RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Soul of Fire” S4 E11

04 Sep

About 2/3 of the way through tonight’s episode, I looked at my husband and said “this feels more like a season finale than the penultimate episode.  I wonder if I miscounted how many episodes were left in the season.”    Then the last scene happened.   Holy crap!!   There was a lot of interesting stuff that happened but then there were a lot of stupid things that happened.   Then there was the stuff I couldn’t give two craps about.  Let’s get the boring stuff out-of-the-way, shall we?


Sam is still on a quest to find Marcus and make him pay for killing Tommy.  He and Alcide figure out that Marcus has Luna’s daughter and when she calls Luna to check in, they figure out that Marcus is at Alcide’s house.   They run right over.  Marcus and Debbie have been hooking up and he wants her to run away with him and his daughter.   She doesn’t want to because she loves Alcide.  Even though she believes he cheated on her and everything she is doing with Marcus is to get back at Alcide, she still wants Alcide.   Unfortunately for her, Alcide doesn’t feel the same way when he busts into the bedroom with Sam to see Debbie and Marcus together.  Sam and Marcus go at it and when Sam looks like he is about to choke Marcus to death, he let’s go.    Then Alcide jumps in when Marcus jumps up and attacks Sam again and starts shooting at him, and Alcide finally finishes Marcus off.  Then he dumps Debbie and walks.  Hopefully that’s the last we see of her.

Andy and His Fairy

Talk about random and weird.  Considering the fact that Sookie is a fairy and they have appeared in Bon Temps before, I think it’s safe to assume that Andy didn’t dream what happened to him nor was it a V trip.   A fairy named Mirella appeared in the woods and wanted Andy to make love to her.   But before he could, he had to promise to protect her.  To prove it, her finger lit up like E.T. and she pressed it to Andy’s finger, which then lit up.  He promised to always protect her and then they made love.   When he gets back home, Arlene was worried about him and sent Terry out looking for him.  Andy then proceeds to tell Marlene what happened and she thinks Andy’s mind has gone to mush from all the V he was taking.

So what was up with that and what was the point?   Is that a storyline they are starting to set up for next season or will it have something to do with the season finale next week?  I have no idea.  I find it strange that we saw the fairies in the season premiere but haven’t seen anything again until tonight.  Hopefully we will get some more details next week.

Marnitonia vs. the Vamps vs. Everyone Else in Town

The war is still going on.  Mostly everyone in town is trapped in the Moon Goddess and Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jess are about to attack the MG.  They can’t get past the barrier that Marnitonia set up which is a wall of sunshine so Bill wants to negotiate with Marnitonia.  This is the first stupid thing that happens.  Why would you try to negotiate with a woman the CLEARLY wants you dead?  There is no other resolution that works for her so why bother?  For leverage, Marnitonia brings out Sookie.  So you know what Bill’s brilliant idea is?  He and Eric will sacrifice their lives so Sookie can go free.  This is the second stupid thing that happens.  You are both going to die for Sookie?   Couldn’t you at least throw everyone else who is in MG a bone as well for something so drastic?  And how can you trust that she will live up to her word?  It was beyond stupid.   At least Pam had some sense to say screw this, this is ridiculous.  Now her mistake was trying to shoot a rocket launcher through the barrier which only came back at them.  NO one was hurt, except for Jason who was badly burned and blinded from the blast.   This is the third stupid thing that happens.  Why do that to Jason only to bring him back with Jessica’s blood?  It’s the part about the show, I hate most.  You “kill” a major character or severely injure the major character to the point you think they are going to die only to use vamp blood to bring them back to life.  It shouldn’t be that easy.  It should be harder to bring them back or there should be a situation where you can’t bring them back.   Because if all you are going to do is just bring them back anyway, why bother injuring them in the first place?  As soon as I saw Jason on the ground, my first thought was that Jess would give him her blood and he’d be fine.  Which is exactly what happened.  BORING!!!  There is never any fear that Alan Ball would have the guts to kill someone major.  So Jason ends up being ok.  Meanwhile Eric sends Pam away furious at her for disobeying him.

Inside the MG, Marnitonia has just killed Casey because she was freaking out.  She told Casey it was ok to leave and when Casey went to walk out, Marnitonia sent a knife flying through the air and straight into Casey’s chest.  Yikes!  At this point Antonia frees herself from Marnie.  They get into a fight and Lafayette is the only one who can see what is going on.   This really freaks out Tara who wants to know when the hell Lafayette turned into a medium who can see and communicate with dead people.  Lafayette tells everyone that Antonia is telling Marnie how she wants to be free of her because she has turned evil and she is not behind her on this anymore.  Marnie casts some sort of body merging spell and Antonia gets sucked back into Marnie against her wishes.  At this point, Jesus realizes he has to do something drastic.  He tells everyone that Casey still has a pulse and asks Marnitonia if he can try to save her life.  She allows him.  He asks Lafayette for his help and they carry her to a back kitchen area to “fix” her.   Lafayette tells Jesus that he’s nuts because she is dead.  He agrees and says he is going to use Casey to tap into his inner Brujos.  It works and Jesus (in his freaky demon face) is able to separate Antonia from Marnie permanently severely weakening Marnie’s power.  As a result of the spell, Marnitonia’s original spell is broken allowing the vampires to enter the MG.  When Bill and Eric enter, they immediately go for Marnie and her butt buddy jumps in front of her.  Eric goes right up to him and rips his heart out of his chest.  He walks up to Marnie and starts sucking on the ventricles and I start gagging.  As Marnie tries to cast another spell, Bill shoots her about 10 times including one fatal shot to the head.  Marnie/Antonia/Marnitonia is finally gone.   Or is she?

The interesting part was when all the chaos in the MG was breaking apart, both Eric and Bill were talking with one another and each glanced over at Sookie at one point but never went over to her at all.  For two men who were about to give up their lives for her, you think at least one of them would have walked over to her to make sure she’s ok.  You would also think that Sookie would have run over to her boyfriend Eric and throw her arms around him.  None of this happened which I found rather odd.

At the end of the episode, we go to Lafayette’s house where he and Jesus are recapping what just went down.  Jesus looks significantly freaked out (I would too if I stuck my finger in a dead girl’s cavity and then sucked her blood off my finger…once again causing me to gag.)  Jesus also looked quite sad over what he had to his dear friend Marnie.  While it was necessary, it was still painful for him because he knew Marnie was a better person than that and they were good friends.  But Lafayette eventually calms him down and they turn over to go to sleep.  Just then, Lafayette opens his eyes to see Marnie floating over his bed.  You know what happens next….Marnie enters Lafayette and her spirit has now taken over Lafayette setting up the season finale next week.

Before those last 30-40 seconds, I was wondering what the hell they were going to do in the season finale.  Because up until that point, I thought everything was wrapped up.  But it looks like poor Lafayette is not done being hated with a crazy woman inside him.  It’s hard to believe that the season finale is next week.  That was a fast 12 episodes this summer.  Wow.   But True Blood gets to the point where it’s time to wrap up the season and it’s time to wrap up the season.  Looking forward to it!!!

What do you think peeps?  Are you ready for True Blood to wrap up?  Are you excited for the season finale?   What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Let me know!


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