My Big News

23 Mar

So remember last week when I told you to check the blog on Friday the 16th for my big news.  Well it’s been so crazy that I completely forgot to post the news!!!  So I decided to post it on Friday the 23rd instead.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!  Break out the bubbly, turn on the 80s music, and let’s get dancing!!!  Ok maybe you don’t need to go to those extremes, but I will.  A simple “congrats” will suffice but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to you breaking out a dance session to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” in my honor!

I will certainly miss my old company and all of the great people I left behind whom I love dearly.  Some weren’t so great but that’s to be said with any company.  I’m just happy because this will hopefully be a step in settling my life down and getting some “me” time back.  And by “me” time I mean “you” time since that will hopefully mean I can get blogging more.  And simply getting to watch more TV to be able to blog more.

So I’m very happy and since I have all next week off I will be catching up on the blog quite a bit.  Can you believe I JUST caught up on the series finale of Chuck.  Chuck!!!!  One of my all time favorite shows!!!  That’s how crazy I have been.  So I have lots of thoughts on the finale….I seriously thought I would never be able to see again after crying so much.  Plus I want to catch up on other shows and discuss them with you.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support and I look forward to talking TV with everyone next week!

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