QUICK REVIEW: Castle..Kate’s Psyche and Her Future

26 Nov

I love that we are getting deeper into Kate’s psyche this year.  Castle has always had Martha and Alexis (more so Martha) to come home to and let out his inner most thoughts.  We could really get to see what was making Castle tick.   But not so much with Beckett.  There was always logical assumptions you could make based on things you’ve seen but we never heard it straight from her because she doesn’t have a sounding board.  It was kind of the reason I wished the show would have brought her father into the picture more or develop the friendship with Laney more, so that Kate could have someone to go to and let everything out.  At least with the therapy session, you get that to some degree.

So what are we learning in Kate’s therapy sessions?   For starters at the beginning of the season, she confirmed what everyone already knew, that she was very aware of what happened on the day she was shot and that Castle confessed his love to her.  We’ve learned she is coming to terms with her own feelings for Castle. But probably the biggest thing that has come out is what happened last week, after that tremendous episode, and that is that she realizes she wants her life to be different and she wants to be different from the way she is now and she’s ready to do something about it.

Before, Kate had always defined herself through choices she made that everything to do with solving her mother’s murder.  Because in her mind, if she doesn’t solve this, she will be disappointing her mother and letting her down.  So she shut everything and everyone else out in her life to focus on this and her career.  Well what’s changed?   Rick Castle.  This is the ultimate admission to herself of her feelings for this man.  For 30 some years, she has lived her life one way.  Now, with meeting Castle, falling in love with him,  and this case almost literally killing her, she is ready to make a change.   THAT’S HUGE!   It’s a major milestone for Kate.  She is ready to let go of the anger, of the hurt, of the pain, of the intensity, and allow herself to let someone into her life that she loves and that she can share her life with.  It’s incredible.  Because before, this wasn’t happening until she solved the case.  But now, I think she realizes, what the hell is she waiting for?  How much longer is she willing to put her life on hold for the sake of this case?    The one thing I’m surprised the therapist hasn’t said to her yet is that there is no way that this is the way your mother would want you to be living your life.  While I’m sure she would appreciate and be so proud of everything Kate has done, she would want her daughter to have a life outside of work and to share it with someone deserving of her.  But it looks as though Kate came to that realization on her own without her doctor needing to go there.  The real question now becomes, what does she do with this new revelation?  Does she still keep it to herself until she has a few more sessions?  Does she tell Castle?   Does she take some small steps to make subtle changes in her life?   I’m not sure in which direction she’ll head first, but I am so excited to see this journey for her.

But you know what’s hanging out there ready to put a whole big pile of stink in middle of all this bliss?  The fact that Castle is looking into this on his own and making deals behind her back to keep her safe!   My big fear is that Kate will have this new-found relief of guilt and pressure from her mother’s case and she will be working in therapy to let this all go.  And just when she’s at that point, Castle will reveal (or worse she’ll find out on her own) something that could lead to a resolution and she’ll get sucked right back in while at the same time go completely ballistic that he did this behind her back.   That’s my big fear.   Because that could drive a wedge so far between them, it could do damage for a while.  So I hope the writers are VERY careful with this storyline.  But I can’t wait to see where it goes!

I also have to quickly mention that I was ready to hug and kiss Esposito last week.   Everyone knows how much I love Ryan and Esposito and that I think they are the unsung awesomeness of the show.   But Jon Huertas was off the chart fabulous.  We’ve now seen multiple episodes where you see Beckett’s relationship with Ryan and Beckett’s relationship with Esposito separate from her relationship with both them.   Those three are so tight and I believe they would run through fire for each other.  Aside from Beckett and Castle and Ryan and Esposito, Beckett’s relationships with each of them and both of them are my next favorite because they have been developed so well.  I couldn’t stop tearing up watching that scene when he showed her the rifle that shot her.  You could see how painful that was for her and he was so respectful and gentle but so determined and strong at the same time.  What an amazing scene.  And hats off Jon…you rocked it!!!!

So what do you think about Kate and where is character is heading after the big therapy session?


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