What’s With All the Podcasts and Where Are the Posts????

05 Oct

You have all been really patient with me.  If you listened to any of the podcasts, you heard that when I got back from Italy, I was pretty sick.   Ugh!  God Bless Z Pack!!!  Now I am better but still trying to catch up at my real job so my fun job had to take a break.

This is a tough time of year to be behind.  Not only did I miss premiere week being in Italy, but now that I am back and caught up on watching shows, I am now behind again due to the baseball playoffs.   Which to some degree, I don’t mind because that means my Phillies are still alive.   Yeah!!!!    Go Phillies!!!   But from a blog standpoint, it’s been rough.  I miss writing.  I miss talking to you guys.  But to blog on each show I covered on the podcast, I would still only be on the Tuesday shows.  So the podcast has really helped me at least keep some levels of communication with my favorite TV peeps!

My promise to you all is that when I get back from Florida (yes I am on the road again) I will have a blogging blitz and here are the shows that I will put on the front burners:

Recaps and Reviews of:

  • Supernatural
  • The Good Wife
  • Castle
  • Revenge
  • Homeland
  • Survivor
  • Dexter
Thanks guys!!!
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One response to “What’s With All the Podcasts and Where Are the Posts????

  1. sportsattitudes

    October 6, 2011 at 9:41 am

    If I may…an opinion to leave here for CSI (the original). Ted Danson has IMHO been a pleasant surprise indeed. He walked into that opening ep and owned it. They carved out a quirky, Grissom-like character for him that keeps all the other CSI’s on their toes. Great move to put it behind Criminal Minds and great move to cast him. Wasn’t sure what to expect but it has jump-started the show. Anyone who may have abandoned CSI should give this season a chance. Shows so far have been solid.


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