RECAP & REVIEW: Revenge “Treachery” S1 E9

17 Nov

It’s official. “Amanda” is going to be a real Thorne in “Emily’s” side. Like that play on words? What I’m trying to figure out is if “Amanda” is a bit of a stalker or is she playing “Emily” the way “Emily” thinks she’s playing her? I’m not sure. Or did she simply change her tune when she saw “Emily’s” lifestyle? That is what is so great about this show. There are so many moving parts and with each passing episode, it gets more and more exciting. There are two shows on TV that I can’t wait for the next episode each week….Homeland and Revenge. With each element that the show introduces, whether it be a new character like real Emily/fake Amanda or a twist in the storyline with Lydia being alive and trying to regain her memory, Revenge always sets itself apart because the storytelling is so compelling.

Here are some key/random takeaways from the episode:

1. Daniel noticed Emily sneaking back into bed
– so what does that mean if anything? Are his suspicions now heightened? Were they before? Or is Daniel starting to feel untrusting of the people closest to him? I don’t think there’s anything sinister regarding his seeing Emily come back into bed (although his look certainly would suggest otherwise). I honestly think that was a typical end of episode eye brow raiser. However I wouldn’t be surprised to see him question her about it.

2. Amanda/Emily outside watching Emily/Amanda hugging Daniel.
– is Amanda a stalker or could she be playing Emily right back? I think she’s has a really strong connection with Emily and isn’t ready to leave yet especially after seeing Emily’s new lifestyle. This is going to turn into a big problem for her, I have a feeling. But what will she do about it? You know now thing I would like to see is how the real Emily Thorne warmed up to the real Amanda Clarke. We know why real Amanda did it (after seeing her conversation with the warden) but how did she turn real Emily from sworn enemy to BFF?

3. Lydia’s memory is still gone and she is off Emily’s back…for now.
– so Lydia is awake and now living with the Grayson’s so they can keep an eye on her. But she doesn’t have her short term memory. However when she sees Emily she doesn’t have warm feelings towards her and in fact brings up the photo again to Victoria. Luckily, Nolan had it photoshopped and Emily is now out of the picture when Victoria and Lydia look at it. But the big news is that Lydia overheard Conrad and Victoria fighting and heard them say how they sent Frank over to her house. Of course she is freaked out and rightfully so. I can’t feel too bad for here since she was bumping uglies with her best friend’s husband.

4. Ashley now hates Emily?
– when did that happen? I thought they were friends and after one walk of shame and conversation with Tyler, she doesn’t like Emily anymore and is with Tyler to bring her and Daniel down? Does that make any sense to anyone else because it makes none to me! And I would still like to know Tyler’s ultimate end game. Is to destroy Daniel? The Grayson family? Conrad’s company? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

This show is fabulous and if aren’t watching it….what is wrong with you! Watch it now! Of course after your done reading my post! Let me know what you think of Revenge!

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One response to “RECAP & REVIEW: Revenge “Treachery” S1 E9

  1. Anonymous

    December 3, 2011 at 3:29 am

    Enjoyed your review of this fascinating show. Ashley’s sudden cooling towards Emily does seem odd unless you consider Tyler’s intense dislike of Emily and his influence over Ashley. What a great cast of devious characters. Absolutely love it.


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