RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Spellbound” S4 E8

15 Aug

The war between the Vamps and the Witches has officially begun and so far it isn’t looking good for Team Bill.   Team Antonia right now looks to have the competitive advantage so that’s a bad thing…if you are on Team Bill.


Something very different happened this week with Sookie and Eric’s relationship….they had sex.  I know, it’s crazy right.  I’m kidding!!!  Those two can’t stop.  Although I can’t blame Miss Sookie.  But it got very strange this week when they started to go at it in the shower only to have it snow in the shower.  When they pulled back the shower curtain, there was a snow-covered field with, of course, a bed in the middle of it.  This being Sookie and Eric, they take it as a sign that they should do nothing but make love all the time.  I hate to be the one to break it to them but, aren’t they already doing that?  They certainly didn’t need a snow-covered bed before to give them the green light!   It was a very odd scene.   But whatever!

Eric wants to run away perfectly content to never finding out who he really is.  He just wants to be with Sookie.  So why not leave Bon Temps for good so they can be away from all the insanity and just be with each other.  Sookie thinks the idea is sweet and admits to loving this side of Eric, but they can’t leave.  She doesn’t want to leave her family and friends and deep down, Eric is a Viking warrior….that is soooo hot….and she knows that he would always be angry with himself, if he ever ran from a battle because that isn’t what smoking hot Viking warriors do.   Now if he said that to me, it would have taken me all of 8 seconds to pack my bags, load the car, hit the local Wawa for a fountain coke, and be on my way with my Viking.  Which makes me wonder, do you think Sookie is staying for Bill?   I know they had a brutal breakup and she hasn’t forgiven him and she has moved on with Eric, but she loved Bill and was with him for a while.   She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.   As mad as you are, you can’t just turn that off.  So I think Bill still has a mighty hold on Sookie.

They decide to stay and head on over to his majesty’s house to profess their allegiance to him in his cause against the witches.   Bill doesn’t want Sookie anywhere near this for fear of being killed.  Eric says that it is not Bill’s decision, it’s Sookie’s, which she very much appreciates.  While I understand how Bill never wanted Sookie to get hurt and always wanted to protect her and while I think Sookie can be a real idiot sometimes with the way she interjects herself into situations that stupidly and unnecessarily put her in danger, Eric’s right…it’s HER decision.  Bill always wanted to make those decisions for her when it wasn’t his place to.  Already Eric understands that that way of thinking will get him nowhere with Sookie.   Bill agrees and Eric and Sookie are ready to help Bill fight the witches.  All seems to be going well on the war front. That is until Sookie gets shot….


Show of hands.  How many people jumped out of your seat or let out a squeal when Jessica “killed” Hoyt after breaking up with him?  I did.  At first I couldn’t believe it!!  But then Jess woke up from her dream and thankfully it wasn’t real!  In her dream, in addition to killing Hoyt, she jumped in a car with Jason where he was begging her to bite him and screw him.   That should have been the tip-off that it was a dream because Jason wouldn’t do that to Hoyt.   At least night right away!  The dream probably stemmed from the fact that when Jason rescued Jessica from Antonia’s spell, he brought her inside and they started making out.  All of this leads to Jessica going to back home and break up with Hoyt.   Hoyt’s reaction is real life was slightly different from his reaction in Jessica’s dream.   Where in Jess’s dream he’s very weepy and begging her not to leave him, in the real world he is royally pissed off and furious at her.  He kicks her out and starts kicking things and throwing things around.   Hoyt isn’t taking this well.  But I can’t disagree with her or him.  I’ve been saying it from the beginning, humans and vampires can’t make a life together.

After she dumps Hoyt and Hoyt rescinds her invitation to his house, Jess immediately goes to Jason’s.   She tells Jason that she broke up with Hoyt and Jason isn’t happy with her.  Girl can’t catch a break for doing the right thing.  She tries to tell Jason about her feelings for him and she tells him that she knows he feels the same towards her.  But he wants no part of this because Hoyt is his BFF.   So he rescinds her invitation to his house as well.   Looks like the only place Jessica has left to go is Sookie’s or Bill’s!

I think it’s only a matter of time before Jess and Jason get together.  As much as I think they have really good chemistry, they won’t make it either.  I just don’t want to see Hoyt and Jason’s friendship ruined over this!

Baby Mikey/Lafayette/Strange Ghost Lady

This week we learn that the woman lurking around baby Mikey is the ghost of a dead woman who lost her baby and for some reason, she thinks Mikey is her baby.  I’m not sure where this is all headed or why, but at least we know the baby isn’t possessed by Renee’s spirit.  You know who is filled with a spirit?   Lafayette.  This is now the second time a spirit has entered his body and taken over him.  What I don’t understand is how Antonia has taken over Marnie permanently (or at least until Antonia’s agenda is achieved) but Lafayette only has someone take over him for a small period of time.  I hope that gets explained.  But ghost lady entered Lafayette and he/she broke into Andy’s house where Terry and Arlene are staying and took baby Mikey.

Tommy/Mrs Fortonberry

Unfortunately, Tommy was sort of kind of in the episode this week.  He shifted into Maxine Fornonberry to attempt to get her oil money.  If you remember from a few episodes ago, Tommy answered the door as Maxine’s son and a gentlemen was offering to buy her land which was sitting on some sort of oil goldmine.  He never told her about it and now he is trying to steal her money.  Seriously, can we get rid of this piece of crap character already?  I really don’t know what the point is.   Just get rid of him already.


Luna and Sam seem to be getting back together when Luna’s ex, Marcus, who is also the head of the werewolf pack in Shreveport, barges in and interrupts their dinner.  He is furious that Sam is with Luna and their daughter.  Sam offers to leave but Luna kicks him out and asks Sam to stay.  I have a feeling this isn’t going to go well but I really don’t care either way.


Bill is trying as hard as he can to broker a peaceful coexistence with the witches while the werewolves still want nothing to do with this.  While Bill was talking to Marnitonia about protecting her and making guarantees to her safety, she was pretending to play along.  Luckily Sookie was there to read her mind and she was able to warn Bill that she was casting a spell.  Then all hell broke loose and the vamps started to attack the witches.  Pam was able to corner Tara after Tara killed a vamp.   Pam is about to rip Tara to shreds when Bill comes over to stop her…damn it Bill!   Why???   Pam, as well as myself, is frustrated by this turn of events and runs off.  Sookie ends up getting shot and Eric and Bill both sense her danger.  Bill tries to run off and get her but his covered with silver from other witches and can’t move.  Eric tries to get her but Marnitonia approaches him and puts him under some sort of spell.   So he seems entranced by her.  While Sookie appears to be dying ( which we know she isn’t) there is someone who comes to her rescue….Alcide.  Somehow Alcide sensed her danger and took off with a werewolf following him the whole way.  He ends up finding Sookie and picks her and takes her away from all the danger.   Meanwhile we see the werewolf who is following him and it’s Debbie (which should be no surprise.)  Needless to say, Debbie isn’t too happy since Alcide promised to stay away from Sookie.

The witches/vampires storyline is really getting interesting.  Although, it seems pretty evident that the vampires we know and love will survive, Marnitonia will get her comeuppance, and the real intrigue will be if Sookie and Eric’s relationship will be able to survive him going back to normal (because you know he will.)  I hope True Blood doesn’t get to the point that it gets boring.  There always seems to be danger for our crew but they always manage to survive and move onto the next crisis.  There’s no real danger for any of them.  Unlike shows like Dexter and Game of Thrones where they obviously take risks with their lead characters that make you truly concerned for the safety of the rest of the cast (see Sgt. Doakes and Ned Starks), True Blood doesn’t do that.  So when Sookie gets shot or Eric gets buried alive or Bill gets kidnapped, you are never worried about them because you know they will be okay.  Which makes going down that road, quite pointless.  But we have four more episodes to see where this all ends up!

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