RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “I Wish I Was the Moon” S4 E6

31 Jul

Well.   That was quite an ending to tonight’s True Blood.   Eric and Sookie!!!!!!   Finally.   I knew as soon as Eric told Bill that he hopes they get back together so she can be happy, that Bill wasn’t going to kill him.    I just hope this isn’t a trick by Eric.  I don’t think it is because of what happened to Pam and what happened in the episode tonight.  If this only happened to Eric, I would have stronger concerns.   But this has been a long time coming!!!   I know Bill/Sookie fans are livid right now and I can appreciate that.   And you could argue that this is not a true Eric/Sookie pairing because we aren’t seeing the true Eric Northman.   But I don’t care.  I love it!


When Eric busted into Sookie place to see him and Sookie going at it, I thought all hell was going to break loose.   But then Eric got the upper hand on Bill.  Which makes sense.  Eric is older than Bill which would make him the stronger vampire but Bill is the King.  No matter though because Sookie encouraged them to stop.  Once she told Eric that Bill was his King, he immediately retreated and apologized for his actions.  Bill was definitely taken aback by this.  He’s never seen Eric like this.   But he still believes it could be a manipulation.

He takes him into custody and Sookie is fired up about it.  She really lets Bill have it about why he is really doing this and she’s 99% right.  Bill is doing this for selfish reasons because he is hurt and he hates Eric.  But the 1% I give Bill is that you do have to leave room for the possibility that this is all a fake or Eric could be a risk for people’s safety because we don’t know how he will react to this spell that’s been placed on him.  All these reasons are why Bill bans Sookie from his property and instructs his people to arrest her for trespassing if she is on his property (I don’t know how he has the power for that but ok) and why he calls Nan asking for a warrant for a true death for Eric.   And he gets it.

Bill is standing outside his mansion and his goons bring Eric out for his penalty.  As Eric kneels down in front of his King, he is very calm.  Bill tells him why he is doing this and Eric says he completely understands.  He doesn’t want to die but he understands why Bill has to do what he has to do.  This is also when he tells Bill that he hopes he gets back with Sookie so that she can be happy.  This was all Bill needed to hear and he takes the silver stake and raises it into the air.  I thought this is where the episode would end or leave of with this story line but it didn’t.   As Sookie is looking for Jason in the woods, she comes across Eric and you can tell she is so happy he’s out.  He tells her the King let him go and they starting kissing which leads to them getting down and dirty (literally) in the woods while Bill is left to sulk on his porch.

Jason and Jessica

Jason is convinced he is going to turn into a were-panther.  So much so, that he chains himself to his bed.  But when Sookie comes to see him and he explains to her what is going on, she tells him that handcuffs won’t do it because when he turns, he’ll slip right out of them.   Typical Jason, not thinking everything through!  I love him!!  So he freaks out and Sookie promises to stay with him and help him through this.  They go outside and have a few beers and when Sookie goes to get another round, Jason takes off.  Which leads Sookie to grabbing a shot gun and going to find him.

Jason is in the woods alone and he is really freaking out and scared out of his mind.  Jessica senses this and takes off in the middle of Tara placing a food order at Merlotte’s.   She meets up with Jason and when he wonders why she is there, she explains that since he drank her blood, she can always sense when he is in trouble and she will be there to help him.  They have a pretty nice scene together and Jessica refuses to leave Jason because she remembers when she turned and it was the hardest night of her life.

Luckily for Jason, he doesn’t turn and when Sookie bumps into Alcide and Debbie heading to a meeting, they tell her that a human can’t become a were-anything by a bite.  It’s hereditary.  So one of his parents would had to have been one.   But when Jason doesn’t turn, he seems slightly disappointed and Jessica notices this.  He talks about how everyone around him is special except him and while weird, this would have made him special.  Jessica then lists all the reasons why Jason is already special (although I don’t know if sleeping with all the pretty girls in Bon Temps is one of them.)  We start to see the beginnings of Jessica and Jason falling for one another.   This is not going to be good.  Hoyt is Jason’s BFF and Jessica is his girlfriend.  While this could destroy many relationships, I do like the chemistry between them.

Sam and Tommy

That Tommy is such an asshole.  Every time Sam opens up to him and tries to help, he continues to screw Sam over.  In fairness to Tommy, if you don’t know that you now have the ability to be a skin-shifter (since he killed one of his parents) that can be some pretty freaky stuff to deal with.  After talking to Sam he stares at himself in the mirror hating himself for what he did and starts pounding on his head.  The next thing you know, he shifts into Sam!  Talk about going to another dimension of crazy!!  But I have to admit that the scene with Sookie was hilarious.  I wish the real Sam would do that!!  Because it’s so true.  Sookie hasn’t worked at Merlotte’s all season and barely worked there at all last season.  So why exactly does she still have a job?  Well Tommy-Sam fired her for wanting to take a day off from work and kicked her out.  It was the first time I ever liked Tommy.

Later, when he is back at Sam’s, Luna comes over to see the real Sam and Tommy-Sam tries to get her to go away.  But when she drops her dress and asks him to make love to her, all bets were off.   They have sex and while Luna is talking about how great it was, Tommy-Sam is really struggling and he kicks her out.  He’s really nasty to her as well which is completely uncalled for, but that’s Tommy for you.   Once she leaves, he runs over the sink area and he starts to shift back to Tommy.   Then he pukes into the sink.   When Sam gets back from Terry and Arlene’s, he sees Tommy on the floor with a pile of puke next to him and his trying to revive him.  I’m not sure if Tommy is dead or not, but I hope so because I am ready to be done with that character!

Terry and Arlene

Looks like baby Mikey, or some mysterious woman, set fire to Terry and Arlene’s.   The whole house went up in flames.  Before they got out, they were looking all over for Mikey but they couldn’t find him.  They thought he died in the fire.  But when they turned around, he was with her other children and her kids told her that he was already outside.   How did that happen?    Looks like the mystery lady in the trees may have had something to do with that!   HHHHHMMMMMM.   I can’t wait to see where this is going.

Jesus and Lafayette

They are still in Mexico with the crazy grandfather.   The grandfather pulls off a ritual that includes using a rattlesnake to bite Jesus and raise Tio Lucio (I think that was his name) from the dead and put his spirit into Lafayette so he can save Jesus.  Whatever.  I’m just going with the flow with this SL for now.


Marnie now seems to be possessed by Antonia’s spirit which seems to make her very powerful.  Antonia is one pissed off woman who is on a mission to destroy all the vampires she can.  Seeing her back story (she was tortured and raped by vampires) who can really blame her.  But Marnie is now a huge threat if she has the power of Antonia inside her guiding her powers and spells.

We are exactly halfway through this season of True Blood fans.   What are your thoughts so far?  I’m enjoying this season more so than last season and the whole witch storyline is really fascinating to me.  Tara’s story I could care less about which is why I didn’t even bring it up.  Lafayette and Jesus are starting to bore me but they are tied up in the witch SL so I would like to see a little more connection there to understand what is happening.  And while baby Mikey’s SL wasn’t doing much for me, I really want to know what the hell is going on there and does it have any connection with the witches at all.  We shall see!!!


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