QUICK REVIEW: Rizzoli & Isles “Don’t Hate the Player” S2 E4

09 Aug

Baseball.   America’s past time.  Can’t you smell the fresh-cut grass, the leather from the gloves, the beer, the hot dogs, the dead body in the shower?   Sorry, I know that last part ruined a perfectly lovely image, but that is what our fearless duo had on their hands last night.   The Boston Pilgrims are on a roll and so is their star player Manny Vega.   But two major things are now about to hamper the Pilgrims’ success…their owners are splitting up (just like the McCords of the LA Dodgers) and fighting over the rights to the team while their new assistant coach was murdered in the showers.

The head of security for the Pilgrims, Chief Merck (played by Kevin Chapman) who used to be a homicide detective, is insisting on the fact that this is just accident where the guy slipped and fell in the shower and he can’t understand why Jane and Maura want to turn this into something more.  Usually that’s a sign of someone’s guilt but since he was so over-the-top with his pronouncement, it was obvious it wasn’t him.    There are many suspects that we are introduced to throughout the course of the episode…the fighting owners, Manny Vega (played by Adrian Bellani), the player Vega was fighting with, and Merek.   Turns out it was none of the above.  It was the ridiculously handsome player that asked Jane out to dinner, Jesse Wade (played by Taylor Kinney.)   As soon as he asked Jane out to dinner, I knew it was him.  He was just as good as Vega but never got the recognition Vega did.   Vega was also a huge a-hole.   So he killed the assistant coach and poisoned Vega with anti-freeze killing him as well so he could get them out-of-the-way and him to the top of the ranks in both the clubhouse and the in minds of the fans.  Well that certainly backfired on him didn’t it?

In more interesting news, Tommy Rizzoli (played by Colin Egglesfield) is out of prison and back with his family.  I’d like to know more about Tommy’s past.   The surface information I know, Tommy has been a screw up his whole life.  I have to wonder though, is he a screw up because he got chance after chance and blew it or is he a screw up because he was always expected to make the wrong choice, no one believed in him, and therefore just did what people assumed he would do anyway?   I think it is probably some where in between the two.  Take what happened with the robbery at Maura’s.  Jane automatically assumed it was Tommy.  And when she went to confront him, even though she tried to let him know he wasn’t as bad a guy as he thinks he is, she still assumes it was him.   It wasn’t.  So Tommy has a lot of proving to do.  I hope he stays around and we get to see that dynamic.  I think it’s going to be easier to empathize with Tommy because Egglesfield is playing him.  When we heard about Tommy before, he sounded like more of a really bad guy who didn’t care too much about his family.   Egglesfield has such a likable personality that I think we are going to see a softer side to Tommy.  And by the way, I love the fact that Momma Rizzoli and Tommy are all staying with Maura.  It really shows the closeness of Jane and Maura and how that closeness extends to Jane’s family.  I loved the dinner scene at the end with Angela getting ready to serve lasagna to Jane, Maura, Frankie, Tommy, Frost, and Korsak.  It really shows the bond these characters have.

R&I is having a great season and I am thrilled the girls are coming back for a third 15 episode season next summer!


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