RETURNING SHOWS: True Blood is Back Tonight at 9pm on HBO!!!!!

26 Jun

Season Four of HBO’s hit series True Blood kicks off tonight and we have much to revisit when we turn on our TVs tonight!

When last we left our crew in Bon Temps, Sookie is a fairy and was whisked away to her fairy land after having enough of vampires.   The reason she has had her fill is because she learned that Bill’s original mission, when we met him in the series premiere, was to allow her to be beat up so he could rescue her.  He needed to get close to her, allow her to drink his blood so he could easily find and connect with her.  So much for fate!  This was all at the request of Queen Sophie Anne who had a feeling Sookie was a fairy.   She wants to have Bill bring Sookie to her and he refuses, leaving them to fight it out in his house.

Eric got his revenge on King Russell after he learned it was werewolves under Russell’s command that killed his family.   Eric had Russell buried alive, after being burned, in cement.   But then Bill tried to do the same thing to Eric but he managed to get out (and eventually tell Sookie Bill’s secret.)   So can Russell get out of the cement grave?    We shall see.

Tara left town after almost being killed and turned by Franklin, seeing her best friend almost killed by Bill, and learning that it was really Jason who killed Eggs last year.   The girl had had enough and chopped off her hair and left Bon Temps.  I was hoping it was for good but I don’t think so.

Lafayette has fallen in love with a witch, Jesus, and is starting to have some very trippy moments of his own.   Is Lafayette a witch as well?   Or does Jesus have a magical spell or power over him?   I believe this will be explored more this season.

Sam had finally wised up to his crack pot family and saved his brother from his father who was using him in a dog fighting scam to make money.   But just when you thought Sam’s brother was turning his life around, it appears he may have stolen some money from Sam and taken off.   Sam tracks him down and when Tommy walks away and tells Sam that he won’t shoot him, Sam pulls his gun and pulls the trigger!  Was Tommy shot or was it just a warning shot?  I think it will end up being a warning shot, but we’ll see.

Jason is now a cop but just before Crystal left him, she asked Jason to look out for her community of people who have been treated horribly and slaves to her creepy, nasty ex-boyfriend.

Finally, Hoyt bought a house for him and Jessica to move into with the eventual plans to get married.

So what will season four bring us?   Well, I think we are going to explore the fairy and witch angle a bit more since they were really just introduced to us towards the end of last season.  We always knew Sookie had something special going on with her.  Now that we know she’s a fairy, the writers are definitely going to explore that further.   Witches have always had an interesting history with vampire mythology so I can’t wait to see where they go with that storyline this year and how this will affect Lafayette.  Will Sookie forgive Bill and get back together with him?   Or will she finally move on with Eric or even Alcides, who I assume will be back in some capacity.   I definitely want to see more Pam and Jason time on my screen and less Tara and Sam time.  I’m really tired of Sam’s family story and hope that goes away.   I would also like to Tara sparingly or not at all.

What are you hoping to see True Blood fans?  Make sure to check back tomorrow for a full recap and check out my podcast later in the week where we will discuss the season premiere and thoughts on Season Four as a whole.


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