Where the Hell Have You Been?

30 Jul

(Taps on the glass.)  Nothing is really happening so she peers out with a puzzled look.  (Bangs on the glass and comes close to breaking it.)  Really trying to get the attention of her readers and hopes it’s working.

Hey everyone.  Yes it’s me.  I know I’ve been gone a while.  I also know that July has been a scarce month for me.  If you listened to one of my podcasts you may have heard about my brief talk about my real job being insane lately.   Many people say how busy their jobs are and they would most likely be correct.  For me, my job has gone to epic proportions of craziness.   Have any of you ever gone through a company reorganization?  If you haven’t, let me tell you, it’s incredibly stressful.  People waiting to hear whether or not they have jobs.   Once you find out you have a job, you are waiting to learn what your new role is…are you getting promoted or demoted, are you increasing or decreasing your responsibility, are you moving to a new market or are you staying where you are at?  The ambiguities are endless.  I feel very blessed because I still have my job.  There are many wonderful people I have worked with over the years that weren’t so fortunate.  But as the intensity of the behind the scenes collaborations and decisions are winding down, the real frenzied work is just about to begin.  So please bear with me as I may still be slightly behind the curve but I will be keeping up as best I can until I start settling into my new role at work.

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