to think it was one of the best written and acted shows on TV. But that isn’t the case anymore. The cast is doing the best they can with the content they are given but it isn’t the quality it used to be. And I think the main cast is too large. That’s also causing the focus to be erratic. There are too many stories to tell and only so much time to do it. Now if what I am hearing is true and the original cast is done after season 8, I will also be done after season 8.

      Your turn. Thoughts? And don’t hold back!

  2. HIMYM Fan

    June 12, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    I definitely agree with you. I used to love the show, but I had to stop because I feel they are trying too hard to continue a story that should have ended. If you look at everything Grey’s Anatomy in the beginning, it was clever and depicted women (mainly looking at the Meredith character) in a completely new way. Everything related to each other. I actually feel it was less a medical show and more of discussion on different aspects of life and society. It would (and still does, but not as successfully) start of with an observation or metaphor that became the over-arching theme of the episode. Every situation and person in that 45 minutes applied to those first few moments in the show.

    That’s why I feel it’s called “Grey’s” Anatomy because it’s a statement that life and society are just shades of grey. It’s the reason the show takes place in Seattle and Meredith is the main character; on the surface, she’s a force of nature. She’s finally beginning a medical career after 8 years of schooling; she comes from a family of prestigious surgeons, which gives her an up in a demanding career; she’s fiercely independent, sharp and obviously pretty. On the surface, the world is her oyster, but underneath that is vulnerable woman whose experienced mostly crap in her life. This forces her to see situations as shades of grey, like her last name portrays. Everything, even some simple matters, is more complicated than they appear.

    Then, putting her character in a field of medicine complicates things even more. The rules of medicine are suppose to be seen as black and white; you either follow the rules or you don’t; you either give this person a certain treatment or you don’t. However, Meredith exposes the realities that even in medicine, that’s not always the case. In other words, life doesn’t follow a clear rule system, and sometimes, medicine doesn’t either.

    In a way, what we are really following is Meredith’s life and progression. She’s a woman who seems to have everything but is broken. In the process of trying to become whole, she exposes aspects of everyone that makes the audience think of their own life. That’s why so many women watch the show; it’s because of Meredith. This is the first time a show uses a woman like this as its central character, and this became a breath of fresh air for most women. Meredith would say things every woman at some point has thought, but it’s never been exposed in public. This show puts a new perspective on everything and gave many women something to finally relate to.

    That’s why Grey’s Anatomy should have ended after the fourth season, after Meredith was finally whole. Yes, her life will always be shades of grey, but she’s learned to be ok with that. Yes, there are still aspects of life she can expose. But, the progress of the show strongly correlated to the progression of the character, Meredith; the show developed with the personal growth of Meredith. When that was over, what else does the show really have to say?

    If you look at Grey’s from season 5 and on, the original metaphors are manipulated to try to seem like something new. Plus, they are also forced. Every aspect of the show makes it obvious it backs up that first statement, so at the end, it doesn’t seem to come up with any kind of discovery. In the earlier episodes, the stories wouldn’t be that obvious. Hence, at the end of the episode, the metaphor grew into this profound conclusion, mainly how Meredith thought of that original statement. In a way, it was how Meredith was coming to terms with life. But that’s not the case anymore, and it looks like the show is trying to grab anything that seems to be a story.

    Honestly, I hated the recent story surrounding Meredith. I don’t think she would have rigged that trial; she has gotten to know all of her patients on a deeper level and hopes all of them can get better. So, I don’t think she would have tried to help Adele (sp?) like that because she would be hurting another patient, who she also cares about. Yes, she thinks in shades of grey, but not at other innocent people’s expense.

    Sorry for the length and late response :-/

  3. fortheloveoftv

    June 12, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Don’t ever apologize for the length. I love it and you bring up excellent points.

    Your points align with why I feel if Ellen Pompeo, therefore Meredith Grey, leaves Grey’s Anatomy/Seattle Grace, the show needs to end. I’ve said in other posts, I don’t see Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith. Is Shonda Rhimes really going to expect me to buy Lexie Grey as the inner monologue of the show and the foundation from which everyone else grows from? Hell no. Again, it’s no disrespect to Chyler Leigh (who I really like) but the show isn’t about her or her character. Every thing spins off of Meredith. So for me, if there is no Meredith Grey, there is no Grey’s Anatomy.


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