RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Me and the Devil” S4 E5

25 Jul

Wow there is a lot going on with True Blood right now.  One of my complaints about True Blood is that I think the cast is just too damn big for a show that only runs 12 episodes a season.  There is too much going on and too many storylines to keep track of.   Therefore many times, I find myself FF through stuff I don’t care about because I want to get back to the stories that interest me.  So far this season, more stories are interesting me than not but let’s look at all that is going on:

Sookie and Eric

I have always liked Sookie better with Eric.  I’ve never been a huge Sookie/Bill fan because they’re boring.   But this is a great way to get them together in a very realistic way after all the crap Eric has pulled.  Eric is still at a loss for who he really is since the witch/spiritual conduit/whatever she is put the spell on him.  Sookie is seeing a much softer side to Eric that she always knew was there but for some reason, he never showed (in her opinion.)  As a result, she is starting to fall for him.  There was always a physical attraction (whether she wants to admit it or not) but the emotional connection was never there for Sookie because of the issues between her and Eric and because of her relationship with Bill and his with Eric.   Now, all of that is gone, and she is finally free to express what she has been suppressing for a while.   For a minute, I started to wonder if this is a trick Eric is playing on Sookie so he can get closer to her, but I really don’t think so.   What will be interesting to see, is how their relationship holds up when the real Eric returns.   That is assuming that #1, the relationship continues and #2 that real Eric comes back.  And I REALLY can’t wait to see the Bill/Eric/Sookie showdown next week when Bill shows up at Sookie’s house.

Bill and Pam

Bill and Pam are working together to figure out how to control this witch.  According to Authority rules, they can’t kill her.  But they can’t allow her to keep destroying vampires the way she is.  Bill tries to reason with her (through glamouring of course) to get the real truth from her and he finds out that this woman is really in the dark about what is happening.  So he and Pam are confused as to what to do because they really aren’t sure what is happening.  The call the other four sheriffs to try to formula a plan and as things start to get heated, Pam loses it for a moment and spills the beans on what has happened to Eric and where he is.  Oh Pam!   Your face may be falling off but your brain should still be in tact!!!  Needless to say, Bill takes off in a huff.

Bill also decides to glamour Portia due to his recent discovery that they are related.   Apparently Portia doesn’t get turned off by incest and in fact has done tons of research on why it really isn’t that big a deal.   Come on, let’s all say it together….eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!   Luckily Bill feels the same way and glamours her to be afraid of him, thus ending their sexual relationship.

Jason, Jessica, and Hoyt

Jason has escaped and is starting to heal thanks to Jessica’s blood.  As a result, he starts having some crazy sex dreams about her that also include Hoyt.   Jason is one of my favorite characters and has always brought a great amount of levity to a sometimes dark show.  He cracks me up and this scene was hilarious.   Having said that, I hope this storyline with those weird people are over.  Something tells me no and we’ll have to see what happens to him when the moon is full.   I hope he doesn’t become a panther because then almost everyone will be something and I like Jason being normal.

Jessica and Hoyt are continuing to have problems.   Even though she glamoured him into not remembering her tryst with the boy at Fangtasia, she still remembers it.   So they have a slight distance between them that I think will get harder and harder to overcome as the show moves forward.  I really like Jess and Hoyt together, I just don’t see how they are going to last.

Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus

These guys are pissed.  They went to the witch lady (with Pam) to help overturn Eric’s curse.  Instead of that happening, she placed another curse, except this time, Pam was the recipient.  So instead of helping them, she is creating more and more enemies in the vampire community that connect with Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus because of their connection with the witch and being around her at the time the curses were placed.    Feeling like they have no place else to go, Lafayette and Jesus head to Mexico to meet up with Jesus crazy weird grandfather who may be able to help them by giving Jesus to some extra power needed to fight the vamps and possible the crazy witch lady.

Tara is ready to go back to New Orleans and her life with her lady friend, Naomi I think is her name.  But Naomi finds some letters with Tara’s real name on them and she wants to know who she’s been sleeping with for the last 6-8 months.  Tara goes to see Sookie to tell her the truth about her life in New Orleans and ask her advice on what to do to try to repair this.   Sookie tells her to go back there and tell her the truth and fight for her.  Meanwhile, Eric wakes up and comes upstairs while Tara and Sookie are talking and Tara freaks out!   Sookie tries to explain what is going but Tara is hearing none of it.  She yells at Sookie all the things Eric has done to her and Tara and basically tells the both of them to piss off while she takes off.

Arlene and Terry

They are both freaked out by baby Michael and think the ghost of Renee may be possessing him.   They bring in the pastor and Tara’s mom (who is now married to the pastor) to do a religious ritual to try to rid the baby and their house of Renee’s bad spirit.    I’m not on board with this storyline but I’m willing to give it a little more time to see where it goes.


The head of the werewolf pack in Shreveport came looking for Alcide wonder why he hasn’t registered with the pack yet and Alcide basically kicked him off his property.   Again, I don’t really care about this and it seemed strange to put this 2 minutes scene in this episode with everything else going on.   I don’t know why it just didn’t go into next week’s episode where it seems this SL starts to expand.

Sam and Tommy

We learned last week that Melinda, Tommy’s mom, set him up so Joe Lee can trap him into dog fighting again.  Tommy pretended to fall limp and when Joe Lee walked away, Tommy attacked him.  Of course Melinda defends Joe Lee and she starts going after Tommy so he will leave Joe Lee alone.   In the end, after both Joe Lee and Melinda have attacked him, Tommy gets the upper hand and ends up killing Joe Lee (yeah!!) and his mother.   His mother was not intentional and he was heartbroken over it.  I hate to say it but I’m glad.  I thought this SL was finished last season so to bring it back made me roll my eyes.  I’m glad it was only back for about 10 minutes.   Of course Tommy now doesn’t know what to do so he goes to Sam for help.   Sam decides to help him but not before Andy Bellefleur tries to stop their van.   Sam knows the bodies and Tommy are in the back so he tries to fend off Andy but it doesn’t work.  Andy goes to open the back and when he does, Tommy has shifted into a gator primed to attack.  Sam tells him he was just bringing him to the swamp and Andy allows him to move along.   They dump the bodies and before they leave, Sam hurls some marshmallows into the swamp so the gators would come after the sugary treats and therefore Joe Lee and Melinda.  Who knew gators liked marshmallows?   You learn something new everyday!

See, I wasn’t kidding about how much went on!  It was a solid episode but I do wish they would trim the cast down.   Already looking forward to next week!!!


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