The Mentalist Season 4 Promo

03 Sep

Talk about a show that ended on a “WTF just happened” moment and “did I see what I thought I just saw” feeling!!!! Many shows talk about a game changing moment that happens in their show that writers and show runners think change the entire complexity of their shows. Sometimes they are right but a lot of times, it isn’t as game changing as they think.

The Mentalist was the perfect, non exaggerated example of a game changing season finale. For the first three seasons, it was all about Patrick Jane vs. Red John and the hunt for this serial killer who killed Jane’s wife and daughter. Jane always made it clear that once Red John received his true justice (in Jane’s eyes that was killing him and in Lisbon’s eyes, that was putting him in prison) Jane would be done with the CBI. Which always made me think, we wouldn’t see the end of Red John until the final season of The Mentalist. On a surface level, Red John is dead at the hands of Jane and Jane is in jail. Are they planning on having the rest of the seasons with The Mentalist with Patrick Jane from jail? I hope not. But where do they go from here? It’s probably the show I most intrigued by because I honestly have no idea how they get Jane out of this and keep him working at the CBI without it being incredibly cheesy and unrealistic.

My husband and I have debated the season finale for a while. He believes Josh Lyman was Red John while I don’t believe he was. I think Red John is still playing games with Jane and he is very much alive. The clip below I think backs up the idea of Red John still being alive. In the clip, Jane makes a comment about the gun Red John had at the scene being gone and that someone is trying to set him up. Wouldn’t the ultimate set up be Red John sending someone to pose as him, antagonize Jane, and cause Jane to kill him in a very public manner? It sounds exactly like something Red John would do. And what worse way to mess with Jane then to have him kill an “innocent” person therefore making him no better than Red John himself. Now, if Josh Lyman was in on it with Red John, there are certainly questions as to his level of innocence but regardless, Jane has no right to take his life.

So where does the show go from here? I can’t wait to find out!!!


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2 responses to “The Mentalist Season 4 Promo

  1. drake

    September 3, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    I can’t wait for the mentalist to begin again. I lean towards the idea that bradley witford wasn’t red john and red john was one on those background actors that were wearing a red sweater in the finale, either the one sitting directly in front of jane who was drinking tea or the one who was wearing a black cap and is the last one to run out of the mall. I do however think we won’t see a red john ep until the season finale.

    • fortheloveoftv

      September 3, 2011 at 8:04 pm

      I’m with you. I don’t see how The Mentalist continues if Red John is dead and Patrick’s in jail. Red John on The Mentalist is like “A” on Pretty Little Liars…one of those times the viewership is completely ok with being in the dark on this. I always thought the way the show runners handled Red John was perfect. You would have about 4-5 episodes a year that kept it very relevant but it wasn’t hitting you over the head making it annoying or worse, the only storyline the show could successfully run off of. Therefore, I don’t think he’s dead.

      I am so excited to be happy and anxious (in a good way) about this show again. Season 2 wasn’t good and I didn’t like the direction the writers took Jane’s character in. But Season 3, he redeemed himself and S3 was outstanding. So I can’t wait for the 22nd!!!


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