QUICK REVIEW: The Closer “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” S7 E5

08 Aug

With the decent supporting cast, I would have thought the episode would have been a little stronger tonight.  You had Booger from Revenge of the Nerds as the slimy attorney for Tyrell’s family, Wendell from Bones as the murdering gay corporal who killed his father, and Dr Ellis Grey as the victim’s wife.  Sadly, the case was pretty boring.

A pastor was found dead and it appeared to be a suicide.  His wife, Mrs. Wycoff (played by Kate Burton) was trying very hard to convince people it was a suicide.   Fact is, she knew her husband had a fetish for dressing up as a woman (heels and everything) and she was not down with that.  So she allowed him to play out his fantasies with a girl he met on-line.  There were many times the show was trying to make you believe she was the killer, to the point that it was so obvious (especially when she confessed) that you knew she didn’t kill him.  But she was protecting someone.  And come on.  We all knew who that someone was…her son Chris (played by Michael Grant Terry.)   Chris was gay and both his parents were brutally hard on him about it.  When Chris found out about his father’s antics, he completely snapped.  He couldn’t figure out how someone with such a strange fetish would be so intolerant of his own son.  So he killed him.

Brenda finally lost it tonight regarding the case against her.  Her entire division has been subpoenaed.   Actually Gabriel wasn’t subpoenaed at first which cause lots of controversy within the division and most of the guys felt he was snitching on Brenda.  He went to Booger and asked to also be subpoenaed so they would all be together on this.  This put Brenda in a pretty large funk.  Her funk got worse when she was home downing red wine and Hostess cupcakes and Fritz shows her his subpoena.  At this point she completely losses it and breaks down into tears in Fritz’s arms.

As much as I love the character of Brenda, the one thing that has always frustrated me about her, is that she is incredibly stubborn and doesn’t always listen when people are trying to help her and it gets her into to trouble.  Rayder, Pope, and Fritz have all been trying to tell Brenda for weeks that she needs to deal with this.  She needs to hire a lawyer and start fighting this case.  She keeps ignoring it and now her whole division and her husband are all dragged into this.  I also think that Brenda is starting to realize that while technically she did nothing wrong by dropping Tyrell off at his house, morally, she did do something wrong because she knowing left that boy there to die.  When I first watched that episode, I was in agreement with Brenda and her decision to drop him off in a dangerous situation.  After all this was a thug who killed a grandfather and grandson and didn’t really show any remorse for it.  So what happens to him, happens to him..right?   After watching the episode again, I changed my tune.   No matter how much you hate someone like that for doing what he did, you are now no better than he is.   You put him in a situation knowing full well he was going to die if you left him without protection and you have no remorse or guilt for what you did.   I’m sure Tyrell has justification for committing his crime and now Brenda has hers for leaving him in a situation to die.  So I ask, doesn’t that make her just as criminal and guilty as Tyrell?   I think it does.   She may not have physically been the one to kill him but I think her situation is even worse than Tyrell’s because she is an officer of the law.  She is sworn to protect people.   In this situation, she did the complete opposite.  She actually put a citizen in harm’s way.  And even though we all knew he was guilty and a creep, in the eyes of the law, this is a man who isn’t guilty of any crime.  So this isn’t looking good for Brenda at all.   But the best part about her FINALLY agreeing to get council is that we finally get to see the highly anticipated (at least by me) arrival of Mark Pelligrino (aka Lucifer from Supernatural and Jacob from Lost and about 50 other characters on TV) as her defense attorney.  Pelligrino’s characters will be around the rest of this season and I believe will be here through the final run.   Yeah!!!

What do you guys think about Brenda and her situation?  Do you think she is being wrongfully judged and Tyrell got what he deserved?   Or do you think she is completely in the wrong and should lose her job?   Let me know!!!


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One response to “QUICK REVIEW: The Closer “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” S7 E5

  1. Anonymous

    August 16, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Yes, I do think that she was wrong and I think she will quit her job for that reason at the end of the season (and maybe a pregnancy, too). But, I have been trying to figure out how she will get out of the problem with her lawsuit and it just occurred to me that the killer(s) may not be Tyrell’s gang after all. He may have been killed by some one or some people other than his gang members. In which case, the drop-off by the police and the ultimate murder are not related. I’m thinking relatives of the grandfather and grandson who were killed in the store or family/friends of one or more of the service guys who were killed in the drive-by. what do you think?


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