RECAP & REVIEW: Revenge “Commitment” S1 E13

18 Jan

This has become one of my favorite shows on TV.  I know I haven’t written much about Revenge.  It’s just been a timing issue.  I’ve always been away or had work commitments that have kept me from talking about it in a timely manner and it kills me because there is so much to discuss!

Let’s start with last week’s bomb shell that exploded tonight…Charlotte isn’t Conrad’s daughter.  She’s David Clarke’s!!!  Emily has a half-sister.  I have to say, I never saw that coming.  That’s one thing I really enjoy about this show…it continues to surprise me because there have been many twists that I didn’t see at all.

I really thought this new development was going to simmer for a while and Emily would use it to her advantage at some point.  I didn’t think that point would be the very next episode!  But it was.  Conrad gets the tape of David confessing and plays it for Victoria and her lawyer.  Afterwards, he basically tells her that she is no longer dictating the rules of this settlement…he is…and he is going to leave her with nothing.  Man these Hamptonites sure are bitter when divorcing!    As a result, Victoria realizes she has to start telling Daniel and Charlotte.  She never gets around to Charlotte but she has an interesting way of telling Daniel.   She leads him to believe that David Clarke raped her and that’s how she was impregnated.  Victoria Grayson is on my official hate list forever.   That is something you NEVER lie about.  EVER.   She is disgusting.

You know what else was disgusting?  The fact that Conrad kicked Charlotte to the curb after finding out the news.  I’m sorry but she has been your daughter for 16, 17 years.  Now all of a sudden, she’s nothing to you?  When did his become her fault?  I never thought he would do that to her.  Conrad isn’t a good man but I thought he loved his daughter.  Apparently, not so much.   With that family, I can’t believe Charlotte isn’t on massive amounts of drugs or liquor.

In other big news, Daniel proposes to Emily in a very romantic scene.  He brings her on the family yacht (because everyone has one of those just hanging around in a dock) with a four piece string band and private wait staff for dinner.  It begins to rain to everyone runs off the boat, but not Daniel.  He stays and begins to tell Emily how much he loves her and drops to one knee (but not before handing her the umbrella to hold for them.) He pops the question and she says yes.  Did it seem a bit hesitant to you?   It did to me.  I’m not sure if marrying Daniel was part of Emily’s plan but I guess in order to carry out her end game, she has to see this through.  I’m also not sure if she really has feelings for him or not.  I think she’s grown to like him more than she thought, but I don’t think her feelings for him are real…especially after the final scene.

Emily was ready to walk away from the whole revenge game.   Jack was beaten severely and she doesn’t want anymore innocents getting hurt because of her.  So she was going to break it off with Daniel and leave the Hamptons.  Yeah right, like that was really going to happen.  Well before she could tell Danny boy that they were through, he tells her that the “terrorist” that lived in her house prior, is the asshole responsible for raping his mother and getting her pregnant with Charlotte.  Emily amazingly keeps her composure during all this and asks Daniel questions about this new twist in the story.  He is visibly angry and distraught by this and Emily calmly sits and listens to him.  Eventually, Daniel asks her what she was thinking about all morning and her response is “what do you think of a June wedding?”  While she’s hugging him, she sees Victoria on her terrace and gives her the worst stare down since Maximus to Commodus at the Colosseum.   The game is back ON!!!!

The other big twist I didn’t see coming…Victoria’s lawyer, Ryan Huntly, was working with Emily the whole time.  When we first saw the flash back of Emily (in that horrid black wig) with Huntly, it appeared to be a contentious discussion.  Turns out, we see the remainder of the conversation where Huntly tells Emily (then Amanda) that he always believed her father was innocent.  He was trying to help her destroy Victoria from the inside and he did a pretty good job.  He also was able to save the day when Victoria invites Amanda over for tea only to use it as a rouse to get her DNA because she refuses to believe that she’s David Clarke’s daughter.   Victoria may be a vile human being, but she’s not stupid.  Huntly was able to “fix” the DNA test to prove that yes she and Charlotte are related and therefore David’s daughter.  Victoria still didn’t believe it, but it doesn’t matter.   She proceeds to fire Huntly.

Finally Amanda Clarke has left the Hamptons.  Emily comes to clean to her about her real motives for being there and she warns Amanda that she is in danger.  The Graysons are powerful to the point that they could have her destroyed or worse, killed.  Amanda offers to help Emily in any way she can and wants to be there to support her friend.  Emily tells her the best way to help her is to get out-of-town and be safe.  She agrees but she is heartbroken to leave Jack.  She tells Em she can’t say good-bye and Em agrees to do it for her.  Amanda doesn’t say good-bye but she does leave Jack a Dear John letter making Jack’s day even worse than it was before.  (Jack got the tar beat out of him by one the Grayson’s henchmen because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.)

This show is fabulous!  I am on the edge of my seat each and every week with what will happen next.  I’m a sucker for a good night-time soap.   But this is more than that.  The term “night-time soap” can conjure up different biases.   Mainly because most of them are poorly written and acted.  But that would be a fallacious perception in regards to Revenge.  This show is smart, fast paced, well acted, and has a compelling story that grips you each week.   How many shows can you honestly say that about right now?  I don’t mean watching the first season of Damages on Netflix.  I mean shows presently on network TV right now.   This isn’t a Titans or Model’s Inc.  This isn’t about sex, money, or power.  Well, it is a little about power.  More about bringing down power and the people who have abused it for years.  This is about righting a terrible wrong that was done to many by people who thought they were above the law and paying for their mistakes.  This about a woman who loved her father so much that she will do anything, including destroying her own life, to make sure her father’s good name is cleared.  I am rooting for Emily/Amanda 100% and I can’t wait to see what happens when she gets to her ultimate goal of taking down Conrad and Victoria.

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One response to “RECAP & REVIEW: Revenge “Commitment” S1 E13

  1. mclairjeune

    January 23, 2012 at 11:21 am

    I think that Revenge was the best new show of the Fall. It has quickly become one of my favorite shows. There has not been a disappointing episode yet. Victoria is disgusting for letting Daniel think she was raped. I know she is super concerned with how her son perceives her but that’s not something to put out there like that, it’s just too horrible. And doesn’t she realize that the truth is likely to come out. Daniel will probably say something to his father about it and then will find out the truth. This is why I am joping Emily/Amanda suceeds in her plan. Although, considering the opening scene of the show I’m not sure how it will all turn out.
    I’m not a fan of Conrad at all but I do thinks he loves Charlotte. I just think it’s probably really painful yo look at her right now knowing that she’s not his. He most likely just needs space at the moment.


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