RECAP & REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Suddenly” S8 E10

06 Jan

I finally caught up with Grey’s.  I literally watched 6 episodes last night including last night’s “Suddenly” episode.  Yes there are lots of things that happened but I don’t have 5,000 words to recap 6 episodes so I only want to focus on two storylines…Meredith and Teddy & Henry.

Teddy and Henry

What would you have done and what is the right thing to do?  That’s really the question hanging over both episodes of “Suddenly” and the previous “Dark Was The Night.”  Let’s set this up.  Henry was rushed to the hospital after puking up blood.  It wasn’t looking good but everyone felt, he would be ok.  Teddy was called away to a brutal surgery of a woman whose heart was literally tearing to shreds because of a mistake made by Jackson and by extension Callie.  Teddy was the only one who could save this woman’s life.  Henry had to go into surgery and Teddy insisted that Cristina be the one to do.  To not freak her out, Owen, Bailey, and Chief Webber (sorry, but he will always be the chief to me) decide they aren’t going to tell Cristina who the patient is so it wouldn’t frazzle her.  Cristina performs the procedure but a complication erupts and she realizes that the damage was already done and this man has no change to survive.  The chief is frantically trying to save him while Lexie starts to cry (she also knows it’s Henry.)  Cristina can’t understand why the chief is doing this considering the situation.  She calls time of death and Owen and Bailey run in to see what was going on.  Everyone is devastated and Cristina is completely clueless as to why everyone is reacting this way.  Owen pulls her aside and finally tells her who the patient was.   Understandably, Cristina loses it and freaks out on Owen.

Cut to Teddy’s surgery.  The surgery is very complicated and is taking a long time.  Teddy needs to focus and stay with patient or she will die.  Owen decides not to tell her about Henry because it could compromise the life of the patient on the table.  April is sent in to make sure Teddy doesn’t check on the status of Henry and April is told what happened.  So April has to stand next to Teddy and pretend like she doesn’t know.  After a while, once Teddy knows Cristina is done with Henry’s surgery, she requests her in for the final part of the surgery (the trickiest) and she only wants Cristina.  So Owen tells Cristina that she has to go in and finish Teddy’s surgery with her.  Cristina wants no part of this once she realizes that Teddy hasn’t been told.  But she has to go in and she pulls it together just enough to get through the surgery with Teddy.  It is excruciating to watch Cristina being forced to work with Teddy knowing what she knows and Teddy not having a clue.  In the end, the surgery is a success and as soon as they are finished, Cristina pulls Teddy aside privately, and gives her the news that Henry didn’t survive the surgery.

I revert back to my original question…what would you have done and what is the right thing to do?   Did Owen make the right call by not telling Teddy?  Did Owen handle the situation properly with April and Cristina?  Did Owen make the best decision he could with an impossible situation?   In my opinion, yes and no.   I think Owen made the right call by not telling Teddy right away.  I don’t know how long it was between the time Henry died and the completion of her surgery.  But I thought Owen 100% right when he said that he can’t risk the life of a patient who still has a fighting chance.  Her best chance of survival is a focused Teddy.   So telling Teddy this news in the middle of a life or death surgery would have been wrong and it could have risked the life of the patient, which is always their number one concern.  Not to mention, it would have compounded an already difficult situation with the family of the woman in surgery.   Basically, the woman was in to repair her back due to scoliosis, and Jackson took the lead while Callie observed.  Jackson used the wrong screw and her vertebrae couldn’t hold it and that’s what was destroying her heart.  This woman almost died because Jackson made a mistake and Callie wasn’t paying attention.  If you added to the fact that you informed her heart surgeon that her husband just died during the surgery???  LAWSUIT!!!!   Of course that’s second to the woman’s life but it’s still a factor.

Where I thought Owen was wrong, was putting people in the position of having to lie to Teddy.  If anything, he should have been in there with her, not April.  It wasn’t fair to put April in that position.  But I also understand why he would want someone in there who knew the situation and could distract Teddy and keep her focused on the case.   But it should have been Owen, not April.

I’m torn on how I feel about Cristina.  On one hand, I think he was wrong for sending her in.  Cristina and Teddy can’t be the ONLY cardio-thorastic surgeons who could handle this.  Now, Teddy is the best and you need the best to lead this difficult case.   But there have to be several, competent, excellent surgeons that could have assisted her…it didn’t have to be Cristina.  Who was assisting Teddy when Cristina was off being a bartender for several months?   There had to be someone else.   Owen should have found a reason that Cristina couldn’t assist and find someone else.   On the other hand, it comes down to what is best for the patient.  If Cristina and Teddy as a team gives this patient the best chance for survival, then Cristina needed to be in that room.  The same logic applies here that applies to why you don’t tell Teddy…it’s in the patient’s best interest and gives them the best chance for survival.    If I had to pick one, I would say he was wrong for sending Cristina in.  With Teddy already in the room, someone else could have assisted and give the patient a chance to live.  If Teddy wasn’t the best and was just good, but Cristina was the best and they needed her, then Cristina HAS to go in.  But that wasn’t the case here.

Overall though, I think Owen made the best decisions he could considering the situation.  It was awful.  It was unimaginable.  And he had to make those decisions quickly.  So he did the best he could.  Could he have done better?   Sure.   Did he make some decisions I support….yes.  Did he make some decisions I don’t agree with…yes.  But hind sight is 20-20 and with no pressure or timelines.   The thing that bothered me the most was when he went to see Cristina after she told Teddy and all he seemed to be concerned about was the fact that he wasn’t the one to tell her and that she was going to be mad at him.  ARE YOU FOR REAL?   Shouldn’t your first concern be how Teddy is holding up?   Shouldn’t your next concern be your wife and how she is doing considering what you put her through that night?  And I’m glad Cristina called him on it and reminded him that this wasn’t about him.   But I wanted to smack him for being so selfish and juvenile.


I don’t have a ton of things to say but I wanted to touch on one storyline.  Meredith has had a lot going on…dealing with Bailey still hating her and not trusting her, the stress of waiting to find out what was going to happen with Zola, staying away from Derek at work while still being interested in neuro, and then of course, the car accident.  Eventually Bailey and Meredith work it out and Zola is returned to Derek and Meredith even after they thought it was a lost cause.  I was very happy to see Zola back with Derek and Meredith!!!!

I couldn’t talk about last night’s episode without discussing that car accident.  It was the dumbest thing I had ever seen.  The ambulance driver tells Alex and Meredith that if they don’t get out of the car, it will basically explode if it gets hit because of all the oxygen tanks inside.   Well guess what, they got hit and they didn’t explode.  Not only did they not explode, but the injuries to them were minor.   Unless this get revisited down the road due to post accident related issues, nothing happened to Alex and Meredith.  However, the car that hit them threw everyone from the car but one girl and 3 out 6 people died, one passenger almost lost her eye, and the boy almost had his legs crushed.  It was that bad but Alex and Meredith have bumps on the head and the baby who was near death and you had to be so careful with, had no effects from the accident.  Really?  I’m not wishing something bad to happen to Meredith, Alex, or the baby, but a little realism would be nice and there was none of that here.

So what did you think of last night’s episode?  Are you sad that Henry is dead?   What did you think of the way the situation with Teddy and Cristina was handled.  Let me know!

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