SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Homeland “Marine One” S1 E12

23 Dec

Ok so it took me a little longer to get to this than I would have liked.  So what did I think of the season finale?  It was overall a good, solid finale.  There were some answers I would have liked to have had, but moving into Season Two, I think those answers will come out and it’s always good to have some questions moving into the next season.  Personally, with shows like this, I like it tied up in a neat little bow at the end of the season with new questions arising.  But it certainly didn’t detract from how good this episode or the season as a whole was.

Were My Three Main Questions Answered

Yes and no.  Two out of the three were answered…were Brody and Walker working together and will Brody go through with it.   Let’s take the first one.  Brody and Walker were working together….Brody just didn’t know it.  As we saw in the finale, Walker was the sharp shooter set up to distract everyone and break down security so that Brody could get inside with the vest and through security without an issue (the metal detectors were all going off because of all the secret service going through them with their weapons.  Therefore Brody was undetected.)  So it looks like Walker was also turned and working for Nazir but without Brody’s knowledge.  More on this in a minute.   As for the second question of whether Brody would do it or not, it was a yes and no answer…which I liked.  He tried to go through with it, but the vest malfunctioned.  He went to go through with it a second time (after fixing the vest) but then his daughter called and made him promise to come home.  He makes the promise and doesn’t go through with it.  It’s a moment like this that you REALLY have to suspend your disbelief.  There is NO WAY after a shooting involving the Vice President that secret service would allow Brody to take a phone call.  I’m sorry, there is just no way.  It’s too much of a security risk.   But hey, they had to stop him somehow right?  I loved Damien Lewis in this scene.  I’ve loved him all season but the breadth of his emotions was so incredible to watch in this scene.  You see his pale, sweaty, panicked face.  You can tell he doesn’t want to go through with this but he has no choice.   He HAS to and not for Nazir, but for his love of country.   The finale opened with the video he made explaining why he did what he is about to do.  You learn that, in Brody’s mind, he is not turned and he is not a terrorist.  He loves his country and will do anything for it.  As a result, he exposes the what happened behind the drone attacked and who suffered as a result.  So he wants to rid the United States of these corrupt, disgusting politicians because he feels we are better than that.  It’s fascinating!!!!  Now it makes sense why he is doing this.   It also shows you how diabolical terrorist leaders can be.  Nazir knows how good a person Brody is and how loyal he is to his country.   He is able to spin his goodness and loyalty in such a way that he gets Brody to do his bidding in the US.  Words can’t even begin to describe how scary that is.

After the mass murder plot doesn’t happen, he meets up with Walker in what looks like an underground sewage area to discuss what happened.   Brody is still stunned to see his former partner alive and is confused by what has transpired.  He had no idea Walker was in on this but it appears Walker knew the entire plan. When he questions Brody about what happened, Brody tells him that there may be another way.  Unbeknownst to him, Walker his him on speaker phone (there is a cell phone attached to his shoulder) and Nazir is on the other end of the phone listening to every word.  Brody reveals to Nazir that since the VP is in Brody’s corner and wants him to run for congress, he can get at him from the inside, which is much more powerful.  Nazir likes the idea and tells him to move forward with it.   However, there is one big obstacle in their way who knows too much.  Brody give the phone back to Walker and promptly shoots him in the head.  Walker’s really dead now.

I know it’s not huge on the list of questions to be answered, but I want to understand what happened to Walker.  How is he still alive?  Where did he go all that time?   What happened to him?   What made him want to turn?  I read a column by a TV critic who said what this show is about perfectly…it’s 100% a show about the characters and about how what is happening affects them and their relationships.  This is not a who done it show or a show driven by the plot.  Yes the plot is intriguing and captivating, but it doesn’t drive the show…the characters do.   I couldn’t agree with him more.   And as a result, I wanted to learn more about Walker and what happened to him.  So I am disappointed that it seems we won’t get any resolution to that.

I know a lot of people were unhappy that it seemed the show took the easy way out in letting Brody live and having his daughter’s phone call “save him.”  Well I already told you what I felt about the phone call.  But I don’t think the show took the easy way out.  As we have all agreed, since this show is about driving the characters, isn’t a much more interesting storyline watching Brody become a congressman and see how he plans to take down the VP or anyone else involved in the drone attack, from the inside?  To see how it would pull at him and how it would affect his relationship with his family?  I do!  Now I think you can only take this story so far with these characters before you do have to do something drastic and move on, but we aren’t there yet.  There is still a lot of story to tell and therefore, I think it makes sense that Brody lived.   You can tell Brody, while really believing in what he is doing, is very torn about how his decisions will affect his family.  He doesn’t want to hurt them for anything in the world.  Yet this drive to do what his right for his country is strong (even if it is twisted) that he can’t ignore it.  He can’t turn it off no matter how much he may want to.   Add in the Carrie element and there is still SO much more to tell.  And I can’t wait.  Speaking Carrie…..

Thoughts on Carrie and Where Her Character Goes From Here

I think Claire Danes sowed up her Golden Globe win and Emmy nomination (and possible win) with these last two episodes.  What happened with her is incredible.  Here is this “disgraced” former CIA operative, who has no idea that everything her instincts and experience were telling her were 100% right, finally coming to the realization that she is mentally unstable and that she needs help.  She is even going to the extreme of doing shock therapy to treat her mental instability.  And how about that last scene where right before she goes under, she remembers that Brody knew Issa and that there was a connection.  Hopefully she is able to remember that or her sister heard her.

But looking at next season, where does Carrie go from here?  Let’s assume she comes out of shock therapy in tact.  She is on medication regularly to control her bi-polar disorder.   And she is taking better care of herself physically and mentally.  It all doesn’t matter if she is out at Langley for good.  Let me rephrase that.  It does matter for her own sanity and well-being (which is the most important thing.)   But from a professional standpoint, it doesn’t matter.  If she doesn’t get back into the CIA, what does she do?  Does she go rogue?   Does she open her own spy agency (she should team with Chuck and Sarah at Carmichael Industries!!!!)  What does Carrie do?   Without all her resources, how does she stop Brody?

Carrie is another amazing character.  She is exactly like Brody in that there is NOTHING she wouldn’t do for her country.  It drives her every decision.  To hell with everyone and everything else because protecting her country is second to nothing and no one.   She cannot let 9/11 happen again and she will die stopping it if she has to.  Well, in Brody’s mind, isn’t he doing the same thing?  Isn’t he making decisions to better the country?   I love how these world parallel each other in so many ways but yet are so markedly different at the same time.  It’s probably why they are so drawn to each other.  And while I love Moreana Baccarin, Jess and Brody’s chemistry can’t even touch Brody and Carrie’s with a 20 foot pole.

Ultimately, I’d like to see Carrie back at the CIA in some capacity so she can do what she does best…stopping killers.

What Didn’t I Like…A.K.A. What Question of Mine Wasn’t Answered

Who is the mole?  All season long, I said it was Saul.  Then it was looking like David but it’s not David.  I don’t think it will be Saul because I don’t think the writers would do that to Carrie’s mental state.  Can you imagine what THAT would do to her?  But until I am proven wrong, or find other clues, I have to stick with Saul because there are so many signs pointing toward it.  I just hope it’s not someone like Galvez because that would be really lame.

With so many references to the mole, I really thought he/she would be exposed in the finale.   But they weren’t.  See, I would rather, as the audience, know who the mole is, but the characters on the show have no idea.  It’s still great story telling because we can try to find out why they are the mole and why they are working for who they are working for.  How did it come about?   Were they already part of the CIA when turned or was that person a plant?  What is that person’s end game?  I would have LOVED that going into next season.   But no, I was denied.   So that was my only disappointment.

The only other slight twinge I had with the finale is that I thought it moved slowly at times.  The other 11 episodes had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  This episode did as well but I also thought there were many filler moments.  So maybe Homeland didn’t need 90 minutes for the finale.  Maybe they only needed 75.  Again, not a huge issue, but enough that I had to bitch about it!

So what did you think of the Homeland season finale and where do you think everything goes from here?  Sound off below!


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