REVIEW: Castle “Cops and Robbers” S4 E7

02 Nov

While I LOVED this episode of Castle, I am going to gripe about the show a little bit.   But let’s get into the good stuff first.

Stana Katic is a rock star!   She really knocked it out of the park in this episode.  I always appreciate an actor who can say so much with just a look or an expression.   It’s very subtle but it says so much.  And this episode was full of looks that said a million words…when Kate saw Alexis, when Kate came in as the paramedic and she and Castle saw one another, when she finally saw that he was ok.  It was awesome.

One thing I think Castle is good at is building tension even when you know there isn’t any there.  For example, is there anyone here who thought Castle was going to die?  No.  But even though we knew it wasn’t happening, I still thought the show did an excellent job with the tension of not knowing what was going to happen.  The way I look at it is that while we as the audience know nothing will happen to Castle, the other characters, don’t know that.  And we go through their anxiety with them.  That’s why this cast is so excellent.   Castle, Martha, Alexis, Kate all had me fearing for Castle and Martha because their fear was palpable.  So overall, I found the episode to be exciting and edge-of-your-seat thrilling because the cast made it so.

I have to say that my husband called it right away.  As soon as he saw “Sal”  aka Rob in the group and acting the way he was acting, he said he was involved.  He even said, I bet he’s the brains behind it all.  At first I thought he was right but when he had the seizure, I thought we were over thinking it.  But I married a very smart man people, and he was right all along.  But even though he saw that he was involved, we still couldn’t see how or why.  Neither could Beckett and the boys.   There was a safe deposit box that had letters and pictures in it (who cares right?)    You had the owners of the boxes who were dead.  You had robbers who weren’t after any money at all and didn’t seem to have a stake in the robbery.  You had an assumed dead wife and son who weren’t dead after all.  It was bizarre to say the least.

In the end it was all clear (thanks to Castle, Beckett, and the boys) that the older couple were the in-laws of Rob.  The presumed dead wife and son were Rob’s and they faked their death because he was beating them.   She communicated with her parents through the safe deposit box because it was safer.   But Rob figured this all out, planned the robbery to get the location of his wife and son, and planned to find them and take Conner, his son, away from his wife.  They were able to track down Rob and stop him before he hurt his wife and took his son away.  Yeah!

I loved how Kate was handled in this episode.  Here is a very confident, strong, intelligent woman completely out of her element when the lead robber (Dr. Trapper John) wanted to communicate only with her.  By the way, I love how all the robbers were TV characters (Dr Huxtable, Dr Howser, and Dr Quinn..fabulous!)   But Kate has no training in hostage negotiation and the safety of these people comes down to her.  You could see it all over her face, how much this was weighing on her.  As usual, she did an excellent job of keeping her cool and managing the situation to the best of her ability.  Plus, she was able to bring her homicide, investigative intuition into the mix to really figure what was going on in that this wasn’t your typical bank robbery/hostage situation.  Her best moment came when she went toe to toe with Trapper John regarding the bus he wanted in exchange for Castle’s life.  She flat-out told him that the bus will be there in 15 minutes and if he shoots Castle, she will personally put a bullet in his head.   “That’s one why to negotiate” the Captain said.  Ha!   She was perfect.

The best moment though had to be when Kate finally gets into the bank (after an unexpected explosion) and she sees that all the hostages (but most importantly Castle) are all alive and ok.   She has a smile on her face that could light up the entire state of Alaska at winter time.  They couldn’t stop looking at one another and smiling, that is until Martha reminded her that there are other people who would like to be freed from their handcuffs as well.  Oh Martha, why did you interrupt such a beautiful moment!   It’s ok, I love her.

This leads into the gripe area of my post.   While I love these episodes and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these episodes, this is where Andrew Marlowe will start to put Castle and Beckett in the same situation as Booth and Brennan on Bones.  If you put two people who love each other but haven’t admitted it to one another yet (yes I know Castle did and Kate knows it but work with me here) in these life or death situations over and over again and they DON’T say anything, it starts to become ridiculous.   I worry that a few more episodes like this and that is the situation we will find ourselves in.  After what happened, how does Castle or Beckett not say something?   Life is short.   With their professions, they could get hurt or killed at any moment.  Granted most novelists aren’t in danger but due to Castle wanting to do research with the NYPD, he has put himself in a dangerous situation.  But how does Kate and Rick not mention anything to the other at all.   Plus, it is SOOOOOO obvious to everyone else, that it does border on the absurd.   That is my only fear about the show right now.  And at some point, to not anger fans or get them in the frustration range of Booth and Brennan, if you are going to continue with these life and death type episodes, something has to give.   I’m still ok with where this is going, but last night was the first time I started to get slightly frustrated.  I plead with Andrew Marlowe to keep the frustration to a minimum.  Other than that, fabulous episode!

What did you think Castle fans?   Are you starting to get frustrated or are you still ok with the Castle Beckett direction?   And what did you think of Cops and Robbers?  Sound off below!


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3 responses to “REVIEW: Castle “Cops and Robbers” S4 E7

  1. Debbie

    November 2, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    My son pointed out something interesting in this episode, during the scene where the Ithaca police arrest the suspect: we never see the face of the cop making the arrest. He’s in the shadows. Why? Seems like there was no reason we wouldn’t be able to see his face…does this foreshadow something? Maybe not, but it’s fun to think about.

  2. Fitch

    November 3, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Excellent review. Katic’s performance was truly one of unparalled brilliance. Absolutely fantastic. Her ability to communicate with facial expressions is better than any actor or actress I’ve ever seen including those who regularely get Emmy’s, etc. The near infinite variety of emotions carefully tuned to the exact moment is incredible. Well done Stana.

    I think you are right on about where the characters are and what caused me to stop watching Bones and not go back. I can’t see going past the end of this season with them in this same place. Mid next season, 24 more episodes of this? Doesn’t make sense. There is a whole new world of story telling to get into after they are officially “dating”.

    BTW: It was twenty minutes, not 15, when she told Trapper John she would put a bullet through his skull, but that’s a detail. I loved the line “I don’t look, I hunt. Trust me, you don’t want that.” The way she delivered it gave me goose bumps.

    There were some really fun moments between Ryan and “Espo” in this rather tense eipisdde.

  3. Aiswarya

    November 4, 2011 at 6:42 am

    No, I don’t think Castle is going to end up like Bones. And about ‘end up like Bones’, well, season 6 was kind of tepid..but the new episode just came out, Booth and Brennan are together and can I say, I loved it more than the whole of season 6 put together! So, I think it’s safe to say Bones is in an okay place now. Anyway, about Castle. The point of the episode, Caskett wise, was for Castle to see how much Beckett cared about him. Now he definitely has a hint as to how she feels about him. I’m thinking Castle was a little insecure as to how Beckett felt, but now he can be sure, more or less. When she looked at him during that rescuing bit, her expression pretty much conveyed everything. And Castle was looking like, “Is she really looking at me like that?” I think we can expect plenty of development on that particular front from now on; it was a bit stagnant till Cops and Robbers (even with the many Caskett moments and Beckett’s in-love smile, because Castle never saw any of those.)
    If B&B can work out so well, Caskett sure as HELL can! I have absolutely no reservations about the two getting together now.


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