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NEW PODCAST: Episode 6 Covers The Killing, True Blood, and Private Practice.

A new For the Love of TV Podcast is now available.   Check it out at  In Episode Six, I cover the following topics:

  1. The Killing: Reaction to AMC’s President Charlie Collier interview with
  2. True Blood: Season 4 Episode 1 Full Recap and reaction
  3. Private Practice: Season finale reaction and discussion
  4. A look at ABC’s fall premiere dates
  5. A look at FOX’s fall premiere dates
Check it out.  Leave your comments here or on the Podcast tab.
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RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “She’s Not There” S4 E1

Season Four started tonight with an interesting twist….Sookie’s been gone for over a year in fairy land and things are quite different now that she’s back.   Apparently, time in fairyland doesn’t equate to time on earth.  As we quickly learned when Sookie bumped into her grandfather Earl (played by Gary Cole) and he said he felt like he was there just a few hours.   Turns out it was 20 years!   Needless to say, that was our first clue that Sookie’s “quick trip” wouldn’t be so quick when she got home.  But let’s talk about how she got home.   This woman, who I assume is some head fairy lady, is pretty pissed and she wants to start harvesting humans.   She’s also not happy that a vampire invaded her realm due to drinking Sookie’s blood.  She tries to make Sookie eat the glowing fruit but she refuses.  As a result, she zaps the head fairy lady into a tree and turns into some Grimm fairy tale looking creature and the scenery transfer from being sunny and lovely to dark and dreary.   My question is, if those are how fairies look, then why didn’t Sookie turn into one of those creatures as well if she is a fairy?   Is it because she didn’t eat the glowing fruit?   I’m a little confused.    But one creature decides to help her as the head fairy lady flings glowing fire balls at her.   There is a portal back to the human world and while head fairy lady tries to close it, Sookie jumps in with grand daddy Earl and they zap back to the human world.   Because he ate the glowing fruit, he starts to die.   He gives Sookie a pocket watch to give to Jason and then passes away, leaving Sookie to break down at her grandmother’s grave.

As she heads to her house, she realizes things are completely different and a contractor threatens to call the police if she doesn’t get off the property.  She tells him to go ahead.  He does and Jason shows up in full uniform.   He hugs Sookie asking her where she has been because he thought she was dead.   She tells him but she said she was only gone about 15-2o minutes.  She asks what day it is and she wonders what the big deal is because it was only a couple of weeks.  He tells her it’s been 13 months.    Oops!   Jason tells Sookie not to tell anyone about the fairy business because they will through her in the loony bin (he’s right!)  She then gives him the pocket watch which you can tell means a great deal to him.  We also learn that Jason has sold the house to some people from a company called A.I.K.   Sookie goes outside for some air and next thing you know both Bill and Eric arrive sensing that Sookie is back in town.  Bill is really happy to see her and is glad she’s ok.  Eric also is happy to see her and wants her to know that while everyone in Bon Temps gave up on her, including Bill and Jason, he never did.  He NEVER did.  Point taken Eric.  We get it!  He leaves and Andy Bellefleur shows up yelling at Sookie for being gone and taking up lots of time and money from the police station looking for her.  We learn that everyone accused Bill of killing her.  Bill makes Andy a deal…he’ll reimburse the station for the money they spent looking for Sookie if Andy clears his name.  Wouldn’t that naturally happen if Sookie is alive and well?   Anyhoo, everyone leaves and Bill and Sookie are left alone.  Bill is being very sweet to her but Sookie reminds him that no matter how much time has passed for all of them, for her, only about an hour has gone by since he broke her heart so she is not ready for niceties and such with him yet.   He understands and leaves.

What proceeds in the episode, is seeing where everyone is at this point…13 months later.   So let’s break it down for all the major characters and storylines:


Bill is now the King of Louisiana and possibly Mississippi.   Say what?   You heard me right.   Bill is the King.  Now I get the impression he is living in Russell’s house so that’s why I’m throwing in the Mississippi part but I’m not 100% sure.   We just know that Bill has a lot more power than he used to 13 months ago.    When last we left Bill, he was about to have a Kimbo Slice type fight with Queen Sophie Anne.   Would it be fair to say he won that fight?   Did he kill her?   Did he beat her so badly that he made a deal and now he is in charge?   Did he marry her like Russell wanted to and they are both in power?   I guess we need to wait see what happened as a result of that evening and where the Queen is, if she’s still alive.

Bill also seems to have become a politician in Bon Temps and the people in the community seem very receptive to having him as a political leader.  Not sure what’s going on there but I’m curious to know how that came about.    He also appears to have started a relationship with Portia Bellefleur (played by Courtney Ford) who is Andy and Terry’s sister.  I immediately don’t trust her.  I don’t know why.  I love Andy and Terry and they are good guys (even though Andy seems to have developed quite an addiction to V) so the Bellefleurs are typically good people.   But there is something about her I don’t trust.


Eric is his typical hot self and he is working with Nan to try to help restore the reputation of the vampires after Russell destroyed it last year with his stunt of killing the TV anchor live on the air and then threatening to kill every human he sees.   God I miss Russell.  He was fantastic!!!!   Nan had originally enlisted Pam’s help but in typical Pam fashion, she could have cared less.  So Eric took over.

It surprises me a bit that Eric and Bill seem relatively civil considering Bill did betray his trust and tried to kill him by burying him in cement along with Russell.   So something must have happened there for them to be able to co-exist.  I hope they show it.  I also can’t understand how Bill would become King before Eric.   Isn’t Eric older and therefore more powerful?   Again, we need to see the results of that battle with Sophie Anne to figure out what the hell is going on.

The last scene, Eric goes to see Sookie (while she is undressing of course) and tells her that he is the one that bought her house.  “Why” she asks.  Because he knew she would return and when she did he wanted to own her house so that he could own her.   And then he flashed his fangs.  What is going on with Eric?   I’m not sure why he would want to “own” Sookie but he has to know that a comment like that and a thought process such as that, won’t sit well with Miss Stackhouse!

Hoyt and Jessica

Hoyt and Jessica are living together and are having some growing pains.   Hoyt wishes that sometimes she could have dinner ready for him when he got home and she thinks he needs to understand that as a vampire, human food grosses her out and makes her sick.   They have a very funny scene about domestic bliss and end up laughing at the ridiculousness of what just went down (culminating with Hoyt eating raw eggs.)  It really proves something we all know, whether you watch True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, humans and vampires have a very hard time figuring out how to live their lives together, long-term.   Their lives are so different and there are so many obstacles in the way of these couples trying to move their relationships to the next level.  I can’t see how it would ever work but these shows keep trying none the less!

At Fangtasia one night, Hoyt and Jessica are there, and Jessica is distracted by a very attractive young man.  Pam notices this and decides to have a chat with her to egg things on.  She basically tells her that she and Hoyt will never work out and that she should just be living her life the way a vampire should.  Jessica resents her suggestion saying she doesn’t want to just have sex and feed off random people all the time.  She would rather go home and be with the man she loves.  Pam laughs this off.   It’s in Jessica’s nature to want to feed and fornicate.  And I think Pam sees that at some point, Jessica’s true nature will over take her desire to want to be with Hoyt.  I can see Pam becoming a pseudo mentor to Jessica but that will only work if Jessica wants it to and she starts to trust her more.  If that happens, that could spell trouble for Hoyt and Jessica.

Lafayette and Jesus

Jesus has been bringing Lafayette to a witch support group where they get together and chant and try to bring back dead birds.   They also connect with people from Lafayette’s past to freak him out.  This is the storyline I am most curious about right now.  What is going on here?  Is Lafayette a witch?  Is Jesus up to no good here and using Lafayette to achieve some end game?  Is it just a man bringing his boyfriend into the loop so he can get to know him better?  I have no idea.  But something is wacky here.   And it’s not just the audience that feels this way.

At the last séance, when the crazy lady was trying to bring back her dead bird and everyone thought she was taking things too far, she yelled at Lafayette to join in.   He begrudgingly joined hands and an energy flowed through the circle.  The next thing you know, the bird wakes up and starts to fly.  As soon as Lafayette drops his hands, the bird drops dead again.  Everyone in the circle is dumbfounded as to what just happened.   But the head crazy lady seemed to expect this result.  This results in Lafayette getting even more freaked out.  Me too.

A somewhat interesting twist at the end was that one of the witches (one of the first girls to welcome Lafayette to the group) leaves the dead bird séance and goes right to Bill to have a meeting with him.   Hmmmmmmm.  I wonder what that is all about.  In watching The Vampire Diaries, it seems to be very common for vampires to have a witch on their side or a connection to a witch.  So if Bill teams up with this girl, it doesn’t seem all that strange.  But I would like to know what Bill is up to.

Tara (Toni?)

So Tara is a cage fighter and a lesbian now?   When did that happen?  Oh and her name is no longer Tara….it’s Toni.  Wow when Tara went to start a new life, she wasn’t kidding.  Good for her I guess.  If she’s finally happy, it’s about time.  And if she continues to be on my screen that short a period of time, even better!

Sam and Tommy

Tommy was allegedly shot by Sam in the leg and now he is hanging out with Hoyt’s mom?  Ok.   Sam is still angry and is paying for Tommy’s recovery.  I have no idea where this story is going and frankly, I don’t care.   At least Sam has found some friends he can hang out with…including the DA from The Good Wife and the nurse from HawthoRNe.

Arlene and Terry

Baby Michael is born and apparently likes to pull the heads off of dolls.   Arlene was already panic-stricken in regards to Michael since Renee is his biological father and this certainly can’t calm those fears.  I hope it turns out the kid is just fine and Arlene is just overly worried for no reason.


Jason is still helping the misfits that Crystal asked him to but someone isn’t as happy about it as the children are.  I don’t know if Crystal’s boyfriend is back or if it’s someone else, but someone just hit Jason over the head and locked him in a freezer.  So that can’t be good for him!

That wraps Season Four, Episode One of True Blood.   What did you think?  Good season opener?  I thought it was.  I think there are some good story lines coming this season with lots of questions that need to be answered.  I’m still not interested in Sam’s story but I am slightly more curious about how Tara has gotten to where she is.   I know the next episode is ready to be viewed on HBO GO, but I’m going to wait until next week to watch Episode Two.


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RETURNING SHOWS: True Blood is Back Tonight at 9pm on HBO!!!!!

Season Four of HBO’s hit series True Blood kicks off tonight and we have much to revisit when we turn on our TVs tonight!

When last we left our crew in Bon Temps, Sookie is a fairy and was whisked away to her fairy land after having enough of vampires.   The reason she has had her fill is because she learned that Bill’s original mission, when we met him in the series premiere, was to allow her to be beat up so he could rescue her.  He needed to get close to her, allow her to drink his blood so he could easily find and connect with her.  So much for fate!  This was all at the request of Queen Sophie Anne who had a feeling Sookie was a fairy.   She wants to have Bill bring Sookie to her and he refuses, leaving them to fight it out in his house.

Eric got his revenge on King Russell after he learned it was werewolves under Russell’s command that killed his family.   Eric had Russell buried alive, after being burned, in cement.   But then Bill tried to do the same thing to Eric but he managed to get out (and eventually tell Sookie Bill’s secret.)   So can Russell get out of the cement grave?    We shall see.

Tara left town after almost being killed and turned by Franklin, seeing her best friend almost killed by Bill, and learning that it was really Jason who killed Eggs last year.   The girl had had enough and chopped off her hair and left Bon Temps.  I was hoping it was for good but I don’t think so.

Lafayette has fallen in love with a witch, Jesus, and is starting to have some very trippy moments of his own.   Is Lafayette a witch as well?   Or does Jesus have a magical spell or power over him?   I believe this will be explored more this season.

Sam had finally wised up to his crack pot family and saved his brother from his father who was using him in a dog fighting scam to make money.   But just when you thought Sam’s brother was turning his life around, it appears he may have stolen some money from Sam and taken off.   Sam tracks him down and when Tommy walks away and tells Sam that he won’t shoot him, Sam pulls his gun and pulls the trigger!  Was Tommy shot or was it just a warning shot?  I think it will end up being a warning shot, but we’ll see.

Jason is now a cop but just before Crystal left him, she asked Jason to look out for her community of people who have been treated horribly and slaves to her creepy, nasty ex-boyfriend.

Finally, Hoyt bought a house for him and Jessica to move into with the eventual plans to get married.

So what will season four bring us?   Well, I think we are going to explore the fairy and witch angle a bit more since they were really just introduced to us towards the end of last season.  We always knew Sookie had something special going on with her.  Now that we know she’s a fairy, the writers are definitely going to explore that further.   Witches have always had an interesting history with vampire mythology so I can’t wait to see where they go with that storyline this year and how this will affect Lafayette.  Will Sookie forgive Bill and get back together with him?   Or will she finally move on with Eric or even Alcides, who I assume will be back in some capacity.   I definitely want to see more Pam and Jason time on my screen and less Tara and Sam time.  I’m really tired of Sam’s family story and hope that goes away.   I would also like to Tara sparingly or not at all.

What are you hoping to see True Blood fans?  Make sure to check back tomorrow for a full recap and check out my podcast later in the week where we will discuss the season premiere and thoughts on Season Four as a whole.


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President of AMC Speaks to EW Regarding the Viewer Backlash to the Season Finale of The Killing

Wow.  It must take A LOT of negativity for the president of a network to come out and address a season finale on his network.

In an exclusive interview with, AMC president Charlie Collier addressed fans criticisms of the inaugural season finale.   “We underestimated the passion of viewers have for closure within this season.”   You think?   “It was never our intention to misguide the viewer.”   Then what was your intention?

I’m very torn on this.  I’m not someone who always needs a story or a season to be wrapped up in a tight little bow.  And I love a great cliffhanger at the end of a season.    I also tip my cap to show runners and creative teams that think outside the box and take some risks with their storytelling.  And for the most part, The Killing was good.  It was gripping and exciting and heartbreaking.   It really showed, in real-time, how something like this affects so many people in different ways and how a tragedy like this can completely change and uproot your life in ways you never imagined.

Having said all that, when you take a risk (like not closing a season long case in the season finale) you take a big chance of alienating your audience and losing their trust if not handled correctly.   I personally don’t think the people behind The Killing handled this correctly.   First, AMC promoted this series as “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?”   It talked about following one case throughout the entire season and telling the story from the different perspectives of the detectives, the family, and the suspects involved.  When you talk about following one case and the whole premise being who killed Rosie, you give the audience the impression that by episode 13, the case will be solved.   When you look back on some of the promos for the show and there was a series of commercials with the cast (which were awesome) where all they talk about is how this show grips you and all you want to know is who killed Rosie.  Well, that’s exactly the excitement you built up in your audience.   So are you really that surprised that when you don’t tell them, they are pissed?    Are you really surprised that when you don’t solve the crime and say guess what, you have to come back next season to find out, that people are annoyed and feel tricked?    You shouldn’t be.  If I were the person coming up with this idea the first thing I would say is that people are either going to love us for this or hate us for this.  So the hate us part, shouldn’t be a shock at all.   That is what has surprised me.   That Veena Sud and Charlie Collier underestimated the backlash.   That shocks me.   The baseline premise of your show is who killed this girl.  You don’t tell the audience and you didn’t think it would be that big of a deal?   Ok then.

As I mentioned in previous posts, my issue with the show wasn’t the fact that they didn’t close the case out in 13 episodes, but that the story telling was disjointed at certain parts of the season and there was plenty of opportunity to tell a gripping, mesmerizing story and wrap up the case.   The way the story was told this season (wasting so much time on the teacher for example) it didn’t surprise me at all that they didn’t wrap it up because they didn’t leave themselves enough time to do so.  About episode 11, I got the feeling this case wasn’t going to be solved.   And I would rather them not solve it this season and go into the next and wrap it up correctly vs. hurrying to close a case where it feels cheap and easy.  But if the story telling flowed better, they should have been able to get this done in 13 episodes.

The Killing was still one of the best new shows of the season.  With all it’s faults, I still enjoyed it and I will be back for season two.  If for no other reason than to see who killed Rosie!!!!   But Sud and Collier cannot be surprised by the negative backlash they have received as a result of their risk taking.  They can’t be surprised that people are furious that the promotion they witnessed leading up to the show…Who Killed Rosie Larsen…gave people the idea that the case would be solved only to be left hanging until next season.   But see Collier’s comments for yourself by clicking on the link above.

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TV’s Columbo, Peter Falk, Passed Away at the Age of 83

One of the most iconic TV characters of all time lost his voice on Thursday evening.   Peter Falk passed away at his home in Beverly Hills, CA after a long battle with Alzheimer’s at the age of 83.

Falk had a very long and successful career but he is most known for his ragged, lovable, cigar toting, crime solving detective Lt. Columbo.  Columbo was the benchmark character for many following TV detectives that graced our screens year after year.   On the show, criminals usually underestimated his intelligence and his perceptive nature.   And it’s usually what got them caught!    Columbo was not a slick rick detective.  He was an everyday man who was very good at his job that was rarely seen out of his trademark rumpled trench coat.

I remember watching several Columbo TV shows and TV movies and Falk was always sensational.   My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very difficult time.


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Just when you thought the cast of The Good Wife couldn’t get any stronger, it does!!   TV Line has reported that Lisa Edlestein (House) has signed on as a recurring character on The Good Wife.   She will have a past with Josh Charles’ Will Gardner (of course she does) although it’s not clear if it will be a personal relationship, business relationship, or both.

You of course know what I am hoping for!!   That Dr. Cuddy and Will Gardner had a HUGE personal relationship, that she is the love of his life and they decide to rekindle their passionate relationship so Alicia and Will have no chance of getting together!!   Come on, does it really shock you that those are my thoughts?   It shouldn’t if you follow my The Good Wife posts!!

TGW fans, what are your thoughts on the casting news?  I am thrilled.  I have always like the actress and think she will be a wonderful addition to an already stellar cast.

Is it September yet?

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FOX Releases Premiere Dates for Fall Shows

Here is the latest FOX release schedule for the fall shows:

All new shows are in CAPS.  All changed time slots are in RED.


8pm Glee
9pm NEW GIRL (New Series)
9:30pm Raising Hope


8pm THE X FACTOR (New Series)




8pm Kitchen Nightmares
9pm Fringe


8pm The Simpsons
8:30pm The Cleveland Show
9pm Family Guy
9:30pm American Dad


8pm TERRA NOVA (New Series)


9pm House


7:30pm The Cleveland Show (New Time Slot)
8:30pm ALLEN GREGORY (New Series)


9pm Bones



Excuse me FOX but are you not premiering Bones until NOVEMBER 3RD?????   Are you seriously trying to torture us?   I thought Bones was going to premiere during their regular time (around Sept) and then take a brief hiatus because of Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy.  I didn’t know it wasn’t going to premiere until NOVEMBER!!!   Ugh.  I guess it makes sense with FOX having the World Series that if you premiere Bones in Sept then break in October for the WS then come back for a few episodes in Nov and then go on a huge break, it could be even more frustrating for Bones fans.  Now, they can premiere in Nov and have a shorter layoff time until new episodes come back after the holiday break.  So maybe it will be better in the long run.  I still don’t like waiting that long, but I get it.

Also Simon Cowell’s The X Factor get a big 2 night premiere (really and you couldn’t find 1 hour to keep The Chicago Code?)   Sorry, I digress.  But The X Factor gets it’s big premiere.  I won’t be tuning in but for those of you looking forward to it, you will have many hours over 2 nights to take it all in.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the new shows New Girl and Terra Nova.  Teenage Daughter I don’t know about but you know me, I’ll watch the first three episodes and see how it goes.



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