RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Burning Down the House” S4 E10

29 Aug

Tonight’s episode was interesting.   There were pockets of major things happening and other pockets where not much happened and felt like filler.  So let’s jump in:


The fight at Tolerance Conference broke out with Eric on a mission to kill Bill and Sookie determined to stop it.  Mass chaos breaks out and Bill and Eric get into it.  Sookie stops Eric at one point from killing Bill while Bill shot Eric with a silver bullet and Sookie starts screaming much too loudly and piercingly.  The fight intensifies to the point that Sookie puts her fairy power into gear and breaks it up.  In addition, a bigger development happens…Sookie breaks the spell Marnitonia had on Eric.  FINALLY!!!!!  Eric is back to his fervent, Viking self.

This leads to a conversation between Eric and Sookie about what this means for them.  This is also the moment I simply want to strangle her with every fiber of my being.  She tells Eric (who she can’t even look at) that the reason she fought so hard to stop him from killing Bill was because she still loves him.  I would have hoped that no matter what her feelings for someone, she would try to help prevent their murder but maybe that’s me.  I have no problem with her still having feelings for Bill.   I think most people, if they are being honest with themselves, still have feelings for people they breakup with if it was a long, serious relationship.  But at some point, she has to make up her mind.  She can’t have both.  Either she gives all of herself to Eric or Bill.  But she can’t have one toe in the shallow end while trying to get into the deep end.   Pick one and stick with it.   And I swear, if Alcide then jumps into this mix, I will torture Alan Ball on this website for years to come.


Jason and Jess finally did the nasty.  And really, did it need to be in the back of Jason’s truck?   With all the rooms in Bill’s mansion, couldn’t they have had sex in the mansion?   Anyhoo, as you can imagine, Jason is having a pretty hard time with happened.  As much as he likes Jess and would like to have something with her, he just can’t because of Hoyt.  Jessica however has never heard the expression Bros before Hos because in her mind, they haven’t done anything wrong.  Technically she’s right but she also wrong at the same time.  Making matters worse, Hoyt comes over to Jason’s house and cries his eyes out about missing Jess.  While he wants to hate her, he can’t, and misses her to no end.  Nothing progresses too far with this but I will admit that one of Jason’s funniest lines came from all this…”he came over and drank 11 of my beers, and passed out and started farting.”  God love you Jason Stackhouse!


Tommy isn’t looking good from the beating he took from the wolves when he shifted into Sam again.  Alcide tries to help him by taking him to a hospital but Tommy doesn’t want that.  He asks him to take him to Merlotte’s.  Alcide gave Sam the heads up and met them at Merlotte’s.

It would have been a more moving scene if Tommy hadn’t been such a douchebag, but Sam finally gave Tommy what he always wanted…a family member that really loves him.  He told him he loved him and how much he’ll miss him because he’s his brother and always will be.  Finally, Tommy dies.   Hallelujah!!!  I was ready for Tommy to be gone last season.  I’m just glad that whole storyline with Sam’s family is done.  It was awful.

The best part that came out of this was that the one sided feud between Marcus and Sam is no longer one sided.  Sam is going after Marcus with a vengeance and I for one, can’t wait to see it.   Hopefully he can get rid of Debbie while he’s destroying Marcus because she is a total waste this season.


Terry finally found out that Andy was addicted to V and he wasn’t too happy about it.  So he takes him to Camp Bellfleur to have a heart to heart about Andy admitting his problem and kicking the V.  It wasn’t a scene that progressed any major plotline forward but it was amazingly entertaining.  Terry got Andy to admit the problem and Andy will probably kick the V.  So at least that gets wrapped up.  Which is good because there is a lot to tie up in the last two episodes.

Marnitonia and the Witches

The biggest revolution of all happened with Marnitonia.   Turns out, Antonia is not driving this train after all.  Antonia is the one doesn’t want to be that cruel.   It’s Marnie that wants to wipe out all the vampires and destroy them one by one.  So the idea of exorcising Antonia out of Marnie to stop all the spells and save the vamps just isn’t the case anymore.  And I have to say, I love this twist.  If Antonia was the baddie, as was suspected, the storyline would have been much more predictable.  Now, with Marnie being the crazy one, how do they resolve this?  You could sympathize with Antonia on her quest for revenge considering what was done to her, but what’s Marnie’s excuse?   Yes, Eric tried to attack her, so I will give her that one.   But it still doesn’t equate to what Antonia went through.  So while I thought Jesus would be instrumental in helping rectify the situation, after tonight we learn that certainly won’t be the case.  So what will happen?  I have no idea and you know what, I love that!  I can’t wait to see what will happen and how this war will resolve itself.    Marnitonia zapped Jesus, Lafayette, Holly, Tara, and Sookie back into her Moon Goddess shop while Jason was left stranded.  And we saw Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jess all team up to storm the Goddess emporium and end the war once and for all.  I love seeing the four of them team up to work together!!!

So what did you think about tonight’s episode and what do you think would happen in the last two episodes?   How will they stop Marnie other than killing her?  (I hope that isn’t how it gets resolved because that’s the easy way out.)  Sound off below!


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4 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Burning Down the House” S4 E10

  1. mclairjeune

    September 1, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Honestly I think the worst thing they could do to Marnie is to finally get rid of Antonia. That way she would not have the power she has come to love so much. I’m seeing a spell to send Antonia’s spirit back where it belongs.

    And Sookie is heading to Alcide for her next supernatural relationship. He would be the best choice for her out of the three guys she’s interested. Alcide can walk in the sunlight, have children, and age. That would be her only shot at a “normal relationship. Despite that fact I know she will ultimately end up with Bill. she is Sookie. And what would Sookie be without her major relationship issues?

    • fortheloveoftv

      September 3, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what the point of the “possessed baby” storyline and Lafayette’s connection. After that whole thing went down, I think it was to show that Jesus is powerful enough to be able to exorcise a spirit. I think he’s going to be the one to do it. The problem is, and what’s more scary, is that Marnie is the one who is really behind all this mayhem where Antonia really isn’t. Even though Antonia gives her more power and even without her spirit within Marnie, Marnie is still a strong threat and very unpredictable.

      As for Sookie….ugh. But you are 100% right. Alcide is probably the best for her. He has the purest heart and he’s at least human and alive so she could have a life with him vs. Eric and Bill. I still can’t help but love Eric!!! Maybe I can audition for True Blood and take Eric off Sookie’s hands….LOL!!!

  2. mclairjeune

    September 1, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Here’s my take on this week’s True Blood episode. You check it out on my blog here:

    • fortheloveoftv

      September 3, 2011 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks for the link. I will absolutely check it out!!!! And thanks for the comments. Hopefully you’ll be stopping back!!


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