RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Parenting Made Easy” S3 E10

05 Dec

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is my favorite holiday (tied with Thanksgiving) but the holiday is not the reason for my song choice to start the blog.  And you know me, you know why I posted that it is the most wonderful time of the year….because Alicia and Will broke up!!!!!   In my opinion, this was just a matter of time.  When Alicia told Owen that she didn’t love Will and that realization hit her like a ton of bricks, it was only a matter of when not if they would split up.  Add on the conversation  Diane had with Will last week and it was definitely happening.  So I am really celebrating today!!!

This episode was a bit of a flashback to “The Marthas and The Caitlin’s” episode because the case (which was actually an arbitration)  pitted the girl Alicia wanted to hire at Lockhart/Gardner, Martha Reed (played by Grace Rex) vs. the girl Alicia did hire, Caitlin D’Arcy (played by Anna Camp.)  And while Alicia (and myself) could sympathize with Martha with how the situation went down, Martha didn’t want to let it go and both Alicia and myself got annoyed by her and wanted Caitlin to crush her in the arbitration.  At first, Martha was the stronger of the two with Caitlin struggling.  Eventually though, Caitlin started to gain confidence and really put Martha in her place and majorly impressed Alicia.  Martha struggled to the point, she needed to call in her boss for help….Louis Canning!!!!  God I love that character and wish I could see him more often!   So not only has this case become Martha vs. Caitlin, it’s now Alicia vs. Louis which is always so entertaining.  Throw in the always incredible John Michael Higgins as the arbitrator (and I learned it’s not pronounced arbiter but arbitrator) and Dexter’s own Debra Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter, as the woman who was suing her University for wrongful termination, and it’s a hell of a case!!  I have to say, it was nice to see Jennifer Carpenter playing a mild-mannered, very religious professor.  What a far cry from Deb Morgan, foul mouth Miami Metro Police Lieutenant!

While it looked like Team Lockhart/Gardner was going to pull out the victory, Team Canning pulled a very devious move and plucked information out of Alicia’s briefcase that helped exonerate their client.  I really don’t like that the writers went down that road.  The thing I always liked about Louis Canning is that he is very smart and always several steps ahead of everyone else in the courtroom.  It really forces Alicia to more on toes that normal.  Stealing information out of someone’s briefcase just seems beneath him.  It’s the kind of thing a less competent or dirty lawyer would do.  I’ve never found Canning to be dirty just crafty.  This was dirty, especially considering the situation Alicia was in.

If you saw the previews for last night’s episode, you knew that there was going to be a situation with Grace.  She goes missing.   The thing is, she really isn’t missing, she’s just off the reservation for a bit.  Unfortunately, somethings happen that cause Alicia to jump to conclusions.  First, she has a terrible dream that something happens to Grace.  Second, she sees around 13 missed calls from Grace on her cell phone and then can’t get a hold of her.  Third, Grace didn’t leave a message on the fridge saying where she would be (which she always does.)  Fourth, her friend from school tells Alicia that Grace got into the car with a strange man that she had never seen before.  While some people may think Alicia overreacted, I can see how her heart would go in her throat and she would think the worst.  She happens to be at lunch with Canning while all this is going on, and he was a good friend to her and helped her get to where she needed to be and was there to support her.  That is until he stole the email correspondence from her briefcase.  But if you ask him, at least he waited until her knew her daughter was safe.  Ugh.  How awful.  I don’t want the writers to write him to the point where I don’t like him, and I really didn’t like him last night after that.  So here is my shout out to the writing team at TGW….DON’T WRITE CANNING AS AN ASSHOLE WHO I DON’T LIKE!!  Thanks for listening.

Meanwhile, Alicia called Peter about her concerns and he jumped right into it and did everything he could to help find Grace.  In addition, Zack was at Alicia’s office fixing her computer when Kalinda overheard his conversation with Alicia about Grace being missing.  Kalinda also jumps in to help but unbeknownst to Alicia and Peter.  As soon as she took off to track Grace, my husband and I looked at one another and said…”Kalinda will be the one to find Grace.”  And she did.  Turns out Grace went with the kid we have seen on her computer that talks about Jesus, the bible, and other religious proclamations.  He was baptizing her.  Which I find completely bizarre and creepy.  Grace surrounds herself with the strangest people and week to week I have absolutely no idea what to make of her character.  Regardless, Kalinda brings her back to Alicia’s and leaves before Alicia and Peter have the chance to see her.  Grace walks in and immediately her mom hugs her and Peter emerges from the kitchen and a big group hug ensues.  And guess who is watching this whole thing….Will.  He showed up at Alicia’s for whatever reason and saw the big Florrick family bonding moment.  Awesome.  I have to say, it was nice to see Peter and Alicia so close again!

The next day, Alicia goes to Will’s office and tearfully tells him that she can’t do this right now.  It’s too much for her.  She also tells him that she is really going to miss him and then she walks out.  I was doing cartwheels in my house!!!!  Not really, but it gives you an idea of my excitement level!  Diane witnesses this because they have glass doors so everyone can see everything, and goes to see Will to tell him that he did the right thing and that she will get over it.  He agrees with Diane by saying yes she will.  However, I’m not so sure if Will will be getting over it anytime soon.

Another stellar episode of the Good Wife.  What did you guys think?  Are you happy or sad that Alicia and Will are no more?   And what did you think of Canning’s actions?  Sound off below!

Final Points From the Episode:

  • Does anyone else think that Diane and Eli are going to hook up?   They have been spending more time together lately and they could both use a little lovin’ so I’m wondering if the show is going to go there.
  • Peter and Alicia’s tender hug when he came to check on her was so sweet and it really made me miss them as a couple.
  • I LOVE the fact that Cary and Wendy hired Andrew Wiley (played by fabulous Tim Guinee) to investigate Will.  Wiley is a great character and he’s another one that I really enjoying seeing when he’s on-screen.
  • I hate Dana more and more with every passing episode because I really don’t understand what her point of being on the show is and I want her gone.
  • I have a feeling that Alicia will eventually find out that Kalinda was the one to find Grace and bring her home.   They have to start softening that tension somehow!

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