FOX’s Alcatraz Promo

03 Sep

This is probably the show on FOX I am most excited to see.   Great premise, great cast, and it’s from JJ Abrams.  How can you not check it out?   You should!

Alcatraz stars Sarah Jones as San Francisco Police Detective Rebecca Madsen.  Madsen is investigating a brutal homicide that is committed by Jack Sylvane (guest star Jeffrey Pierce.)   The problem is, Sylvane is a former Alcatraz inmate who died decades ago.  Since Madsen has a personal connection to Alcatraz (her grandfather was a guard there) she decides to go to the local Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego Soto (played by Jorge Garcia) for some insight into what is going on.  As Madsen and Doc generate more questions than answers, a huge mystery, much bigger than this one case, is revealed to them.  Government Agent Emerson Hauser (played by Sam Neill) is trying to block her investigation and Madsen isn’t sure why.   It’s obvious that Hauser knows a lot more than he is saying but the big question is, is he involved or is he just trying to solve the mystery as well?

Check out the promo below and make sure you look for this awesome mid-season drama on FOX!!

Alcatraz Promo

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