RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “Defending Your Life” S7 E4

15 Oct

Supernatural is on fire this season.  After a mediocre S6, S7 is off to a strong start.   We have a clear-cut big bad (the Leviathans…although we don’t know who their boss is yet.)  We have our “monster of the week” episodes (which are starting to kick into gear now.)   And we have good, solid drama with the boys in Sam’s mental state and how they are handling it.  But there is still plenty of mystery and uncertainty surrounding the episodes, but it’s the good kind…who do the Leviathans report to and what is their end game?  What is going to happen with Sam?  How will he survive what is going on with his fragile mental state?  How will Dean and Sam’s relationship change when Sam learns (and you know he will) what Dean did to Amy?  How will Amy’s son factor back in?  Will it be this season or will it be down the road (my guess is a few seasons from now.)  When is Sam going to get a haircut?

In “Defending Your Life”, we see people getting chased down from their past and being murdered.   The first case is a man being chased and killed by a car (which was because he killed a young girl with his car 10 years prior.)  The second was a man being chased and killed by a dog because he ran an illegal dogfighting ring.  Can I just say, I love how there were two Michael Vick references in this story.  Do you think that had anything to do with the fact that Dean is a Cowboys fan in real life and would take any chance to take a shot at the Philadelphia Eagles QB?  Could be.  I’m an Eagles fan but I hate Michael Vick so I loved it.  So no one was really crying for these guys biting the big one.   The other case was a man who killed a couple when he was robbing a house 30 years ago.  But he had been in prison and seemed genuinely sorrowful for his actions.   Sam and Dean try to save him by putting him in a circle of salt but it wasn’t enough to save him.  And you knew that was going to happen.  He breaks the seal, takes off running, and the couple track him down and he’s a goner.

Turns out, the cause of all these murders is the Egyptian God, Osiris.  Osiris feeds off the guilt people are feeling about sins they have committed in the past, or perceived wrong doings that they can’t get past and are convinced are their fault.  Dean ends up at a bar drowning the sorrows of his guilt over Amy’s death with a bartender he plans to meet up with later.  We notice a man in a baseball hat siting off to the side and you can’t help but wonder if he’s behind all this.  He is.  It’s Osiris.  When Dean goes to meet bartender girl, he gets swiped by Osiris.  Sam just so happened to be looking for Dean and when he sees his cellphone on the ground with the dust of an abandoned mill, he knows where he has to go.

Sam tracks Dean and Osiris down and Dean is on trial for his life.  Sam tries to rationalize with Osiris but when that doesn’t work, he announces he will be Dean’s lawyer for the trial.  Osiris loves this idea and agrees.  Osiris tries bringing in witnesses and evidence that back the idea of Dean’s guilt but Sam is going to make this difficult.  He keep throwing out objection after objection with one objection sounding very official.  Both Dean and Osiris were impressed.  When Sam told Dean “I saw it on an episode of The Good Wife” I was cracking up.  It also reminded me that I am WAY behind on my The Good Wife posts, but I digress.  As much as Osiris was enjoying this little tete a tete with Sam, it wasn’t going to derail him of his objective…destroy Dean.   The first witness is none other than….Jo Harvell.  If you read any of my past Supernatural posts, you know I wasn’t a huge fan of Jo.  She kind of annoyed me (ducking to avoid sharp objects being hurled at me.)  I always loved Ellen, but Jo…I never got on board with her.   So I wasn’t so excited to see her return.  However, it made perfect sense.  If this whole exercise was regarding Dean’s inner guilt and turmoil, you have to include what happened with Jo and Ellen because Dean has never forgiven himself for that.  Dean is someone who holds on to everything.  He doesn’t let it go.  He let’s it fester inside him until he explodes or he just keeps letting it eat at him.   Jo tells Osiris that what happened wasn’t Dean’s fault nor was he the one that led her to a life of hunting.  Regardless of what Jo is telling Osiris, he knows that Dean carried that guilt with him still.  To prove it, he calls his second witness…Sam Winchester.

Sam gets on the stand and Osiris starts questioning him about how he got into the hunting life and what he was doing right before he became a hunter full-time.  The interesting part about each interrogation, is that as the person was speaking, we got flashbacks to those times.  While the flashbacks were great, it also gave a look inside Dean’s mind.  These weren’t just flashbacks we were seeing.  These were Dean’s memories of what was happening during the time Osiris is questioning the witnesses about.  These are his vivid memories that continue to haunt him.  Sam does everything he can to deny that’s it’s true, there are somethings he simply can’t deny.  After a while Osiris asks Dean what he wants to do and if he wants to keep fighting this….or should he bring on his last witness.  Now, Dean knows who the last witness is, Osiris knows, and we, the audience, knows.   But Sam has no idea.   To protect Sammy once again, Dean decides to take the punishment to absolve Sam of having to see the final witness.   Dean has a date with death….again.

Back in the hotel, Dean is waiting for his punishment at the hands of Jo.  Meanwhile, Sam is out trying to find a ram’s horn (I think it was a ram) to use to kill Osiris, because that is the only thing that will do it.  I completely forget why, but he finds one at a synagogue.  Back at the hotel, Jo is there and she tells Dean that she doesn’t want to do this but Osiris is making her so she has no choice.  She also tells him that he is holding onto to way too much (which he is) and that most of what he blames himself for, isn’t his fault (which is true.)  But you can tell Dean that until you are blue in the face.  If he thinks something is his fault, there is no changing that boy’s mind.  And he will punish himself for it.  Sam goes to the bar where Osiris has been plucking his victims and as he goes to grab another victim, Sam is there to stab with the horn and Osiris is zapped back to Ancient Egypt.  As Sam kills Osiris, Jo vanishes and Dean is once again saved.

The boys have their ubiquitous beer to recap the job and Sam asks Dean who the final witness was going to be.  Dean plays it well and tells him he has no idea.  They have a brief conversation about guilt and Dean asks Sam if he ever feels guilty over the things he has done.   Sam admits he does but he also admits that he finds ways to move on from it.  He can’t hang onto it because it doesn’t do him any good.  And for every bad thing he’s done, he tries to do something to make up for it.   Dean nods his head and the boys take off to find their next mission.

That’s really the big difference between Sam and Dean.  Sam can let things go easier than Dean can.  Sam certainly feels guilt and sadness but he doesn’t let him eat him up the way Dean does.  He finds outlets and positive ways to repent for his sins so that he can start to move on.  Dean, while also doing good to make up for his faults, can’t let it go.  No matter how much good he does, he still continues to beat himself up everyday for his mistakes…for wrongs he feels he caused.  It’s what will eventually doom his character.  Not from an appeal standpoint but from a mortal standpoint.  One of these days, Dean will push so hard, it will kill him.  It’s already happened but he’s been able to come back.  But one time, he’ll go to a point of no return.

I have to say that as much as I am intrigued by the Leviathan storyline, I was happy to have a break from it this week and have a straight “monster of the week” story.   But the new ongoing storyline I can’t wait to see play out is how Sam will react when he finds out Dean killed Amy.  I’m glad it didn’t happen this week.  I would have been pissed if it did because I think it’s too soon.  I would rather see it play out in a more shocking way and watch the fallout from that.

So what are you all thinking about the first four episodes of Season 7?  I am LOVING it!!!!  I feel like my Supernatural is back and I couldn’t be happier.  I want to hear your comments to let me know your thoughts!

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One response to “RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “Defending Your Life” S7 E4

  1. sportsattitudes

    October 17, 2011 at 10:56 am

    As always, I LOVE you passion for television in general and “Supernatural” specifically. GREAT, GREAT review as always. I too prefer the “monster of the week” with the “long-term monster” storyline getting a peek here and there, trailing along until later in the season when the really “big bad stuff” goes down. I think they may be finally headed in that direction again but want to see a few more eps like this last one first. I am glad you ducked those objects I threw at you about not liking Jo. Huge Jo fan. Great to see her…even if she was dead and all. You know me, I still think they had a great finish to this series a couple of seasons back but if they’re gonna keep producing shows you know my wife and I are gonna keep watching – we’ve seen ’em all and more than once in many cases. If it does turn out the “old” Supernatural is really back, that would indeed make us happy as well!


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