The Closer and Rizzoli and Isles Recap and Review Coming Soon

12 Jul

So I have a really crazy day today so I can’t get to these reviews today.    Sorry!   But I will be doing a brief review of each tomorrow followed by a REALLY HUGE For the Love of TV Podcast!!!

All I can say now before I run out the door to pick up people from the airport for meetings is that I loved both episodes and I forgot how much I missed the ladies from Rizzoli and Isles!   They are freaking hilarious!!!   I did a live Tweet last night during both shows and let me tell you, I learned some very interesting things about the fans of R&I.   Things I had no idea about and was so not clued into!   But I love seeing other people’s view points!!  Also on The Closer, I had no idea that Sgt. Gabriel’s first name was David!   Am I that clueless or did none of you ever know his first name either?   I’d NEVER heard Brenda call him anything other than Sgt Gabriel or Gabriel but never David and she used his first name, all the time last night.    Why?   Am I forgetting something significant?   Probably!   Plus I am always the last to know everything!

But great episode of The Closer which will set up the final season in which Brenda has gotten herself in some pretty hot water with the LAPD and may need some help to get out.   Also, how about those last 2 minutes of the episode!!!   Holy Crap I completely didn’t see that coming!!!

As I mentioned it was great to see Jane and Maura back on my screen.  Good case last night and I’m glad they haven’t ignored Jane’s injuries from the season finale.  But I really wish the writers would find something more for her brother to do than just stand up and wave or have 2 lines per episode.  If you’re not going to write for him, don’t have him on the show.  Otherwise, give him a storyline!  And it looks like Mr and Mrs Rizzoli are on the outs.  But I’ll get into that later.    I really have to go!!!!


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