RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “The Mentalists” S7 E7

05 Nov

This episode reminded me of one of the early episodes of Supernatural.  It was your basic “monster of the week” where Dean and Sam are using salt and iron and the burning of bones to ward of an evil spirit who is killing off psychics and mediums in the town of Lily Dale, which is know for being the biggest psychic community in the US.  I wonder if there really is such a town?  Not necessarily Lily Dale but the most psychic town in the US.  If someone knows, let me know.  Ultimately, the big reveal that came out this week (if you want to call it that) was that Dean and Sam actually talked about what’s been bugging Dean and why Sam reacted the way he did when he found out about Amy’s death.  I liked it and I didn’t.  Sometimes I think things can get resolved too easily on TV shows and this episode reminded me of one of those times.  However, when it comes to family and your BFFs, you tend to forgive a little easier that you would other people, so it was pretty realistic at the same time.   That’s why I liked it and didn’t at the same time.  I liked it more than I didn’t but I still had some issues with it.  But what I loved the most was how “back to basics” this episode was for Supernatural.  It reminded why I fell in love with this show in the first place…interesting cases, the dynamic brothers solving the crime and saving people while being charismatic and funny and kick ass.  It was awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, for 6+ seasons I have LOVED Supernatural.  Not so much last season but that’s already been discussed.  And as loyal reader Bruce always says and I agree with him, a “bad” episode of Supernatural is still better than a lot of the other crap that’s on TV.  But last night’s show was perfect in a lot of ways.  It was simple, it was interesting, and it had real heart when it came to Sam and Dean discussing their issues.  That formula ALWAYS works well for this show and I welcome it every week.

This week’s case took the boys to Lily Dale where psychics and mediums are being murdered after seeing the visions of their actual deaths.   Since last week ended with the boys going their separate ways (you knew that wasn’t going to last long) they both showed up in Lily Dale, separately.  Eventually they realize though, that it would make more sense for them to work the case together, so they do.  Turns out the killers were a pair of sisters..kind of.  Really only one of the sisters was doing the killings while the other sister was trying to warn people.  You see, there was one victim, whose friend Melanie is already working with Sam and Dean, who went to the boys to ask for help.  After looking at the video of the friend’s room where her “vision” happened, they see a ghost coming up behind her and placing her hands around her neck.  Naturally, Dean and Sam think this is the killer.  But not so fast.  When they find her bones and are about to burn them, she frantically shows up trying to tell them something but they don’t listen.  Her bones are burned and the friend is saved.  Or is she?   The boys leave town and the two girls plan a sleep over since they are both freaked out over what was happening.  Unfortunately, just when the clock strikes 2am (in her vision, that’s when she is killed) her vision starts to come to life and the other sister ghost shows up trying to kill her.  Melanie calls Sam and Dean to let them know what is going on and that’s when they realized they nuked the wrong sister and that the other ghost was there to warn them and the victims about her sister.  That’s why they were able to get the visions of their death before it happened.  She was trying to let them know what will happen to them.  So now they need to find the other sister’s bones.  Only one problem, the grave has the coffin in it, but the remains are gone.   Oops. After a little back tracking, Sam realizes that the pawnshop owner is the one with the bones and he is controlling whom the ghost kills.  Sam deals with him (by killing him) and takes the other sister’s bones and burns them.   Good thing too because her next victim was Melanie, and Melanie was about to join her grandmother in about 15 seconds if Sam didn’t burn those bones!  Dean and Melanie (who had a nice little chemistry going) said a sweet good-bye and then the boys were off on their next adventure.   But before that could happen…..they needed to have a little chat.

As we remember from last week, Sam walked off from Dean after he learned from a nasty little leviathan that Dean killed Amy.   Needless to say, Sam was pissed.  Understandably so.  What surprised me a little last week was how cavalier Dean was after Sam found out, especially since he had been carrying that guilt around about what happened.   Also, the way he reacted to Sam and defended himself about what happened also surprised me slightly since again, he seemed to feel so guilty about it.   It really reaffirms to me that what Dean was truly guilty about was her son witnessing her death and how Dean has now changed the course of that kid’s life in addition to beating himself up over what has happened to Castiel.

But Sam and Dean laid it out on the table this week and we got to the heart at what really bothered the other brother…ironically none of it really had anything to do with Amy’s death.  Sam was pissed that Dean lied to him…again…to protect him instead of telling him the truth.  And Dean was pissed that Sam was acting like “a little bitch.”   Dean explained his side, which was 100% correct, in that he killed Amy because she was dangerous.   Because of who she was, she had to go and because of Sam’s past with Amy, he couldn’t do it.  But if she were any other “monster” Sam would be 100% in Dean’s corner about eliminating her as a threat.  Sam conceded that point.  But Sam’s point to Dean is, stop keeping things from him and lying to him about it.  He’s a grown man and can deal with the truth, especially from his BFF.  Dean said he lied because of the fragile state Sam’s been in.   Now I have to admit, I don’t believe that.  You all know how much of a Dean person I am, but I don’t think that’s why he didn’t tell him and he used that as an excuse.  I just think it was a matter of Dean not wanting to tell Sam, because he knew he would be upset with him…that simple.  Sam asked him not to kill her, he did it anyway, so he didn’t want to tell Sam he went behind his back.  Maybe there was a small part of him that didn’t want to because of Sam’s fragile mental state, but it wasn’t the driving reason the way he made it out to be.  He’s still trying to justify his decision to Sam, which quite frankly, he already did in explaining why Amy had to die.   Ultimately it was a nice moment for the boys.  In the past, these things had a tendency to linger on and on but I like how the show nipped this in the bud quickly and in a way that made sense.  While I like the growth moment they had where they were able to talk about what was wrong and resolve it, when are they going to learn to stop keeping things from one another?   They both hate it when the other does it (and they both do it) and both have said they don’t need protection from the other.  SO STOP DOING IT!!!!   Yikes!  Dean even admitted that really that’s why he’s been walking around so guilty…because he was lying to Sam.  That’s what bothered him so much.  Well here’s a solution…don’t do it anymore!  Men.  I’m just glad all seems to be forgiven and they are back to working together to fight another day!

So what did you think of last night’s episode?  I thought it was great and I’m dying to know what’s happening with the “wedding”episode next week and who Mrs. Sam Winchester could possibly be.


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2 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “The Mentalists” S7 E7

  1. sportsattitudes

    November 6, 2011 at 10:44 am

    I was wondering the same thing…is Lily Dale real? After an Internet Search, it appears to not only be real but be REALLY like the episode portrayed it. I correctly predicted them splitting up but did not expect it to be resolved halfway through one episode. I’m not sure in “the real world” one brother gets over another one killing his childhood friend AND then not telling him right away…at least gets over it in a few days. Anyway…I thought Melanie was headed towards “recurring character” status the way she hit it off with Dean but that looks like a one-and-done. It was a good, stand-alone episode. I would have preferred at least a “hint” of the Leviathan storyline continuing along but that happens on this series sometimes. They produce a truly “stand-alone” ep where no reference is made to the REALLY BIG storyline of the season. I suspect next week we’ll get back to that, if only at the end of the show. Yes, the “wedding” promo is very curious. Looking forward to next week.

  2. Jim

    November 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    How is it that no-one notices the ‘death omen’ from ‘the usual suspects’ being used and ignored in ‘the mentalists’. Are the writers just rehashing old Supernatural for season seven? A lot of similarities are showing up. The new monsters are a little boring and please could someone kill off the angels and demons thing, that is really dead and overly boring. Please, a little imagination folks.


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