REVIEW: Supernatural Season 7 Up to Now

12 Feb

I bet you are wondering where all the Supernatural recaps and reviews have been.  If I have issues with blogging, Supernatural is usually one I keep up on….typically because it’s on a Friday night and I can get to it on the weekend.  But I am sad to say that I can’t blame work for this one.  I hate to say it but Supernatural has stopped becoming must see TV for me.   That doesn’t mean I don’t love the show anymore.  It just means that I don’t feel it’s necessary to rush to discuss it because I don’t really know what to discuss anymore.

What made this show so great in the beginning was that the “monster of the week” either lined up with the over all story arc or complimented it in someway.  But the last two seasons seem to have lost their way.  I thought this season was off to a good start but it has gone downhill quickly.  And no, it’s not just because I’m angry at the fact that Bobby died for apparently no reason (which I am…fuming!)  It’s just another season of a “Big Bad” being introduced to us and then somewhat forgotten about.  It’s hard to take a story line seriously when you ignore it for several weeks at a time.  What makes it worse is the timing of the omission.  Only having three episodes since the early December break, we haven’t had a Leviathan centric episode since around Thanksgiving!

What would have made this whole Leviathan story stronger is if Bobby was killed by them earlier in the season.  If you planning to kill Bobby, then kill him early and have that be the reason the boys are going after these creatures.   Once you have fought Lucifer, God, all of Heaven and Hell, anything else seems manageable.  But if a supernatural entity was responsible for killing Bobby, then it gives the boys a purpose and the audience a rooting interest.  This season was pitched to us as the boys fighting a force like nothing they’ve ever seen.  Well how could something be more powerful than God and Lucifer?  But alright, I’ll suspend my disbelief.  I personally would have bought into this season more if it was pitched as the boys having a personal reason for fighting these monsters.  And that personal reason ended up being the death of Bobby.  When Bobby was killed, we were already introduced to these…things…and because it’s what the boys do, they are looking for ways to destroy them.  But wouldn’t it have been more powerful and engaging (if the writers were planning on killing Bobby regardless) if Bobby’s death drove the Winchesters this season?  I think so.  It also makes me wonder if Bobby won’t somehow reappear alive again.  Sam and Dean have died and come back so why not Bobby?   The only reason I feel it’s possible is because of the way Bobby’s death was handled…very quickly and as an after thought.  And if that’s not the case and the reason for Bobby’s death was to give darker layers to Dean, then I am crying foul.   Dean certainly didn’t need any darker layers dumped on top of him.  He was already in a pretty bad place blaming himself for what happened to Sam, what happened to Cas, impacting Lisa and Ben’s lives, not living up to his father’s expectations…I could go on and on.  The guilt and pain that Dean carries on his shoulders everyday is obvious.   And if you can’t see it, there is no better show of his grief and guilt than his ongoing battle with drinking.   That’s the one area of character development that the writers have done well with this season.   It makes sense that after years of seeing what they have seen and going through what they have gone through, that it would take a toll on you mental well-being and you would find way to cope with it through an escape mechanism…like alcohol.  If Dean and Sam just kept going about their days without any impact, it would be bogus.  So Dean using alcohol to drown his sorrows and guilt and use it to escape their insane life seems logical if not depressingly sad.   But how much more can they take?

And while we have spent much of the season seeing how everything has impacted Dean, what about Sam?  I’m sure Sam is also struggling with the death of Bobby.   Maybe not to the level Dean is but he loved Bobby every bit as much as Dean.   Also his issues with the wall coming down and seeing Lucifer in his head has vanished.  Although it will be revisited next week.  Even if the writers didn’t want to focus on this constantly, the least they could have done to show they haven’t completely ignored it, is seeing signs of Sam struggling here and there.  It feels like lately there have been seasons where we focus on Sam and seasons where we focus on Dean.  So far, this has been a Dean season.   Which I’m not complaining about!   But why can’t there be a balance between the two?    There used to be.  So what happened?

As for Bobby’s death, I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am.  So in one season, the show has gotten rid of two of the most beloved characters in the history of the show in Castiel and Bobby.   Why?  Everyone fans knew and loved (depending on who you ask) is gone…John, Bobby, Cas, Rufus, Ellen, Jo.  Only Sheriff Mills remains and I don’t think you can lump her into the other group with the likes of Bobby and Cas.  And all I want to know is why?  If getting rid of Cas and Bobby has significant storyline or character implications (over and above making the boys more brooding) then ok, show me what that is.  So far I haven’t seen it.  Have you guys?   If I’m missing something please let me know.   And it can’t be to go after the Leviathan’s because they were doing that anyway because it’s their job.  So why is Bobby gone?  My husband and I always joked that if Bobby dies, we will stop watching the show.   Well that hasn’t happened obviously but we certainly aren’t as interested as we used to be.  Bobby grounded Dean and Sam.  When one or the other was going down a path that could hurt them, Bobby was the one to make sure it didn’t happen.  When the boys needed some semblance of a regular life, Bobby was the one to make sure it happened…even if it was just having beer and burgers to watch a football game.   Bobby tried to keep the boys sane in the most insane profession you could conjure up.  Now, he’s gone.   And for what exactly?   I have no idea.   And who is going to be that person for the boys now?  Sheriff Mills?  Yeah, not even close.  If the writers think Mills can replace Bobby, they are sadly mistaken.

Like I said, I still enjoy this show.  The 1944 episode was great.  Even last night’s episode was entertaining.  But that’s what Supernatural has become….a nice little entertaining show.  It’s a show where we follow the lives of these two men but that’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.   That’s not good enough for me.   I want more and I have come to expect more because that is the standard the show set for itself back in the first season.  If all this show is going to be moving forward, is us going through Sam and Dean’s everyday lives, then I would rather the show end now.   But if the show thinks it can get back to the glory days of solid story telling and character development (and the character development is still strong in spurts) then I am still along for the ride.   But season 7 better get somewhere fast if Sera Gamble doesn’t want to lose me as a viewer forever.


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2 responses to “REVIEW: Supernatural Season 7 Up to Now

  1. sportsattitudes

    February 13, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I agree, Heather. As you know, I was fine with it ending a couple years ago. Still watch each episode but admittedly…only because I’ve seen them all so far.

    • fortheloveoftv

      February 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm

      I think once you get to the point in your story telling for a show like this, that you bring in the apocalypse, God, Lucifer, and the end of the world as we know it (sing it Michael Stipe) it’s hard to go back after that. To me, it doesn’t get more powerful than God, Lucifer, the four horseman of the apocalypse, etc. And if there is, then the writers haven’t done a very good job showing me how that is the case. I never thought I would say this, but I am getting to the point where SN should have ended after all the Heaven and Hell stuff. But since it didn’t I would rather they have one more season (next season) to write the Good-Bye season. And then go out on a high note. There is nothing worse than seeing a fabulous show stick around at the party too long and watch it become a shell of what it was….which is sadly what is happening right now.


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