REVIEW: Castle “Pandora and Linchpin” S4 E15 & 16

22 Feb

I haven’t done a Castle post in a while.  And while it’s one of my favorite shows on TV, I don’t think it warrants a review every week.   But whenever they do these two parters, it’s usually time for a post.

In the past, Castle has been exceptional when it comes to these two-part episodes.  While this one had moments of genius, it was just ok.  It wasn’t bad by any stretch.  Just, ok.  And maybe it’s because I’m so used to such a high level of storytelling, that when it’s average, it feels worse than it actually is.

First off, the case seemed soooooo far-fetched.  I know it’s a TV show and I know I need to suspend disbelief. I get all that.  But killing a little girl in the hopes it will set off WWIII and it was all set it motion by a CIA agent that was former KGB?  Yeah right.  The CIA would have known she was KGB and would NEVER have allowed her to become an agent.   I’m sorry but my suspension only goes so far.  I wasn’t surprised in the least that Sophia (played by Jennifer Beals) was the one behind everything.  My husband called it right away.  But I just thought she was going to be a bad agent…not former KGB!!!  Please!!!  Ok, enough on that.

While I love Ryan and Esposito beyond all comprehension, why were they giving Beckett crap about keeping details from them.   I understand they’re a team.  I understand they always work together and share everything.  But come on.  Beckett is your supervisor.  If she tells you can’t tell you something, you know she must have a solid reason.  And Ryan and Esposito have to be smarter than that….I know they are.  Why were the writers writing them to be so oblivious?  They knew the chief of detectives allowed Beckett and Castle to be discreet with this mission (to the point that they couldn’t even tell Beckett’s boss.)   So put two and two together to figure out that this is probably a FBI or CIA issue and back off.   They know Beckett would never keep anything from them unless she had to, so why give her grief?  And I know Espo was pissed that Castle knew and he didn’t but, they go everywhere together so it’s possible Castle was with Beckett at the time she was brought into this secret mission therefore he had to be brought in as well.  Again, put two and two together!  It drove me crazy.

Finally, Beckett and Castle.  I hate to say this but I am now at my wit’s end.  I’ve had enough.  We have had so many episodes this season where they have acted like a couple towards one another without actually being a couple.  If the writers are going to have them act like a couple, THEN MAKE THEM A COUPLE!!!!!!    Sorry to shout but I am so mad about this!   At first I was annoyed by Beckett’s jealousy.   Then, I backed off because I understood it.  But then it bugged me again.

When Beckett saw the chemistry between Sophia and Rick and learned that she was his inspiration for the CIA agent in the Derek Storm books, I think she felt like she was just another “muse” in a long line of muses that Rick would charm to get his story.   Was she really as special as she thought she was?  It makes perfect sense that she would question this and that she would take a step back and start to question not only his feelings for her but her feelings for him.  Kate is always so guarded and while we have been seeing those walls coming down over the last 2 seasons, I started to see them race back up again with every interaction with Sophia.   But I think Castle noticed this and tried as hard as he could to assure her that his relationship with her (meaning Kate) is much different from his was with Sophia.  But the question is, if you are always going to be jealous every time another woman is around Rick or has a past with Rick, then why not tell him how you really feel so he can assure you of his feelings for you?  I understand Kate’s apprehension but it’s starting to get to the point where you need to make a decision or move on.  Either decide to be with him and be a jealous as you want, or decide not to be with him and back off.

What has got me at my wit’s end is the fact that there have been how many times that either Castle or Beckett or Castle and Beckett are in life or death situations and they STILL have yet to say how they feel about one another.  How many times can the show go there?   The show is getting into Bones territory now.  The writers need to do something with Castle and Beckett.  Either do something to break them up forever or do what the fans want and get them together.  Otherwise you are insulting your fans by constantly having these intense situations where nothing happens to move Castle and Beckett forward.

Have to say, the one thing this show always does well is the edge of your seat moments with Castle and Beckett.  Even though I know neither character is dying, I am still gripping the edge of my couch with white knuckles during those scenes.  From the car was going further and further down into the water to Beckett frantically trying to unbuckle her seatbelt.   From Castle trying to find Beckett’s gun to the water slowly filling up the car.  It was incredible.  I know they aren’t dying but I couldn’t help but think “how the hell are they getting out of this?”  I loved it.  This show does very well with tension.   I also like the idea of Alexis doing more than just school and hanging out at home.  I love her being Lainey’s intern.  It bring both actresses to the forefront in a different light.  So I would like to see that continue in subsequent episodes.

So what are you thinking Castle fans?    Are you as annoyed as I am or are you still on board with the direction of Castle and Beckett?

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