RECAP & REVIEW: Pretty Little Liars “Picture This” S2 E9

09 Aug

My heart is still breaking for Hanna after her scenes with Caleb tonight on PLL.  I guess I didn’t realize how much I liked them as a couple until a few tears started streaming down my face.  Then I started thinking…..Oh My God I am actually crying during PLL and I’m not 15-years-old!!!!  Oh well.  I don’t care.  Touching moments are touching moments whether they come from teenagers who people in their 30s and 40s.   So be it!


I know I keep saying this but poor Emily.  I am really starting to feel horrible for this girl.  What is happening to her now reminds me of what A was doing to Hanna last season.  She is doing things just to be cruel.  I’m getting to the point where I am wondering what the hell her/his problem is with the Liars.  Other than these girls having normal teenage issues, they don’t seem like overly cruel horrible people.   So what could they possibly have done to A that has made her/him be so vicious and cruel towards them?  I would really like to know.

Emily and Samara are trying to plan a poker game with Samara’s friends.  She really wants Emily to meet them but their location isn’t working out.   Ashley is there and offers to let the girls use her place since both she and Hanna will be out.   Samara and Emily are really appreciative and thank her for her generosity.  When Samara leaves, Ashley and Emily have a really nice moment in which Ashley tells Emily that she wants her to feel free to invite her friends over anytime and to feel 100% comfortable in being who she is.   She doesn’t have to hide anything.  Ashley is awesome!!!!  But being the good mother-figure, she tells Emily that same rules apply, no girlfriends upstairs in the bedroom, only girl friends.   Then she asks Emily how she’ll know the difference and Em promises to let her know.  It was so sweet.

They have the poker game and everyone is having fun.  A sends Em a text asking her to give her phone number to one of the girls at the game not named Samara or the information about her taking HGH goes viral.  Em wants no part of this but she does it anyway.   While she thought she did it away from everyone, one of the girls saw it and told Samara.  She confronts Em and Em tells her that it was only a friendship number swap but Samara wasn’t buying it and dumps her.   Em’s life sucks right now.

Aria/The Montgomery’s

Aria is having all types of crazy sex dreams.   One minute she’s in bed with Ezra (gross) and the next she’s in bed with Jason (yum!)  It’s completely freaking her out to the point that she goes to Ezra’s office and seduces him before class.   Ok I have a dumb question.   Have he and Aria slept together yet?   I get the impression that all of the Liars are virgins and that if one of them did do the deed, it would have been a bigger deal and discussed among the girls.  But if Ezra and Aria hadn’t slept together before, did they tonight?   Ezra did ask Aria about “picking up where they left off.”   So does that mean they didn’t go as far as it appeared?  I don’t know.  I just know I want them to stop dating!!!

The Liars are still trying to convince Aria to stay away from Jason because he’s dangerous.  I’ll get into this more in Spencer’s section.   Aria isn’t convinced and I’m glad she decided to remind Em (when it was her turn to give Aria grief) that they all were convinced it was Toby at one point and it wasn’t.

After walking home one night, Jason happened to be driving by Aria (which may or may not have been a coincidence based on what we saw in his shed.)   They strike up a conversation that ends with Jason leaning in for a kiss and Aria accepts it!!!!  She doesn’t push him away and is kissing him right back!!  You go girl.   Now before you yell at me Ezra fans with “how can you condone cheating on Ezra…he’s Aria’s true love” argument, you know how I feel about that already so it won’t work on me.   Plus, Aria has been pulling away from him for weeks because of her feeling for Jason intensifying.  But eventually she does pull away and tell him that she can’t because she isn’t available.   Bummer.   Maybe she’ll finally come to her senses and won’t be “not available” for long!

The whole thing with Mike is getting weirder and weirder and I am now starting to get royally annoyed with it.  Byron goes into Mike’s room ready to lay down the law when he sees him curled under a blanket with a blank look on his face.  He’s unresponsive for the most part and eventually Byron leaves asking Mike to join them for dinner, which you know he won’t.   We learn that Byron had a brother who had some sort of issue in the past.  I don’t know if it was drugs or a mental disorder or what.   But seeing Mike like that really freaked him out.   THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!  I am so sick of them allowing Mike’s behavior to keep continuing and at this point, I don’t feel bad for them anymore.   If they aren’t going to demand discussions and answers or take him to see a doctor, then I don’t want to see them on my screen anymore.  Because now it’s becoming the same thing every week with no progression.  Mike’s pissed and bothered about something he won’t talk about.  He is rude and belligerent to his family and friends and his parents continue to allow it to happen.  So if you aren’t going to progress this story and you are going to keep showing the parents as ignorant fools, then take it off-screen.


If Hanna thought she had a rough emotional go of it last week, she had no idea what was about to hit her this week!   What we’ve all been thinking about the man following Caleb around lately has come to fruition.   He wasn’t a cop after him for his cell phone business, but a PI hired by Caleb’s Bio Mom to track him down and find him.   He was able to get her contact information but he didn’t want to reach out to her.   Hanna convinced him that he should because he has wondered about his parents his whole life.  Now is his chance to get some answers.

Later, Caleb comes over to Hanna’s to tell her the good news…he got ahold of his mother and they had a really great conversation.  It was so great that he has decided to spend time with her to get to know her better….in California.  Immediately you see the tears in Hanna’s eyes start to well up.  She completely understands and supports his decision to go and see her so they can start to build their relationship.   She asks him when he’s leaving.  I thought he was going to say “tomorrow” but instead he says “tonight.”   Wow he isn’t wasting anytime.  She offers to drive him to the airport but he says his mother got him a car so he’s good.   Hanna finally starts to act her age and not a mature adult when she asks him what this all means for them.   He tells her that they will talk everyday and that he will be back.   They have a tearful kiss goodbye and right before he walks out, she tells him she loves him.  He stops and turns and says “I love you too.”  Another kiss, and off he goes.   Does any of this seem a bit strange too you?    Don’t you think this is happening awfully fast?  He goes from having no contact with his mother to jumping on a plane to California to be with her that very night and she has made all the arrangements.  Maybe I’m reading too much into this but something seems fishy to me.  I hope I’m wrong.   And I just want to give an extra shout out to Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn for their scenes tonight because they were absolutely wonderful!!!!


Spencer, Spencer, Spencer.   When are you ever going to learn?   And when are your friends ever going to hit you over the head with a field hockey stick to slow you down!!!!   Typical Spencer like she has done countless times before.   She latches onto to suspect and there is no convincing her otherwise that this person is guilty.   First it was Toby, then it was Ian, and now it’s Jason.  How about accumulating all the evidence you can find, compile it, analyze it, and then start making determinations?   What happened to the Garrett and Jenna angle?   Has she totally forgotten about that?  Yes because she is tunnel visioned on Jason.   For smart girl she drives me absolutely bat shit crazy sometimes!

This week, she and Emily decide to break into Jason’s shed since he blacked out the windows.  Here’s the other thing that drove me crazy.  If he is really trying to hide something, wouldn’t he have hidden the key to the shed somewhere other than right on top of the door?   Seriously?  I think it was all a set up.   Jason may have had a dark room in the shed (which would make blacking out the window a lot more innocent since it would make perfect sense for a darkroom) but I don’t think he was taking those pictures of Aria.  I think those pictures were planted in his shed to lead the Liars to believe Jason is up to no good.  Think about it, A is always 5 steps ahead of them.   It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch for A to know they are on to Jason, A would know the chemistry between Aria and Jason, and A would set this up.  That’s what I think is going on.

Only 2 episodes left until the summer finale!!!  Are you sad?  I am because this is a great show!!!!   But we won’t have to wait too long.  January will be here before we know it!!


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