RECAP & REVIEW: Revenge “Intrigue” S1 E6

27 Oct

I have to wonder if all people ever do in the Hamptons is have parties.  Seriously, every week, there is some major party or event going on.  But I guess they need to find someway to keep Ashley involved in the story.  This week’s episode is the Fourth of July and the Graysons are gearing up for a monster blow out of a bash.  But before we get to that, we need to discuss the fall out from the most popular internet video since Pam and Tommy Lee’s porn video…Lydia’s “accident” that resulted in her being in a coma.

First, Nolan shows the video to Emily, who watches it completely stone faced.   I have to give a round of applause to Emily VanCamp.  I never thought that girl could pull off being a vengeful, cold-hearted person.  She always plays a sweetheart!  Well she’s spectacular and she pulls it off without a hitch.  She admits that this was not part of her plan but regardless, she will use it to her advantage.  She tells Nolan to send the video to Conrad and let the Graysons destroy Frank.   Which is pretty much what happens.  Conrad sees the video and fires Frank after 20 years of service.   Frank not so subtly reminds Conrad that if it weren’t for him, he would be in jail and David Clarke would be alive.  But as rich people do, he ignores it and gives him a ginormous check and tells him to get as far away from the Hamptons as he can.  Sensing a connection between Victoria and Frank, Conrad decides to show Victoria the video.  She watches in horror while Frank polishes a gun telling her to stay away from Frank and he’ll protect her.  I have to wonder, was Victoria’s look of horror because she was watching a woman struggle to save her own life and couldn’t or was it because the man she is starting to care about was the one to have a hand in her demise?

Now that Frank is seemingly out-of-the-way, Emily can turn her sights back onto to Tyler.  He certainly is a trouble maker that Tyler.  Isn’t he?   First he gets Daniel to fall off the wagon.  Then he tries to break Emily and Daniel up.   Now he let’s it slip that Daniel is now a bartender at the Porter’s bar (which he knows will incense Victoria) and he tells her that it was all Emily’s idea.  What a turd face!  Of course Victoria confronts Daniel over this and it goes over as well as a wet fart in church.  (I know my mother just cringed reading that line.)  Tyler doesn’t care though.  He will do anything he can to break up Daniel and Emily, especially after Emily grilled him the night before and basically Sydney Bristowed him in front of Daniel and Ashley.  But Tyler took his scheming to a whole new level and not in a good way.  He went from being manipulative to down right criminal.  From the looks of it, he slipped Daniel a date rape drug while he was working at the Stowaway.   When Daniel starts to go downhill, Tyler brings him upstairs and proceeds to try to make a move on him.  Daniel is still strong enough to push him away and Tyler leaves pissed off.  He goes outside and gives a wooden pillar as suspicious eye.  He then proceeds to smash his face into the pillar.  I was hoping he would keep going until he knocked himself out but it wasn’t meant to be.  With a huge gash on his head, he smirks and goes back to the Grayson party.

At the party everyone is there.  Emily shows up wearing another stunning dress.  The wardrobe department has done an excellent job because all of Emily’s clothes but especially her event dresses have been gorgeous!   Emily and Victoria have their typical friendly, I mean chilly, hellos.  Not soon after Nolan shows up with Jack and Declan.   The Porter men have come to claim their wealthy women away from the oppressiveness of the rich and famous!!!  Maybe it’s not quite that severe but Declan is there for Charlotte while Jack plans to make a move on Emily.  Declan has much more luck with Charlotte than Jack has with Emily.   Probably because Charlotte is actually available.   Call me crazy but that might have something to do with it.   But both Porter men, have very sweet and endearing ways of trying to woo their lady friends.  Unfortunately for Jack, Daniel is part of Emily’s plan and her breaking things off with Daniel to be with the man she really wants to be with, just isn’t in the cards right now.   And as a result, she has to break his heart, which in turn, breaks hers.

Back at the party, Nolan is on a hunt for copious amounts of Beef Wellington while Frank shows back up with a gun and escorts Nolan away.  Earlier in the day, Frank was able to get his hands on the surveillance video from Lydia’s apartment and saw Nolan entering her apartment the same night he was there.   Needless to say, Frank would like to have a little chat with Nolan about that.   The go into the pool house and Frank wants to know who hired Nolan to plant the camera in Lydia’s apartment.  Frank wants to know if it’s Conrad and Nolan tells him firmly that it wasn’t.  Meanwhile, ass face has arrived with his bloody forehead and Victoria is mortified.  Tyler tells her that Daniel did this to him but that he now more determined than ever to get Danny the help that he needs.  Oh cry me a river!   Emily watches this and follows Tyler to the pool house where she confronts him about what happened to him.  As they enter the pool house, they seeing Nolan lying on the floor shaking with fear and the back door open.  (Frank got out just in time.)  Nolan leaves and asks Emily to join him.  He tells her that Frank knows it was him that sent the video.  She wants to know how and he tells her because he’s better at this than we are.   Nolan is seriously freaked out and tells Emily that she is on her own.   Guess who witnesses the whole conversation….Frank.   This was really the first dumb move Emily has made but more on that later.

In the end, Jack heads back to the Stowaway only to find Daniel passed out upstairs.  Now here’s a dumb question, why was the bar empty and seemingly shut down the for the night?  It’s Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons.   Probably one of the busiest nights of the year.  Jack didn’t stay at the party that long.  Fireworks were going off so it’s safe to say it wasn’t 2 or 3 am.  So why was the bar empty and shut down?  That bugged me.  But I’ll let it go for now.   Then we flash to Emily at her house and she heads right to the newly fixed porch swing in the location her father always wanted it…aiming towards the sunset.  Jack fixed it for her.  I really like him.  She sits on the swing watching the fireworks….while someone is watching her.    Any guesses?   Of course you know who it is!    It’s Frank.   Dun dun dun dun!!!!   Frank calls Victoria to tell her that he had nothing to do with the video and that he is being set up.  “I think we’re all being set up.”   Uh oh.   You don’t want someone as clever as Frank on your tail Em!   Conrad bursts into the room and grabs the phone from Victoria telling Frank never to call again or he will end him.   He then throws the phone against a pillow.   I guess the big fluffy pillow will not only hang up the phone for him but it will also scare Frank with the enormously loud thud.  I have to say, that’s one of the first really soapy moments of the show for me.  Conrad throwing a phone against a down pillow made me laugh out loud.   First, most smartphones have an “END” button.  You have to push it to hang up, dumb ass.   Second, if you want to emphasize your veracity, maybe throw the phone against the wall so it explodes.  The down pillow won’t do much to instill fear into the person on the other end.  But it was good for a laugh.

Up until now, Emily has been pretty spot on with her Revenge plot.  But I think Nolan is right.  Unless she proves me wrong, she may have severely underestimated Frank.  And now that Nolan is freaked out, I’m not sure if she’ll have her trusty sidekick anymore.  And she’ll miss him more than she realizes.  But something makes me think after the scariness of what happened to Nolan wears off, he’ll be back helping Emily.  I can’t see him abandoning her.  Frank is probably the worst person to be onto Emily.  Possibly Victoria as well but Frank is a little more sinister.  I also have to shake my head at her and Nolan.  She has been so careful and meticulous up until this point.   Frank is onto Nolan in some way shape or form.  Nolan and Emily also know that Frank JUST left the pool house so he isn’t far away and still on property.  So why in the world would you have that conversation with Emily in the middle of the party for everyone to see and Frank to be able to see as well?  I would have pulled her back to the Stowaway or even Queens before I told her anything or linked her to me because common sense would tell you that Frank is watching.  You just mentioned how he’s better than you at this.   Well then why would you talk to Emily in an open forum the way you did?  It was dumb and they are both smarter than that!

Next week’s episode was revealed to be a “game changer.”  I hate when shows do that.  Usually when episodes are promoted as game changers, they aren’t and over hyped.  But this show has been solid from beginning to end so I believe that next week will be the game changer it’s promoting.  So what do we think that means?   Does someone really find out who Emily is?   Does someone major die?   Does the truth about David Clarke come out?   I guess we have to wait and see but I already can’t wait for next Wednesday.

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