RECAP & REVIEW: Alcatraz “Kit Nelson” S1E3

24 Jan

How flipping creepy was Kit Nelson?  Seriously, I wanted to take a shower after watching that episode (especially the solitary scene with the warden.)  Yikes.   But “Kit Nelson” is just another strong episode from the new series Alcatraz.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I think FOX, may have a hit on their hands.  The ratings for the second week will be interesting to see.


This week’s convict of the week follows the story of Kit Nelson (played by Michael Eklund) who was convicted of kidnapping and murdering 11 year-old boys.   I love how criminals have an honor code.  Isn’t that the biggest oxymoron there is?  Since murdering a child puts a criminal at the bottom of the scum barrel, everyone at Alcatraz is giving Nelson a hard time…from the warden to his fellow inmates, everyone hates this guy.  The inmates nearly beat the guys to death.  The doctor who treats him, has a son around the age of the murdered boys, so he gives him the minimum treatment, and the warden also has sons around that age as well.  What does he do?  Well he forces a guy, who can barely walk, as far away from his cell as possible in a wheelchair, forces him to get up, and then leaves him alone to get back to his cell, without the wheelchair.  Later, he puts him in the hole and forces to reveal what really happened to his brother.  To everyone, including his own father who tries to get the truth out of him, he says his brother (age 11) died of scarlet fever.  After 4 lit matches in the hole, Nelson finally acquiesces and tells the Warden that he killed his brother because he got all the attention in the house while he receive little to no attention.  And the little he got was to tell him how horrible and freaky he was.  The parents weren’t wrong, let me tell you.  He even described and showed his brother’s facial expression as he was struggling to survive.  Nelson took great pleasure in that!   So to “win his mother’s love” he strangles his brother.  That way, the only son she can focus on, is him.    Well that backfired royally.  As a result, Nelson went on killing young boys the same age as his brother.   I’m telling you Eklund played this character so well.  I was severely freaked out by him and that rarely happens to me with TV characters.  Ok, maybe it does happen frequently, but I can’t remember one as good as Eklund in a long time.

Leading us to present day, Nelson is back and has kidnapped an 11 year-old boy named Dillon.  Madsen and Soto are on the case and desperate to find Dillon because Nelson always kills the children 48 hours after abducting them.  This particular case seems to hit closer to home with Soto but aren’t sure why until later in the show.  They were close one time to getting Nelson and rescuing Dillon after Soto remembered Nelson liking cherry pie and the diner where he and his brother would get slices.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  I mean really how could it?  It was only 32 minutes into the show at that point.   They can’t rescue Dillon already!!  Which really made me nervous that the kid was going to end up dead.

Spoiler Alert (although really, if you’ve read this far are you really worried about spoilers at this point) I was wrong!  Dillon didn’t end up dead, he was rescued by Madsen and Soto ( and Mr Personality Hauser.)  You know who did end up dead?  Our creepy, nasty, repulsive, disgusting, vile, Kit Nelson.  Sorry, I ran out of adjectives.  I know Hauser wants to keep them all alive for questioning, but I’m glad he put this one down like the dog that he is.  Actually, calling him a dog was too kind.  The best part was at the end of the show, when Hauser brought Nelson into the morgue of the Dharma Station (sorry to keep calling it that but I have no other name for it yet but I’m open to suggestions) and laid his body bag on the table where the doctor from 1963 proceeded to play a song about how awesome a day it is!


I threw a question out to my friends at Alcatraz Podcast (follow them on twitter @PodcastAlcatraz) and I’m going to throw the same question out to you.  How big of a role does Grandpa Tommy Madsen play in all this?  We’ve now seen him in two episodes where he was behind the curtain getting his blood taken.  At first, with Sylvane, he seemed panicked and scared warning him about the bad things happening at Alcatraz.  But then when we see him tonight with Nelson, there is an eerie calm that is over him about what’s happening to him.  Is it because he was talking to a jerk like Nelson who he could care less about?  Or was it because he has become involved in whatever experiment or other “bad thing” is happening at Alcatraz?  I really believe Tommy is involved in this in a big way and Hauser has that hunch as well.  Which is why he wants Rebecca investigating with him.

Hauser doesn’t come across as the kind of guy who would host your Fantasy Football draft party.  He seems a loner Dottie, a rebel.  Where in the world did that Pee Wee Herman reference come from!!!!   Ok moving on.  Hauser doesn’t seem the type to be very inclusive with what he is doing (whatever that is.)  So why was he so willing to include Rebecca and by proxy, Soto, so easily?  It was a question many people asked last week.  I think it has to be her family’s involvement in whatever this is.  Whether it’s Grandpa Madsen or Uncle Ray, someone is involved and Hauser has that same gut feeling.  And since Robert Forster usually plays a shady, up to no good character, chances are he knows more than he lets on.  But in my mind, this is why Hauser is putting up with Rebecca and Soto.  He either thinks she knows more than she realizes or she is the key to getting to the bottom of whatever he is trying to get to the bottom of.

I’d like to give a shout out to Sarah Jones and Jorge Garcia.  Jones was light years better in this episode and much more believable in her role as Detective Madsen.  Some of the elements I was looking for in her character last week (which showed signs of possibly being there but weren’t) showed up this week.  I liked how tenacious she was Nelson yet very nurturing with Soto.  I like how she never came across as condescending either with Soto.  With him being new to all of this real world investigating and police work, he naturally spooked many times.  She has shown patience and respect to him which I really admire in her character.  She was forceful when she needed to be with Hauser and backed her partner up 100%.  So I think Jones has the potential to be a solid presence on this show if she can keep that up.

Garcia was fantastic.  I’ve heard people describe his portrayal of Soto has Hurley with a brain.  I think to say that gives Garcia very little respect.  Just because Soto is caring and nice, doesn’t make him Hurley.  Soto is a very intelligent but mature character.  While he is insecure regarding his skills as a law enforcement ally, he is very cognizant of his worth in regards to Alcatraz history in information.  I think when people make the comparison to Hurley (which is natural) it’s because you see Garcia’s natural personality shinning through at times, like it has with both characters…which isn’t a bad thing.  But he is definitely playing a much different character.  In that regard, his final scene with Dillon when Dillon was back home was sensational.  We learned that the reason Soto was so invested in this case was because he was also taken around Dillon’s age.  But he was able to escape and be stronger as a result.  He likened it to having super powers…like in comic books but real.   Can you say back story?   It was awesome and it made me want to learn so much more about Soto after that scene.   Actually, with each passing week, I want to learn more and more about the characters we are introduced to (except Nelson and he’s dead now, so we don’t have to worry about him.)

I have to wonder if we are going to have any “name” guest starts become inmates in the future?   Alan Dale seems to pop up on every thing.  I’m waiting to see Charles Widmore on this show.  What about David Anders?  It’s always good to see Sark from Alias play a baddie?   How about you?   Who would you like to see as one of the inmates with a secretive past?

What did you think of week 2 of Alcatraz?  I know it’s the 3rd episode since we had back-to-back episodes last week, but I’m curious if you’re still tuning in.   Because you know what?  YOU SHOULD BE!!!  If you aren’t, I’ll tell those people to tell Jack Sylvane to come after you next?  Who are those people?  Well I don’t know yet.  But I’m sure we’ll find out.  But you won’t if you don’t watch.   And you must watch!!!!   Also make sure you check out my other friends on twitter @podcatraz and on their website here Podcatraz.


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4 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: Alcatraz “Kit Nelson” S1E3

  1. sportsattitudes

    January 24, 2012 at 8:57 am

    We now have reason to believe prisoners rounded up after their release/escape into the present day are going to remain able to do so another day even if killed. The “Dharma Station” started out being a place to secure those on the loose…now we have a dead convict who may or may not stay dead…considering a doctor from the past is hovering over him at episode’s end. The never-aging scenario is different from the never-dying scenario. The ending threw me a bit of a curve looking down the road long-term. I am still wildly enthusiastic about the show’s potential and still consider it a must-see. Acting is great, pace is good. I think my hope was for episodes where the main character had a beginning, middle and “end”…with the long-running issues humming along in the background. The ONLY thing I’m not sure about is the potential for people who never die. Never aging is one thing. Never dying can go towards the Halloweens, Friday The 13ths, Nightmare On Elm Street route.

  2. Anonymous

    January 24, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    im searching high and low for the song title played at the end in the morgue

    • fuck the office man, fuck it hard.

      May 19, 2013 at 8:23 pm

      me too!

    • fuck the office man, fuck it hard.

      May 19, 2013 at 8:27 pm




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