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RECAP/REVIEW: The Good Wife “Gloves Come Off” & “Blue Ribbon Panel” S3 E18 & 19

The best show on TV delivers another fantastic episode on Sunday night.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least comment on the March 18th episode “Gloves Come Off.”  I watched both yesterday so there are a few things I want to discuss from each.

Gloves Come Off

Elizabeth Reaser is back as Tammy.  I must say, the slick dark hair is a really good look for her!  I’ve said this before when Tammy was around more, I can’t stand her character and I really don’t think Reaser is a very good actress.  The only good thing about Tammy coming back is that her visit precipitated a reunion between Alicia and Kalinda..sort of.  Tammy tells Alicia that she and Will weren’t over when she slept with him.  But once they did sleep together, Will seemed to forget all about Tammy and appears to have lost her number. It put some things in perspective for Alicia…good people make bad choices sometimes.   Alicia isn’t a bad person but she had just found out about another person Peter had slept with and it happened to be her current BFF. Between that and the chemistry she and Will had once shared, she let her guard down and gave into her needs.  Unfortunately, she hurt someone else in the process.  I think this is why Alicia is seeing Kalinda’s situation regarding Peter in a different light.  People have their reasons for having an affair.  You may not agree with their reasons and they may not agree with yours.  But people have them and if you are going to be someone who is one part of a cheating tandem, you can’t judge other people.  So Alicia decided to extend an olive branch to Kalinda to see if they can get back to where they were.  She doesn’t know if they can but she’d like to try.   Yeah!!!!!   You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

The case involved a former hockey player suing a snowmobile company for the death of his wife, which turned into a countersuit since the former hockey player suffered head trauma so he decides to go after the league.  It’s a complicated case and one that was really fascinating until the end when for some reason, the snowmobile company dropped their countersuit and settled for what the plaintiff was requesting in the first place.  I was as confused as Alicia and Julius.  The case did bring back a TGW favorite…Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox.)  Canning has been trying to woo Alicia to his firm now for over a year.  Alicia isn’t interested because she doesn’t want to be considered a poacher.  I really don’t understand her logic here.  Well I do and I don’t.  People get recruited from rival companies all the time.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal (especially if they keep turning down the offer.)  If someone out there is willing to pay you a better compensation package for the work you do with a potential for better advancement, why wouldn’t you at least consider it.  You’d be a fool not to.  You may be perceived as loyal but now you’d also be perceived as stupid.  And I still don’t buy the loyalty angle.  Just because you change jobs, doesn’t make you disloyal.  In the end, Alicia used Canning’s offer to solicit a better offer from Lockhart Gardner.  At first she was really pushing Diane but she pushed one step too far when Diane asked Alicia to give her until the end of the week and Alicia said no.  Diane stood her ground and said “the end of the week Alicia or you can clean out your desk now.”  Both women were taking big risks.  Alicia needed more money for a house and Diane didn’t want to see one of the stars of her company leave but she wasn’t about to be strong armed by her either.  It was also hard to feel for Alicia somewhat in this scenario.  Because of the different flashbacks we were seeing, I couldn’t tell if she really wanted her old house again or not.  So if you can’t afford $1.9 million for a home, then find a home you can afford.   Why is it LG’s fault that they don’t pay you enough to buy that kind of home?  Also, you and Peter are still married.  These are his children that will be living there.  Why not pull your resources and buy the home together?   You and the kids live there and he can still live in the city until you guys work things out.  I know she wants to do this on her own, I get that.  But sometimes your pride has to take a back seat (if you can’t do it on your own) to do what’s in the best interest of your family.  Or simply buy a cheaper home.

Show of hands.  How many people love seeing Diane Lockhart playing the field?   That’s what I thought…everyone.   I loved watching her get flustered on the phone as she is switching back and forth between Kurt and Jack’s calls and trying to schedule dates with both of them.  In case you were wondering, Team Kurt right here!  I can’t get behind Bryan Brown’s Jack because I still remember him being such a jerk in the movie Cocktail.  Sorry Bryan.  I know it’s not fair, but it is what it is.

The last question I want to raise…who is leaking information about Will to the review board?  In typical form when it comes to my feelings about Will Gardner, I can’t feel bad for him.  He is hanging around helping with cases (even though he thinks he’s skirting around it by being ambiguous and dismissive.)  He is doing things he shouldn’t be doing.  So I can’t feel bad for him that someone is saying it to the review board.  However, the Judas must be captured and punished!!  You don’t squeal on your firm or your teammate.  And that’s what someone is doing.   But who?

Blue Ribbon Panel

I need someone to explain the point of a Blue Ribbon Panel.  How do these things come about and what is the end goal of these panels?   Because I don’t get it.  Isn’t the most important thing to find out the truth to what is happening so the victims’ receive justice?   Well apparently that isn’t the goal of this particular panel which is headed up by the devious Mike Kresteva (played by the delicious Matthew Perry.)  Alicia was asked to step in on Diane’s behalf and step in she did.  One of the things I love about TGW is the real world feel the show has at times.  Here is a woman who is confident, intelligent, determined, and excellent at her job, who is thrown into the deep end of the pool with very powerful people.  She was out of her league at first.  And we get to see Alicia’s self-doubt creep in very much the way we saw her in the early parts of Season 1 when she was just trying to find a way to be successful and figure out what is going on.  Even very successful people have moments where they aren’t sure if they are up for a certain task (whether they want you to know it or not.)  But in typical Alicia form, she outshines everyone in the room.   No one tells her this is basically a formality because all Alicia cares about is the truth….how refreshing.  But it starts to backfire on her because in her quest for justice, she may be putting her career in jeopardy by pissing off judges and other lawyers.  So she needs to weigh what’s more important.  She of course falls on the side of justice and sooner than later starts to have some people in her corner.  It backfires though when it is revealed that her husband was involved in the early investigation and he chose to shut down the pursuit for unknown reasons.  It was a racial charged case with a white man shooting black man.   So Kresteva gives Alicia the choice…file the amended paperwork and the case goes away or file the truthful paperwork that will come back to bite her husband and other people, in the ass.  She chooses to save Peter.

I love when that happens!!!  Not because the victim won’t receive justice for his father’s death, but when the outcome isn’t as neat and tidy as we would like.  Why can’t Alicia find justice and protect Peter?   Because you don’t always have that choice.  Sometimes, your choices are hard and someone has to be the loser.  That’s how the real world works.  And that’s what happened to the victim’s family.  Perry was terrific as the slimy but charming Kresteva.  It’s another thing that TGW has always been the best at….perfect guest stars that you just want to see over and over again (except Elizabeth Reaser.)  And they bring these guest stars in just enough so you remember them but not too often that you get sick of them.

Overall this was a very strong Alicia-centric episode.  Between her fighting the old boys club on the Blue Ribbon panel to fighting the IRS and FBI for Kalinda, she was not someone to mess with this week!  You know where all that intensity is coming from?   The stress of buying a home.  It can make you do some crazy things and act in insane ways.  I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, starred in the movie.  I have to say though that the one eye-rolling part of the episode is when the real estate agent asks Alicia to write a letter to the home owner about why she should get the house.  I’m sorry, but I’ve bought and sold enough homes over the years that it has nothing to do with that.  Yes you want someone to buy your home that you know will love it and take care of it as much as you did, but you can’t control that.  What you can control is how much you get for your house.  Because ultimately, it’s your decision who you sell your home to.  You can write me the most beautiful letter in the world.  But if your offer is several hundred thousand dollars less than other offers, sorry for your luck.  That’s kind of what happened to Alicia.  They called to say they loved her letter and they want her to have the house, but they still wanted their money.  So they are giving Alicia the chance to match the best offer so they can give the house to her.  So it kind of worked, kind of didn’t.  But it didn’t matter because Alicia got the house!  She has no idea how that’s possible since she didn’t up her bid but the agent said she was looking at the paper work with the name Florrick on it.  “How many Florrick’s are there” she asks.  Really? You’ve never heard of the State’s Attorney Peter Florrick?   Ugh.  Alicia confronts Peter about it but he is clearly in the dark and has no idea what she is talking about.  It then dawns on her that there is a third Florrick. That’s right.  It’s the God awful most horrible character on this show, Jackie Florrick.  She bought the house in Peter’s name.  Damn her.  And that’s how the episode ends….with Alicia tracking Jackie down to her salon where she asks to speak with her.  I can’t wait to see the fireworks when we come back on April 15th.  APRIL 15th!!!   Yikes.

As you can tell from my recent post on the renewals for CBS, TGW was renewed for Season 4.  Can I get an Amen?   AMEN!!  Can I get an Oh Yeah?   OH YEAH!!!!  Can I get a Hell Yes?   HELL YES!!!   I’m not excited in the least that TGW is coming back.   We only have 3 more episodes until the season finale.   What do you think will happen with this Jackie/Alicia showdown?   Is there any chance that Peter and Alicia, with this new house situation, will find their way back to each other again?  What will happen with Will and the review board? What is going on with Kalinda’s situation and why is Lana after her?   So many questions to answer before the April 29th season finale!!!!


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RECAP/REVIEW: Castle “47 Seconds” S4 E19

Finally!!!!   Progress!!!!   I’m sorry, did she just say progress?  Yes I did.  Progress at last!!!  Did she watch the same episode last night that we did.  How can she call what happened last night, progress?  Is she drunk again?  Normally you might be right.  I might be drunk.  But since I am on this new diet plan, alcohol is out the window for the time being.   While I’m sure many of you are frustrated over the fallout from last night’s “47 Seconds” (and believe me, I have my issues) I see this episode as the step in the right direction we have needed for a while now.  We are finally heading in the direction of putting Castle and Beckett where they belong….together.  I still think she’s drunk, I don’t care what she says about some dumb diet.  Well then, allow me to elaborate on why I think what happened on last night’s Castle is finally a move down the road to togetherness for Beckett and Castle.  Hopefully this will calm some of the fans down who are really worried at this point.

For a while now, many of us Castle fans were ready for the show to make a move on the Castle/Beckett front.  Either put them together or keep them apart.   But something has to happen.  In recent interviews, Andrew Marlowe has said, this is a season of secrets and the ramifications of those secrets.  He’s also on record saying that Castle and Beckett will be together.   So in my opinion, this is the first step towards moving them together.  Castle and Beckett are both harboring huge secrets from one another.  At one point or another, those secrets will be revealed to the other (the first one happening last night.)  Now, we all know what’s going to happen….it’s going to worse before it gets better.  What do they say in the military?   They break you down before they build you back up.  That’s what’s happening here.  Castle and Beckett are going to be broken down so that eventually, they can be built back up.  This was the first hammer to fall.  So it says to me that we have already begun the process of eventual partnering.  Think of it like this…Beckett and Castle have been on the same road together for about 2 years now.  But they’ve hit a fork in the road and they are about to take different paths.  While it seems as though they have gone in different directions, they haven’t.  Because no matter which route they take, all of them will eventually lead back to the same one road where they meet up again.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Keep telling yourself that.  Because it’s true.  It will get better.  But now I know that the plan is in motion, I am ready to be a little more patient, because I think the pay out will be spectacular when it does happen!

Having said all that, I want to get into the actual reveal of secret #1 and discuss how Mr. Rick Castle handled it.  The case last night was a good one.  A news team is covering an “Occupy Wall Street” type protest in Boylan Park when a bomb goes off killing some people and injuring many others.  The FBI is involved, Homeland Security is involved, and the NYPD is there in a support role to figure out who was responsible for the bombing.  Isn’t it interesting though that the NYPD was there in a “support role” yet it seems to me that they solved the entire case.  Although if we were watching Criminal Minds or The Mentalist, it would have been a federal agency that solved the crime, but whatever.  I digress.  Beckett and the Boys come across a suspect they believe is the bomber and all evidence at this point, is pointing towards him.   Beckett is really pushing him in the interrogation room and the suspect is getting very flustered.  He admits to Beckett that he had the backpack (which had the bomb in it) but he didn’t know what was in it and that he blacked out after that.  He can’t remember anything.  That’s when she calls BS on him and tells him that he can’t use trauma as an excuse.  She was shot in the chest and she remembers every single thing from that day, so she doesn’t believe him.  Meanwhile, Castle wasn’t at the precinct when Beckett went in to question the perp.  So she doesn’t think he’s there.  He eventually showed up and asked Esposito if they made any progress on the case. He tells him, “better than that, we have the suspect.  Beckett’s questioning him now.”    So Castle goes into the viewing room to watch the interview.  That’s when he hears Beckett admit to remembering everything.   Leading up to this, he had a conversation with Martha about telling Beckett his feelings again.   She gives him great advice (as usual) and he decides that he wants to tell her.  But he decides to wait until after the case.  Unfortunately, if he had told her when he planned, she would I have reciprocated (I know she would have) and we wouldn’t be in this mess.  But he didn’t and now he believes she doesn’t return his feelings since she has known this whole time and hasn’t said anything.  Castle tells Martha and she gives him bad advice for once by basically telling him that he has his answer and he needs to move on.  He agrees but decides he will still work with Beckett but will push his feelings away and they will become nothing more than work partners.  Back at the 12th, Castle’s approach and rapport with Beckett is obviously different.  Beckett senses it but as usual, doesn’t address it or say anything.  Castle is distant and short with her.  Very business like.  But Castle being Castle, he makes sure he drops little quips along the way letting all of us know how he fells about secrets and betrayal….”sinning by silence isn’t strong, it’s cowardly.”   After the case is solved (it was the reporter and one of the victims who were involved basically to make her career stronger) Beckett wants to celebrate and the boys say they can’t.  So she thinks it will be her and Castle and he blows her off.  She also asks him what he wanted to talk to her about and he says….nothing.  He leaves but not before giving her the stink eye when the elevator door shuts.

While I believe Castle has every right to be heartbroken over this, I also think he’s being a bit of a hypocrite.  Is he forgetting about the big secret he is keeping from her?   He has to know that when she finds out, she’s going to be severely pissed at him.  Also, he has his reasons for keeping it from her.  So can’t he deduce that while on the surface it may appear that she didn’t tell him the truth because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, couldn’t there be more to it than that?  Couldn’t she have HER reasons for not telling him the truth?   Why wouldn’t he give her the benefit of the doubt to explain?  Castle has seemed to be the type of person to confront things and not let them fester (save for this whole telling Beckett how he feels nonsense.)  Why wouldn’t he confront this head on?  It seems a little out of character for him.  If it were me, I would have taken her up on the drink and talked to her about it and get into her head about why she didn’t say anything then and why she hasn’t said anything since when she’s had lots of good opportunities.  This is where Castle does have the right to be pissed.  They have both been in life and death situations about 2-3 times this season.  There were moments where Kate should have said something and obviously could have easily done so.  But she didn’t.  It’s a little different from “he guess what?   Remember when I told you to back off your mother’s case for your own sanity.  Well I really did it because someone is threatening you and I have been looking into on my own.  Oh and by the way, Love You Babe!!”  So in that sense, I can see where Rick would be devastated and jump to the conclusion of Kate not loving him back because of all the opportunities she has had to tell him.  But he has to remember that Kate’s number one valued trait in a person is trust.  If she doesn’t trust, you are dead to her.  Even though he has good reason for keeping his secret, he has to know that by doing so, he is breaking her number one rule.  That could be a point of no return for her.  So if I were him, I would have gone out for the drink and I would have opened up to her and been honest with her first.  Then I would confront her secret and just lay everything out there.  But he didn’t.  He’s keeping it to himself and as usual, these two aren’t addressing how they really feel……UGH!!!!

Looks like next week, Castle’s back to dating anything that moves, which gets under Beckett’s skin, and we see Beckett asking Lanie’s advice on whether or not to tell Castle how she feels.  I’m so happy to see that friendship returning.  They don’t do enough of that in my opinion.  But this is where I will want to slap Kate around.  Do you really need to ask Lanie if you should tell Castle your feelings?  OF COURSE YOU SHOULD TELL HIM!!!  If you want a relationship with the guy, tell him how you feel.  If don’t, then don’t.  It’s pretty simple.   So Miss Kate Beckett, this next song goes out to you…..

Kate Beckett’s Theme Song

I’m still trying to figure out how all this is a good thing.   She didn’t really make her argument.  Did she not read what she just wrote above?   How is this all a good thing?  I’m glad you asked.   Because all this HAS to happen before they get together.  There is no way around it.  The secrets and the fallout from learning the secrets, has to materialize before Castle and Beckett can be making Caskett babies.  The longer we went without these secrets coming to light, the longer till Castle and Beckett can be a couple.  Therefore, since secret #1 has come out, we are already starting to pass towards the last big hurdle (the fork in the road) to eventually get to our happy ending.  I’m sorry their happy ending.  It’s going to suck right now.   Probably through the season finale and most likely the early part of next season.  But I promise (I cringe as I say that since I have no creative control over the show) by this time next season or close to it, our dynamic duo will be together the way we have ALL wanted them together since the beginning.  Fear not Caskett shippers, our day is coming and it will be here before you know it.  Hang on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  But the pay out will be worth it.  I know it will be!


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The Season So Far….Survivor One World Review

I had 4 episodes on tape and because I hated the cast so much, I was in no rush to watch.  But after Kansas beat UNC last night (Go Jayhawks!!!)  I decided to pop in a few episodes and see if it’s gotten any better.  Well, the good news is….unfortunately, there is none.  Not only is the cast still as annoying as before, but it’s actually gotten worse.  WORSE!  I didn’t think that was possible, but it has.

In the beginning, it was very rare to see vile human beings on Survivor (other than Richard Hatch.)  There may have been characters you didn’t like, but no one so disgusting that it took away from the enjoyment of the show.  Bare in mind, there is a difference between loving to hate someone and all out hating someone because they are a horrible human being.  To me, someone like Parvati was someone people loved to hate.  Maybe some people liked her, but for the most part, she was not well liked.   And it had nothing to do with her being a horrible human being.  It was just she was devious and manipulative but all within the spirit of the game.  She is arguably one of the best players Survivor has ever seen.  You also had polarizing people like Coach, Jeri, Courtney, Randy, Sandra, Boston Rob.  Some nasty people in the group, some devious people, and some strange people.  But none of which who were vile, awful people.  Now I was not a fan of Courtney or Sandra…I really hated their characters because I thought they were pretty rude.  But from things I’ve read, they are very different in the real world than on the show.  So I can chalk it up to that.   Plus, their actions always seemed to be within the framework and spirit of the game.  But then everything changed with one show….Survivor Samoa.

Samoa introduced us to the most polarizing player ever to grace our Survivor nation….Russell Hantz.  Russell took playing dirty to a whole new level.  Russell’s arrogance was also like nothing we have ever seen before.  Sure there were people who had confidence in themselves and their game but nothing like Russell.  He was ripping the intelligence of the women around him, he would get in someone’s face, threaten them and then follow through with the threat (by voting them out.)  He was ruthless.   But even though Russell was mostly a hated player, there were still plenty of people out there that loved him and there were plenty of people who loved to hate him.   My husband and I didn’t like Russell but we loved having him on Survivor because he made for riveting TV.   We couldn’t wait to see what he would do next.  I still think he was robbed on Samoa because he deserved to win.   But after that, if you don’t learn from your mistakes, I can’t feel bad for you.

But after Samoa, we have now seen at least three people (at least 3 for me) that I don’t see any redeemable qualities in the type of person they are….Na’Onka, Colton, and Alicia.  And the scariest part, is that two of these people are EDUCATORS!!!!!!  I don’t mind if Survivor wants to bring controversial people on the screen who will shake things up a bit.   But there is a difference between finding a strong personality that will probably clash with other people and finding complete psychopaths who ruin the show.  In fairness to the casting department, they probably don’t know to the extent someone will behave on the island until they get out there.  But wow have they made some bad choices.   People like Na’Onka, Colton, and Alicia aren’t fun to watch.  They aren’t interesting or intriguing.  They are just horrendous.  Na’Onka didn’t totally ruin Nicaragua for me (although she came close) but I hated watching any scene she was in and was so relieved when she was finally voted out.  Talk about a horrible person.  But at least it was just one person.  And once they were gone, it was much better.  This season doesn’t have that luxury.

I have tried to start this paragraph several different ways because there are just no words to describe a repulsive person like Colton.  I’ve never in my life seen anyone behave or act like he did on Survivor.   And the scary thing is, I believe that’s exactly how he behaves in the real world.  He is a bigoted, racist, elitist, asshole.  And that’s being kind.   I understand in your confessionals or even to your closest confidants that you may poke fun or celebrate someone’s ultimate demise on the show.  But to be so blatantly rude and condescending to a fellow teammate by telling them “they couldn’t make an alliance with a hermit crab” or “you can be medivaced out or jump in the fire, it’s up to you.”   Who the hell do you think you are?   And what’s worse….EVERYONE IS ALLOWING HIM TO ACT THIS WAY!!!!   Why is this prick dictating what is going on?   Why did Mike, Jay, Bill, Troyzan, Leif allow this to go on?  Tarzan and Jonah have no spines so it’s not surprising that they have done nothing.   But what about the other guys?   How did Leif and Cristina allow Colton, and eventually Alicia, to talk to them the way that they did?  Grow a set and put him in his place!!!  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I wish Matt was still on the show because he seems like the kind of guy who would have nipped this in the bud and gotten rid of Colton a long time ago.  Between Colton’s behavior and the fact that NO ONE will call him on it or punish him for it (like vote him off) is what is ruining this season for me.  I can’t stand people who don’t play the game.  It’s one thing to be smart about not pissing off people and making your move at the right time.  But it’s an entirely other thing to be so afraid of getting voted off that you allow this Mussolini to take control of everything….including spearheading the decision to give up immunity and go to tribal council instead of the girls tribe!!!!   I couldn’t believe what I was watching!!!!!  And all because, he didn’t like Bill.  Not because he was a threat, not because he was dangerous, but because he didn’t like his voice and career choice.  WHAT!!!!!!!  And SEVEN OTHER PEOPLE agreed to this.   Man I thought the girls’ tribe was stupid.  The men took it to a whole new level.

So on top of the whole, Colton is an asshole fiasco, you have his partner in crime, Alicia, who is just as much of an abomination as he is.  She is foul-mouthed, nasty, rude, arrogant, and is not above threatening to beat you up and slap you around if God forbid you need about an inch of room to sleep in the shelter.  And this is someone who teaches special needs children.  Like I said during Na’Onka’s season, if I had my kid in her class, I would yank them out so fast.  I wouldn’t want that woman anywhere near my kids.

I’m so frustrated because I really love this show.  But I am starting to get tired of not only the nasty people, but the stupid people.  It’s another problem Survivor is facing because you have people getting cast on this show who don’t play the game.  Either they’re too dumb to play or too lazy to play.  Between the dreck from Redemption Island to this One World cast, the casting has been horrible.  Out of the 18-22 people (depending on the season you get) who are cast, removing the returning players from the mix, you are only getting about 5-6 people who truly seem to want to play the game.   And unfortunately, they are usually deemed the “threatening people” are therefore voted out of the game early by the idiots.  Or, in the case of RI and South Pacific, just do whatever the returning player wants them to do and don’t bother developing their own game plan.   Where are the Rob Cestraninos?   The Ceries?  The Parvatis?  The Boston Robs?  While we all bitch about seeing the same people come back time and time again, at least these people play the game to win.  I’d rather watch that than people like Natalie and Ashley from Redemption Island or take your pick from this season.

But you know what they say….karma’s a bitch.  Colton was thankfully carted off the island this past week with an appendicitis.  I shouldn’t say thankfully because that sounds cruel.  Hopefully, medically, he’s ok.  I’m thankful because he won’t be on my TV screen anymore.  But I hope his health is just fine.   Unfortunately, Alicia is still there but hopefully won’t be for much longer.  I’m still rooting for Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea (although not as much with her) Troyzan and Jay.  I was hoping this season would turn around but I’m afraid it’s too far gone.  If we can get Alicia, Tarzan, and Kat off the show soon, it may have a chance because the rest of the people, I believe, want to play the game.  Except for Christina but because of how she was treated, I’m really hoping Alicia and Tarzan go before she does.

What do you think of Survivor One World?  And what are your thoughts on some of the recent casting decisions over the last few seasons?   Does it bug you as much as me or am I reading too much into it?   Comment away!!!


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My Big News

So remember last week when I told you to check the blog on Friday the 16th for my big news.  Well it’s been so crazy that I completely forgot to post the news!!!  So I decided to post it on Friday the 23rd instead.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!  Break out the bubbly, turn on the 80s music, and let’s get dancing!!!  Ok maybe you don’t need to go to those extremes, but I will.  A simple “congrats” will suffice but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to you breaking out a dance session to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” in my honor!

I will certainly miss my old company and all of the great people I left behind whom I love dearly.  Some weren’t so great but that’s to be said with any company.  I’m just happy because this will hopefully be a step in settling my life down and getting some “me” time back.  And by “me” time I mean “you” time since that will hopefully mean I can get blogging more.  And simply getting to watch more TV to be able to blog more.

So I’m very happy and since I have all next week off I will be catching up on the blog quite a bit.  Can you believe I JUST caught up on the series finale of Chuck.  Chuck!!!!  One of my all time favorite shows!!!  That’s how crazy I have been.  So I have lots of thoughts on the finale….I seriously thought I would never be able to see again after crying so much.  Plus I want to catch up on other shows and discuss them with you.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support and I look forward to talking TV with everyone next week!

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NBC Renews Two Shows….Grimm and Smash

To what should be no surprise, NBC has decided to renew both Grimm and Smash.  To that I say…..woo hoo!!!!!  I always love when the shows I watch and enjoy get renewed.

Grimm received a full 22 episode pick up which indicates it should be returning in the fall.  While Smash received a 15 episode pick up for Season 2.  I’m not sure if Smash will continue as a second half show or will premiere in the fall.  Considering it is NBC’s top rated drama, you would think it would come back in the fall.  But we shall see.

I find it interesting though, that NBC is renewing these shows one at a time.  I would think the renewals would come in big groups (like CBS did a few weeks ago with their renewals.)   But I can’t complain too much considering I would rather see these shows renewed than canceled!

Congrats to the cast and crew of both shows!!!!

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NEW PODCAST: Episode 25 Covers Smash, Revenge, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, and More!

A new episode of For The Love of TV podcast is up here.  This episode covers the following shows:

  1. Pretty Little Liars Season Finale
  2. Parenthood Season Finale
  3. Revenge
  4. Smash
  5. Castle

Make sure you check it out and leave comments here or better yet, on iTunes!!!

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…And My Wish Was Granted!!!!! Thank You CBS!!!!!

On the news that Blue Bloods is being renewed, a bunch of other shows are officially renewed:

  • THE GOOD WIFE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Person of Interest
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: LA
  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI
  • The Mentalist
  • THE GOOD WIFE!!!!!!!
  • Hawaii 5-0
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Mike & Molly
  • Undercover Boss
  • The Amazing Race
  • THE GOOD WIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell which show I am happiest about?  The three biggest “where the hell are they” (if you are fans of those shows) are Two and a Half Men, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY.  No word on those shows as of yet along with Rob, Rules of Engagement, Unforgettable and A Gifted Man (which are sure to be canceled.)   That’s never a good sign but it doesn’t mean their 100% dead yet.  I believe with TAAHM, they are trying to get Ashton Kutcher back.  If they succeed, the show will be back.  If they don’t, who knows?

Congrats to all the shows and their cast and crew!!!!

THE GOOD WIFE!!!!!!!!!!

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