2011 ABC Fall Preview

03 Sep


  • 20/20 (9/16)
  • Dancing with the Stars (9/19)
  • Castle (9/19)
  • Body of Proof (9/20)
  • The Middle (9/21)
  • Modern Family (9/21)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (9/22)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (9/25)
  • Desperate Housewives (9/25)
  • Happy Endings (9/28)
  • Private Practice (9/29)
  • Revenge (9/21)
  • Charlie’s Angels (9/22)
  • Pan Am (9/25)
  • Suburgatory (9/28)
  • Last Man Standing (10/11)
  • Man Up! (10/18)
  • Once Upon A Time (10/23)
  • Castle (This has grown to be one of the top 3 shows on TV and it gets no love…yes Emmy people, that was directed at you.  Last season ended on a hugely powerful note…Captain Montgomery is dead and Beckett was shot at his funeral with Castle declaring his love for her.  Can there be a big jaw dropper of a season finale??  Well maybe The Mentalist but that would be it.   Cannot wait!!!)
  • Happy Endings (This show really got better and caught a nice groove towards the end of the first season.  I can easily see this turning into one of my favorite comedies.)
  • Cougar Town (Even though this is returning later, I still can’t wait!!!)
  • Revenge (I love a good night-time soap.  Although most of them haven’t lasted as long I would have liked…I’m still upset about Dirty Sexy Money…I hope this one does.)
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Pan Am
  • Charlie’s Angels (The reviews have been so bad I have to watch.  Plus I loved the original as a kid.)
  • Modern Family (A wildly disappointing season 2 that wasn’t nearly as good and is turning into a significantly overrated and overhyped show…yes Emmy people, that was directed to you.  I didn’t even bother watching the last 4 episodes of last year and I’ll only watch now if I happen to be home and nothing else is on.)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (Once my favorite show on TV, while last season was much better than the last few seasons prior, this show has run its course.)
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Man Up!
  • Last Man Standing
  • Desperate Housewives (I used to watch but gave up 2 seasons ago.)
  • Desperate Housewives Final Season: I know I just said I gave up on this show season ago, but for those of you who haven’t the final season is must see TV.  I am still surprised this show was set up for a final season (especially after the ladies inked deals for 2 more seasons.)   Like Grey’s, I think the show is tired and should go out while it’s still kind of on top.
  • Body of Proof On The Fall Schedule: this show had a nice run in the spring and was much better than I thought it was going to be.   Even though it piled up on my DVR and I just watched the last 4 episodes about 2 weeks ago, I really enjoyed it’s freshman season.  But let’s see how it does in year two.
  • Happy Endings: this show barely made its renewal and I couldn’t be happier because I really enjoy the show!  But how will it do with a full season.  It should have some help with Modern Family as its lead in.
  • I haven’t seen any of the new ABC shows.  I’ve seen many different clips and read many reports on the media site regarding the premises and directions of the new shows.  So with that limited information, I would say I am most excited about Revenge and Pan Am.  My jury is out on Once Upon A Time and Charlie’s Angels.  OUAT I have heard mixed reviews but the cast is great and premise sounds fascinating.  I wonder how similar it will be to a show I did see and can’t wait for which is Grimm.  I am definitely giving OUAT a chance.  CA has me a little more concerned.  While I loved the original and I had strong hopes considering the cast, I haven’t read or heard one good review of the show yet.  And not only have the reviews been bad, they have out right RIPPED the show, the writing, the cast, everything.  Normally I don’t take any mind to other people’s thoughts only because I like to form my own opinion and everyone’s tastes are different.   But 99% of time, when there is this strong a consensus on a show, the consensus is right.  I’m kind of bored with the whole remake an older show anyway.  As for the comedies…Man Up, Suburgatory, and Last Man Standing….meh.  They sound like typical comedies.  I’ll watch but I’m not holding my breath.

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4 responses to “2011 ABC Fall Preview

  1. mclairjeune

    September 4, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    ABC disappointed me last season. Right now the only returning show that I’m excited about is Castle. I love the relationship between the two leads and last season ended with so many shockers that I can’t wait to see how things end up now. Of course Kate has to live. We know that but I just hope she heard Castle saying he loves her so that they will be forced to deal with their feelings for one another.

    I really stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy in the middle of last season. I think the show used to be really good but now it has run its course. ABC please put it out of its misery. Is Brothers & Sisters coming back this season? I really fell off of that show. Will most likely catch up via netflix at some point.

    I will be checking out Pan Am, Revenge and Once Upon A Time. However, I am concerned about Once Upon A Time and whether it will last. The writers, producers and actors have to do a really good job with this one. It does have potential and it is different from everything else out right now.

    • fortheloveoftv

      September 4, 2011 at 10:47 pm

      Castle and The Good Wife are probably my favorite shows on TV right now. I can’t wait for Castle to come back. I think they will definitely be dealing with the fallout from Castle proclaiming his love for her. But since I think Andrew Marlowe isn’t quite ready to put them together yet, something will still keep them apart….for now. I don’t think he’ll keep Castle and Beckett apart as long as Booth and Brennan, but there is still a lot of story to tell there. Plus, not only will they need to work together to find out who shot at Beckett, but the 3XK killer returns this season as well!

      Brothers and Sisters was canceled. That was another show I used to love but the 3rd season it turned bad and last season was horrible. I didn’t even bother to watch the final 4 episodes and ended up deleting them. How bad is that?

  2. Girish

    September 18, 2011 at 5:56 am

    Modern Family & Castle (which is my 3rd all-time fav show right now) are a must-watch. I’m very excited for Once Upon A Time, but I’m worried it may not have more than one season. And I gave up on Charlie’s Angels after the early reviews.

    Hey I watched 2 episodes of The Good Wife and liked it. I’ll be watching season 1 completely soon 🙂


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