2011 CW Fall Preview

04 Sep


  • 90210 (9/13)
  • America’s Next Top Model (9/14)
  • The Vampire Diaries (9/15)
  • Nikita (9/23)
  • Supernatural (9/23)
  • Gossip Girl (9/26)
  • Ringer (9/13)
  • H8R (9/14)
  • The Secret Circle (9/15)
  • Hart of Dixie (9/26)
  • Supernatural (Castiel is now God….what!!!!  Also, I hope S7 will be stronger than S6 was.)
  • Nikita
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Ringer (Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV…hollar!!!!)
  • Gossip Girl
  • 90210
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • H8R
  • Supernatural’s Season 7 Return: Fans of the show saw Castiel last season turn from trust worthy, lovable Cas into cunning, manipulative, all-powerful God.  The Castiel you knew is gone is the quote from the S7 promo.   You aren’t kidding.  Not to mention, Misha Collins will not be around as much this season as in previous seasons.  Castiel/Misha fans are really crying foul over that.  Since I’m not as big a Castiel fan as other people are, it doesn’t bother me.  But, after a very disjointed S6, the idea that the angel the boys have grown to trust has now turned on them and become the most powerful entity they know, and how that will impact their relationship and what they do for a living moving forward, could be very compelling.   That could be a tremendous storyline but not if Misha Collins is only going to be in 5-6 episodes, if he’s in that many.  According to an early press release from The CW, in S7, the Winchesters will be facing a foe unlike any they have encountered before.   What will make this so tough is that all their weapons, tactics, and methods won’t work the way the have in the past and they will really need to rely on each other to succeed.  Hmm.  I’m not sure how you could have a bigger for than Lucifer, but I’ll go with it.  I will say that I really like the idea of having to come up with a new way to defeat the Big Bad with none of the methods or weapons working on the villain.  And I hope they don’t forget about Sam and the wall coming down in his head.  They have to deal with that!
  • Nikita’s Sophomore Season: It’s hard to write about Nikita because I still have 6 episodes left to watch (which I will be doing after this post.)  I love the show but I wonder if it will hold its audience from last year.  Sophomore shows always have an interest from me because I think they can potentially have tough years if they weren’t that strong in their rookie year or if they were strong, how well they hold up after the new schedule comes out.  Nikita will be one of those sophomore shows, I keep an eye on.   Plus, it’s awesome!!!
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s TV Return:  I know people who are still upset that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no longer on the air.  I didn’t watch it during its first run through but I watched Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix this summer and I am part way through season 3 (so no spoilers please!)  SMG is certainly a force on network TV and I’m sure the CW is THRILLED to have her as part of their network family.  I heard the Ringer panel at Comic Con was ridiculously crowded simply because people couldn’t wait to see her.  I wish her and cast much success with the show which looks fabulous and I can’t wait to watch it!!!
  • Only four new shows on the CW with one I certainly won’t be watching (H8R) and one I most certainly will be watching (Ringer.)  As for Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle, I am definitely going to check out Hart of Dixie.   Love the cast and the basis for the show.  It has some potential so I will give it a chance.  I’m not sure about TSC.  I really don’t need another teen show…even if it is about witches and looks somewhat interesting.  Plus I already have Grey’s, Person of Interest, The League, The Office, and Whitney in that time slot.  TSC may be a casualty of simply no time to watch.  It’s obvious that I am most excited for Ringer and SMG’s TV return.

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2 responses to “2011 CW Fall Preview

  1. mclairjeune

    September 4, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Gossip Girl is a show that I have been losing interest in. When it went away for its mid-winter break I stopped watching and kept all of the episodes on my dvr. I watched them during the summer. I don’t know if I will be tuning in this season. This might be the last season seeing as some of the actors have already stated that they will not be signing new contracts. So I may check it out just to see how it ends up.

    Nikita & The Vampire Diaries I will definitely be watching, love them. I thought the two shows were paired very well with one another last season but I am okay with the switch since I will check out The Secret Circle.

    Dean is my favorite character on Supernatural, (Lord) Castiel was my second favorite. I love them both! I am sad that Misha Collins will not be in that many episodes this season. I’m guessing that now he is God he won’t have that much time to pop in on the brothers every time they call for a favor. Il oved seeing his struggle last season with his decisions and the holy war. Plus pairing up with a demon in order to defeat his own brothers in Heaven. Can’t wait for this next season. The only thing I don’t like about Supernatural is that it is on in the same time slot as FOX’s Fringe. I hate having to choose which to watch live.

    As someone who was a HUGE Buffy & Angel fan ( I watched every season when it was on the WB and againg when UPN picked them up ) and I am excited that SMG will be making her return to this network. Ringer looks like a grown up and much better version of ABCF’s The Lying Game.

  2. Girish

    September 18, 2011 at 5:26 am

    I’ll definitely be following Supernatural, TVD & Hart of Dixie (even though it hasn’t aired yet).

    I saw the premiere of both Secret Circle & Ringer. Ringer has an intriguing concept & SMG’s performance was amazing. The differences between Shiobhan & Bridget were very subtle & well done.

    Secret Circle was cliched all the way, and it didn’t have any good male leads like TVD has. The younger lot look awful & the older evil one, well I wasn’t too impressed. I’ll check out 2 more episodes to decide on this show.


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