RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” S4 E7

07 Aug

The battle between the witches and the vampires is heating up (literally) now that Marnie is fully empowered with Antonia’s spirit (who will now be referred to as Marnitonia.)  But Bill has a plan to combat her that isn’t very popular.  Meanwhile, Sookie and Eric grow closer, Tara drives Naomi away, and Sam and Luna find out about Tommy’s secret…yep that shithead is still alive.


Sookie and Eric are having lots of sex.  I mean LOTS of sex.   Lucky girl.   And they don’t care who sees them because they had sex all the way back to Sookie’s and left their clothes in the woods.   Alcide and Debbie saw but Lord knows who else caught a glimpse!

They finally decide to take a break and have a heart-to-heart about Eric becoming the real Eric again.  He wants to know if Sookie wants him to remember who he was.  She hesitates and says that she isn’t sure.  She wants it for him but he did so many horrible things to her and she really likes who he is now that she isn’t sure how she would feel towards him.  She would hope that her feelings would still be there.  He says he understands where she is coming from.   I thought it was a great conversation.   You knew this eventually had to come up because you know Eric will go back to being Eric again.  How will that affect their relationship?  I would ultimately think it depends on how long Eric is this Eric and they fall deeper and deeper in love.  The deeper in love they are, the harder it will be for them to turn off those feelings.   Not that Eric ever would, but Sookie could.


Tara and Naomi get attacked by Pam.   They try to fend her off and escape but even in her rotting condition, Pam can still kick both their asses at once.  Naomi gets away and Pam as Tara in her grasp.  The only thing that saves Tara is the fact that the largest population of people I have ever seen outside Merlotte’s has formed and they are all You Tubing what Pam is doing to Tara.  So she lets her go with a stern warning that at some point, she will get her and destroy her.

Back in their truck, Naomi wants Tara to leave with her to go back to New Orleans.  Tara won’t go because after Pam’s warning, she feels that Naomi will always be in danger.  In Tara’s mind, it’s not a matter of if Pam kills her, it’s when.   And because she loves Naomi so much, she won’t put her in harm’s way.   So she tells her to go and it breaks her heart.  Poor Tara.  She has just had the worst luck with love.  She’s tried men.  She’s tried women.  She’s tired shifters.  What’s next?

The Witches vs. The Vampires

The line has been drawn and the war is about to begin.  Marnitonia comes to see Tara after she has been attacked by Pam and dumped Naomi and explains to her who she now is.  She tells her that she is planning to after all the vampires that have wronged them.   She tells Tara about how she was raped and tortured by vampires and that there have been many lives in Bon Temps that have been destroyed by vampires….like Tara.  She needs to bring a significant group together to generate enough power to destroy all the vampires in BT.  Marnitonia asks if Tara would like to help and she agrees.  Tara goes to see Holly at Merlotte’s and tells her about the plan.  Holly’s in.   So they start rounding up as many people as they can.

Meanwhile, Bill has caught wind of this spell Marnitonia wants to place on the vampires.   The spell is to force all the vampires into the sun and burn them.  Bill’s plan is to chain all the vampires down with Silver so that when the spell compels them to walk into the sun, they can’t.  It’s a pretty painful plan for all involved.  But it is necessary if they want to survive.  Pam is in her coffin (after her plastic surgery session which was hilarious to watch.)  Eric is with Sookie.  Jess and Bill are at Bill’s.  Jess and Bill have a nice moment about what they mean to each other and it’s nice to see him being so protective of her.

Marnitonia gets all her people together and the spell begins.   It’s getting stronger and stronger and so is she.   At one point she levitates into the air as the wind picks up and the lights and candles flicker and go out.  In town, it’s like a tornado is about to hit and you see some vampires (like Mrs. Thortonberry’s neighbor) go outside and burn up.  Eric, Jess, and Bill are fighting the chains to try to get out into the sun.  Jessica is able to get loose because Bill didn’t put enough silver on her because he didn’t want her to be in anymore pain.  She gets out of the jail area and painfully heads up stairs.   Eventually, she gets to the front door and opens it to walk out into the sun.


Hoyt is worried about Jason because of what happened to him so he goes to Jason’s house.   Jason is in the middle of doing handstand push ups without a wall brace.   Let me repeat that.  HANDSTAND PUSH UPS WITHOUT THE HELP OF A WALL!!!   I could have watched about 5 more minutes of that!!!  He let’s Hoyt in and tells him not to worry about him.   Jason is having all these feelings of guilt around Hoyt because of all the dreams and thoughts he is having about Jess.  The guilt is compounded when Hoyt tells Jason that he can tell something is different with Jess.  She’s distant and aloof and he feels them drifting apart.   He tells Jason that he will die if Jess leaves him.   Oh this is not going to be good when Jason and Jess get together.    Because you know it’s happening people!!!

Jason goes to see Sookie and in the middle of their conversation, Marnitonia’s spell starts to take effect.  Sookie explains to him what is going on and while she runs off to help Eric, Jason takes off after Jessica.  He knows she’ll need some help.  So as he is running to Bill property, one of Bill’s guards takes him down and as Jess is opening the front door, a gun shot is heard.   I would think it’s safe to say that Jason shoots the guard and is able to save Jess in time before she goes out and burns up.


I have to be honest, I FF through most of this.   I got a business call right at the start of TB tonight (you can imagine my ire) so I was about 15 minutes behind in watching.  They are still in Mexico with the crazy grandfather.  I have no idea what is going on with them and it’s a little boring since they seem to be doing their own thing.

When they do get back, Lafayette is cooking at Merlotte’s when he see the woman we saw last week waving at baby Mikey after the fire at Arlene and Terry’s.  Arlene has brought Mikey to work with her (which is slightly strange but considering their circumstances, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt) and the lurking lady starts singing to the baby.  The only person seeing this Lafayette.  So something really weird is happening with him.   I’d be happy to see lurking lady again as long as she keep singing like that.  She had a beautiful voice!


Talk about another boring couple.  They see Sookie and Eric going at it in the woods.   They go home and go at it themselves but Debbie can’t bring herself to go any further because she thinks Alcide is in love with Sookie.    She directly asks him if he is.  He comforts her and hugs her and tells her how he feels about her and she seems content with his answer.   But he never answered her question.   He never said yes or no to being in love with Sookie.  So take that for what it’s worth.


Good news/Bad News on the Sam front.   The bad news is that the wart hog faced buffoon (yes I just watch The Princess Bride last night) Tommy, is still alive.   The good news is, Sam and Luna figured out what really happened and that Tommy skinshifted and slept with Luna and treated her like crap while pretending to be Sam.  I’m glad they didn’t drag that on.  So Sam went back to the cabin and really let Tommy have it (again) and told him to pack his bags and get out because he never wants to see him in his life (again.)   Let’s just all hope and pray that this really is the last time we see Tommy.  In all seriousness, how many more times can you have Tommy betray Sam and Sam take him back and forgive him only to be betrayed again.  Enough already.  No one likes the character, he brings nothing to the show, and he sucks!  Hopefully this is bye-bye Tommy for good.

The showdown between the witches and the vampires looks to be coming next week while the werewolf pack leader is commanding his people to stay out of it.   Good advice but I doubt it will be followed because that would be just down right dull!   What did you think fans?    Good episode tonight?   I thought overall it was a solid episode with interesting stories all night long.  Except for about 7-8 minutes of Lafayette/Jesus and Alcide/Debbie that I could have done without.

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