2011 CBS Fall Preview

03 Sep


  • Survivor (9/14)
  • How I Met Your Mother (9/19)
  • Two and a Half Men (9/19)
  • Hawaii 5-0 (9/19)
  • NCIS (9/20)
  • NCIS: LA (9/20)
  • Criminal Minds (9/21)
  • CSI (9/21)
  • The Big Bang Theory (9/22)
  • The Mentalist (9/22)
  • CSI NY (9/23)
  • Blue Bloods (9/23)
  • Rules of Engagement (9/24)
  • 48 Hours Mystery (9/24)
  • 60 Minutes (9/25)
  • The Amazing Race (9/25)
  • The Good Wife (9/25)
  • CSI Miami (9/25)
  • Mike & Molly (9/26)
  • 2 Broke Girls (9/19)
  • Unforgettable (9/20)
  • Person of Interest (9/22)
  • A Gifted Man (9/23)
  • How to be A Gentleman (9/29)
  • Survivor
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Two and a Half Men (At least the premiere.  This has always been a show that I will watch when it’s on but never DVRed it or made a point to watch.  With the whole Charlie Sheen mess and Ashton Kutcher coming on, I am definitely tuning in this year.)
  • Criminal Minds (Prentiss returns!!!)
  • The Mentalist (If you have to even ask why this is must see TV, you either don’t watch this show or don’t like TV!)
  • Blue Bloods
  • The Good Wife (I am praying with all my being that Alicia realizes she made a HORRIBLE mistake in the season finale!)
  • Person of Interest
  • None
  • Rules of Engagement
  • How To Be A Gentleman
  • A Gifted Man
  • CSI
  • CSI Miami
  • CSI NY
  • The Good Wife Moving to Sundays: this will be interesting since it has been on Tuesday nights at 10pm for the last 2 years.  Now, it’s 9pm on Sundays vs. Desperate Housewives final season, Boardwalk Empire, and Sunday Night Football through December.  Talk about a difficult task.  Not to mention, during football season, one of the most annoying things that happen is when football games run long, it screws up the DVR taping.  If that happens and people don’t get a full recording, they may drop the show.   I would suggest that people check On-Demand before looking to drop The Good Wife altogether.  But I do worry about that.
  • CSI moving to Wednesdays: for the last 11 seasons, CSI occupied (and in early seasons dominated) the highly coveted Thursday 9pm time slot.  With declining ratings, CBS made the decision to move CSI to Wednesday nights where it will go against L&O:SVU and ABC’s new show, Revenge.  They have also given that prime spot to new show Person of Interest.  If Person of Interest doesn’t make it, you have to wonder what will go in the Thursday 9pm slot.  You certainly can’t run reruns of Hawaii 5-0 in the slot.  Do you move CSI back?  Do you bump a mid-season show like The 2-2 into the slot?  Hopefully, CBS won’t have to make that tricky decision.
  • Blue Bloods Going More Procedural: this was a big to-do at the end of the rookie season.  The show runners wanted to go more procedural and Tom Selleck wanted the show more serialized and family focused.  The show runners went with Selleck’s wishes.   The show runners were let go of their duties and new show runners were brought in to make the show more procedural in accordance with CBS network direction.   I have to side with Magnum PI on this one.  One of the big reasons I love Blue Bloods is that the show is a family drama that also happens to be a cop show.  This is not NYPD Blue or Southland.  This is more Parenthood if the Bravermans were all cops and lawyers making the story lines even more cohesive.  But the family focus is the charm and heart of the show.  I sincerely hope that doesn’t change.
  • Sophomore Slumps: how will shows like Blue Bloods, Mike and Molly, and Hawaii 5-0 fare in their second seasons?   Time will tell.
  • New Comedies Get Prime Lead Ins: both 2 Broke Girls and How To Be A Gentleman (neither of which look very strong) may have some success by default.  2 Broke Girls will have the number comedy on TV as its lead in (Two and a Half Men) and HTBAG will have The Big Bang Theory.  Not to shabby.  And they need the help because those comedies don’t look promising!
  • CBS doesn’t have a ton of news shows because their schedule is already so strong.  Of the six new fall shows the two I am most intrigued by are Person of Interest and Unforgettable.  I will watch the premieres of 2 Broke Girls, HTBAG, and A Gifted Man but none of those shows from what I have seen really have me excited.  I have a 3 episode rule which will be enforced unless I already have too much at that time slot already.  But I don’t have a lot of comments here since with the small amount of new shows.

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5 responses to “2011 CBS Fall Preview

  1. Girish

    September 18, 2011 at 6:21 am

    The Mentalist is THE show to watch on CBS. I can’t wait for Patrick Jane’s return! The new promo looks exciting and Jane in prison will be awesome to watch! (The Mentalist, Hawaii 5-0, House all have their leads going to prison. I must say its very intriguing. The prison premise does make for an exciting story)

    I know Hawaii 5-0 may not be the strongest procedural show out there, but call me shallow, it has gorgeous backdrops of Hawaii and the show did get strong in the second half of the first season. Its not a must-watch for me, but I’ll watch it if I can.

    Person of Interest is the only new show which I’ll be following. J.J. Abrams, Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel! It can’t get any better than this!


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