REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “It’s Alive” S2 E1

21 Jun

The liars are back.   Season two’s premiere picks up exactly where season one’s cliff hanger left us….outside the church where Ian tried to kill Spencer and Ian being pushed by someone he knew (A?) to his death.   But did he really die?   His body is gone and our fearless foursome is beside themselves.  At Spencer’s they try to put the pieces of what happened together and when they go to grab some coffee, all their parents are downstairs trying to figure out what to do with them.     They all agree that they should see a therapist.  The girls aren’t so sure but they agree to it.  They meet with Anne Sullivan (I will never be able to hear that name without thinking of Helen Keller) who is played by Annabeth Gish, and the girls aren’t really ready to open up to her yet.  After some further discussion the girls decide that they can trust Dr. Sullivan and that what they say to her, stays in the room.  Right now, no one believes the girls and Dr. Sullivan is the only person willing to really listen to them with an open mind.  When they go to see her again, they decide they are going to show her the videos and tell her why they are convinced Ian killed Allison.   However, when Emily is about to show the video, Spencer notices Ezra’s college diploma in her office (A had stolen Ezra’s key from under his mat and the girls find out that A could get into Ezra’s apartment whenever he/she wanted.)  She shuts Emily down and they abruptly leave the office.  The girls realize A knew they were going to see Dr. Sullivan so they shut down the idea of opening up to her.  As a result of their behavior, Dr. Sullivan calls all the parents of the girls and tells them that the girls shouldn’t hang out together anymore.  You can imagine how well that went over!  And it doesn’t last long because Spencer sees a text on her sister’s phone and she think’s it’s Ian.   She calls the girls and they meet in secret place to decide if this is Ian or not.   Aria tells Spencer to ask him something only he would know.   She decides to ask him the name of the baby.   “What is it?” Aria asks.  “Taylor” Spence tells the crew.   So when the text comes back with an answer, guess what it is?   That’s right!   Taylor.  I still don’t think it means it’s Ian.   Melissa could have told lots of people the name.  There was nothing that indicated they were keeping that  secret.  But I’ll go with it.

So what do we think?  I think it’s a shame that no one believes the girls.  But I know they are telling the truth so of course I’m on their side.   I don’t know if Ian is alive.   I could go either way.  In one sense, how would anyone be able to carry a dead body out of the church as fast as it would need to happen for someone to have removed him?  So Ian must have walked out on his own.  On the other hand, this is TV!  Of course they can find a way to have someone carry him out.  I also think the text message is a red herring.  I could be wrong but that’s my feeling.   But the ultimate question is are we sure Ian killed Allison?   I’m trying to remember the season finale (and my memory sucks.)  I know the girls had the videos showing Jenna’s relationship with Toby being much more consenting than Jenna alleged.   Allison had used this to blackmail Jenna into staying quiet about how Jenna lost her sight.   Allison also told Jenna to leave Rosewood and that if she came back, she would destroy her.  Jenna did leave and returned to Rosewood on the day of Allison’s death.  We know Jenna had a connection with Ian and we also know that Jenna has a connection with Garrett the cop whom she asked to help her make sure those videos never see the light of day.  More on that in a minute.   So it could be Ian that killed Allison via a request from Jenna.  But it could be something else entirely.  So I haven’t shut the book on Allison’s killer just yet.   It’s even possible, Allison isn’t dead!   But that’s another discussion for another time.   Back to Jenna’s relationship with Garrett.  I’m not sure when this started or why or what Garrett’s end game is here in deciding to help Jenna.  But if he promised to help her keep the videos hidden, is he the one that broke into Ezra’s apartment and put his diploma in Dr. Sullivan’s office to let the girls know he is watching and listening to them?   Is he A?   Is he one of many As?  Is it possible Garrett isn’t A at all and the girls are just assuming A placed the diploma there but it was really Garrett?   Soooo many questions and so little answers!!

Some other storylines moved forward as well.   Ella has moved back home and getting back together with Byron, which I am very happy about!  Pam has put her house on the market and is moving forward with this move to Texas for her and Emily to be with Colonel Fields.  Toby and Spencer are seeing each other in secret because both parents have told them they are forbidden to see one another.   Melissa is out of the hospital and as usual the Hastings are focusing more on her than on Spencer.  By the way, does anyone else think Melissa is awfully calm considering she was in a car accident, her baby was at risk, and her husband is either missing or dead.  I don’t know about you, but I would be a wreck.   Something seems fishy there.   Caleb came back to see Hanna, thanks to Lucas, and he was able to tell her about the letter he left her.  It didn’t matter because Hanna was so hurt that she sent him away, tearfully.  I really like them.  I want those crazy kids to work something out.  It also led to a great scene with Hanna and Mona where Hanna confronts Mona about not letting her see the letter.  I’m on Hanna’s side here but I do feel bad for Mona.  As much as Mona is a turd, I really do believe that she did this to protect her friend from getting hurt again.   She still shouldn’t have done it, but I understand why she did it.  Ezra is still taking the job at Hollis (where his ex-fiance also works) but this means Aria and Ezra can finally date in public.   I know people are going to scream at their computer screens over my next comment but I have to say it.  I don’t like Ezra and Aria as a couple.  I think it’s creepy and out of line.  A teacher should not date one of his students.  I am so sorry but it is so wrong.  As soon as he learned she wasn’t in college and only 16 and his student, he should have ended the relationship right there.  He’s the adult and the “responsible” grown-up.  Aria is still a kid and it’s completely logical for her to think with her heart vs. her head.   There has to be at least a 7-8 year difference in age.  When you’re older, it doesn’t matter.  But when you are 16 and he’s 23-24, it’s a HUGE difference.  And it’s gross.  I think Aria needs to find someone her own age and Mr. Fitz can start dating Dr. Sullivan or even Ashley Marin.   Anyone would be better than a 16-year-old.

While I love this show so much (probably more than I should) I hope they start answering some questions.  Otherwise this will start to get like Lost, where more and more questions are popping up but nothing is ever getting answered.  I would also like to see the girls having some happy moments again.   These poor girls are so unhappy right now and have nothing positive going on.  Let’s change that a bit and give these girls some happy times interspersed with the grave moments.   Regardless, I am very happy to have my liars back and can’t wait to see where Season Two takes us!


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