REVIEW: The Good Wife “Bitcoin for Dummies” S3 E13

16 Jan

Even when The Good Wife has a marginal episode, it’s still 5000 times better than a lot of the shows on TV.  Last night’s episode showed how creating a new currency or protecting someone who has, will get the US Treasury Department breathing down your neck.  Honestly, this is how NOT creative I am…I wouldn’t even know where to begin to create a new currency that people could actually use.  Incredible.  But I thought the show did a solid job of keeping you guessing as to who was Mr or Ms Bitcoin until the very end.  Hell, there may be some people who are still guessing.  But while the case was interesting, it wasn’t the edge of your seat story telling we have come to expect from TGW.

What I really want to get into is Will’s case.  One of the things TGW has always been amazing at doing, is creating fantastic secondary characters and finding the perfect actor/actress to bring that character to life.  And there is no better example (at least not this week) than Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth Tascioni.  What makes this character work is that she is phenomenal at her job.  Yes she’s quirky.  Yes she can be unprofessional.  And yes you start to wonder how someone this flighty got through law school.  The question is, is this really who she is or is it all a rouse to throw people off.  I think it’s both.  I think Elsbeth is who she is but she’s very self-aware and uses that to her advantage.   I think people either underestimate her or are completely thrown off their game by her mannerisms.  And that’s her goal…and it usually works.

This week, Wendy, Cary, and Dana (really what is the point of Dana) go to meet with Elsbeth and Will.  They think they have the upper hand but before they know it, they are giving up the names of the three judges they are looking into (significantly narrowing down who Elsbeth and Will have to look into) yet Will gives them nothing in return.  It’s brilliant.  Wendy is pissed because she just got played and wants Dana to go play hardball with Kalinda.

I have to admit, these scenes with Dana and Kalinda have me confused.  I don’t know what Dana’s endgame is.  Is she trying to help the SA office or is she trying to help Kalinda because she has the hots for her, even if she won’t admit it?  Kalinda, I still believe, is playing with her.  Kalinda is the best at saying a lot and saying nothing at the same time.  You have no idea what she is really thinking and feeling because she has the same poker face at all times.  It’s one of the things that makes her character so fascinating.

Somehow, the SA office/Dana, got their hands on the document Alicia was questioning last week.   Dana shows it to Kalinda and asks her to turn evidence on Will to save Alicia.  They don’t want Alicia, they want Will.  In the end, Kalinda hands Dana the file she and Will were reviewing earlier that has the documents regarding the case he was most nervous about looking like bribery, even though it wasn’t.  Now I have to believe, she handed her some incriminating information but not everything.  I can’t believe Kalinda would turn on Will.  They seem to be pretty tight so I don’t see her giving Dana anything, even if it is to save Alicia.

And what do we think about Will’s situation?   Well you know my feelings on him.  He has always seemed ruthless and willing to bend the limits of the law to see how far he can bend them before they break.   Will always seemed to be a take no prisoners type of lawyer.  But something tells me he’s not guilty here.  Notice I didn’t say innocent, but not guilty.  I think the big reason I support Will here (try not to crash your cars after that statement.  Come to think of it, don’t drive and read this at the same time…wait till you get home…it’s safer) is because Diane has his back.  I loved her line this week when she told Kalinda “let me know when it gets bad.” “So you’ll know when to bail?”  Kalinda asks.  “No.  So I’ll know when to help” Diane replies very matter-of-factly.

Diane and Will have always had a strong partnership, which is evident considering what they have been through and they’re still together.  But their friendship is even stronger.  They are always there for one another and have each other’s back no matter what.  I really believe that if Will was truly guilty of something that could hurt Diane or the firm, he would let her know or remove himself from the firm.  I don’t think he would take Diane down with him.  The one thing I do believe about Will’s personality (regardless of all the bad things I think about him) is that I believe he would do anything for the people he vehemently trusts.  Diane is one of those people.  So I think Will is in the clear here.   Whether or not that matters, is a whole other story, but I like where it is going….sort of.

Did you see the previews for next week?  Actually the show returns in two weeks, but still.  Alicia is on the witness stand and Wendy asks if she’s ever had sexual relations with Will Gardner.  Uh oh.  This is going to get U-G-L-Y ugly!    How did Wendy find out about that or is she going off a hunch?   Is Peter in the courtroom when she asks the question?  Is Will?  Diane?  Is that when Alicia walks out?  I am chomping at the bit for two weeks from now!!!!   And why do we have to wait so long?  Didn’t we just come off of a long hiatus?   Sheesh.

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