NEW PODCAST: Episode 23 Covers Mid Season Preview

29 Dec

It’s almost impossible to believe but yes, I did podcast two days in a row!  It up now at  So click the link and check it out or download it from iTunes!

Episode 23 talks about the follow shows for Mid Season:

  1. Smash
  2. Alcatraz
  3. The Firm
  4. House of Lies
  5. Luck
  6. Touch
  7. The Finder
  8. Bent
  9. Good Christian Belles/Bitches/GCB
  10. The River
  11. Are You There, Chelsea
  12. Work It
  13. Missing
  14. Awake
  15. Veep
  16. Scandal
  17. NYC 22
  18. Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23
  19. Rob
  20. Jane by Design
  21. Napoleon Dynamite
  22. Remodeled
  23. Girls

Not every show is in great detail because I’m not hugely familiar with every show.  But the ones I was more familiar with, I talked about in more detail.

I want to hear from you as to what you are looking forward to watching.  Or if maybe it’s too much new TV and you are only going with a handful of new shows.  Quite frankly, that may be what I do.  It gets to the point where there is just too much TV and not enough time (or DVR space) to watch it all.  But I will certainly try my hardest!

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