RECAP/REVIEW: Castle “47 Seconds” S4 E19

27 Mar

Finally!!!!   Progress!!!!   I’m sorry, did she just say progress?  Yes I did.  Progress at last!!!  Did she watch the same episode last night that we did.  How can she call what happened last night, progress?  Is she drunk again?  Normally you might be right.  I might be drunk.  But since I am on this new diet plan, alcohol is out the window for the time being.   While I’m sure many of you are frustrated over the fallout from last night’s “47 Seconds” (and believe me, I have my issues) I see this episode as the step in the right direction we have needed for a while now.  We are finally heading in the direction of putting Castle and Beckett where they belong….together.  I still think she’s drunk, I don’t care what she says about some dumb diet.  Well then, allow me to elaborate on why I think what happened on last night’s Castle is finally a move down the road to togetherness for Beckett and Castle.  Hopefully this will calm some of the fans down who are really worried at this point.

For a while now, many of us Castle fans were ready for the show to make a move on the Castle/Beckett front.  Either put them together or keep them apart.   But something has to happen.  In recent interviews, Andrew Marlowe has said, this is a season of secrets and the ramifications of those secrets.  He’s also on record saying that Castle and Beckett will be together.   So in my opinion, this is the first step towards moving them together.  Castle and Beckett are both harboring huge secrets from one another.  At one point or another, those secrets will be revealed to the other (the first one happening last night.)  Now, we all know what’s going to happen….it’s going to worse before it gets better.  What do they say in the military?   They break you down before they build you back up.  That’s what’s happening here.  Castle and Beckett are going to be broken down so that eventually, they can be built back up.  This was the first hammer to fall.  So it says to me that we have already begun the process of eventual partnering.  Think of it like this…Beckett and Castle have been on the same road together for about 2 years now.  But they’ve hit a fork in the road and they are about to take different paths.  While it seems as though they have gone in different directions, they haven’t.  Because no matter which route they take, all of them will eventually lead back to the same one road where they meet up again.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Keep telling yourself that.  Because it’s true.  It will get better.  But now I know that the plan is in motion, I am ready to be a little more patient, because I think the pay out will be spectacular when it does happen!

Having said all that, I want to get into the actual reveal of secret #1 and discuss how Mr. Rick Castle handled it.  The case last night was a good one.  A news team is covering an “Occupy Wall Street” type protest in Boylan Park when a bomb goes off killing some people and injuring many others.  The FBI is involved, Homeland Security is involved, and the NYPD is there in a support role to figure out who was responsible for the bombing.  Isn’t it interesting though that the NYPD was there in a “support role” yet it seems to me that they solved the entire case.  Although if we were watching Criminal Minds or The Mentalist, it would have been a federal agency that solved the crime, but whatever.  I digress.  Beckett and the Boys come across a suspect they believe is the bomber and all evidence at this point, is pointing towards him.   Beckett is really pushing him in the interrogation room and the suspect is getting very flustered.  He admits to Beckett that he had the backpack (which had the bomb in it) but he didn’t know what was in it and that he blacked out after that.  He can’t remember anything.  That’s when she calls BS on him and tells him that he can’t use trauma as an excuse.  She was shot in the chest and she remembers every single thing from that day, so she doesn’t believe him.  Meanwhile, Castle wasn’t at the precinct when Beckett went in to question the perp.  So she doesn’t think he’s there.  He eventually showed up and asked Esposito if they made any progress on the case. He tells him, “better than that, we have the suspect.  Beckett’s questioning him now.”    So Castle goes into the viewing room to watch the interview.  That’s when he hears Beckett admit to remembering everything.   Leading up to this, he had a conversation with Martha about telling Beckett his feelings again.   She gives him great advice (as usual) and he decides that he wants to tell her.  But he decides to wait until after the case.  Unfortunately, if he had told her when he planned, she would I have reciprocated (I know she would have) and we wouldn’t be in this mess.  But he didn’t and now he believes she doesn’t return his feelings since she has known this whole time and hasn’t said anything.  Castle tells Martha and she gives him bad advice for once by basically telling him that he has his answer and he needs to move on.  He agrees but decides he will still work with Beckett but will push his feelings away and they will become nothing more than work partners.  Back at the 12th, Castle’s approach and rapport with Beckett is obviously different.  Beckett senses it but as usual, doesn’t address it or say anything.  Castle is distant and short with her.  Very business like.  But Castle being Castle, he makes sure he drops little quips along the way letting all of us know how he fells about secrets and betrayal….”sinning by silence isn’t strong, it’s cowardly.”   After the case is solved (it was the reporter and one of the victims who were involved basically to make her career stronger) Beckett wants to celebrate and the boys say they can’t.  So she thinks it will be her and Castle and he blows her off.  She also asks him what he wanted to talk to her about and he says….nothing.  He leaves but not before giving her the stink eye when the elevator door shuts.

While I believe Castle has every right to be heartbroken over this, I also think he’s being a bit of a hypocrite.  Is he forgetting about the big secret he is keeping from her?   He has to know that when she finds out, she’s going to be severely pissed at him.  Also, he has his reasons for keeping it from her.  So can’t he deduce that while on the surface it may appear that she didn’t tell him the truth because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, couldn’t there be more to it than that?  Couldn’t she have HER reasons for not telling him the truth?   Why wouldn’t he give her the benefit of the doubt to explain?  Castle has seemed to be the type of person to confront things and not let them fester (save for this whole telling Beckett how he feels nonsense.)  Why wouldn’t he confront this head on?  It seems a little out of character for him.  If it were me, I would have taken her up on the drink and talked to her about it and get into her head about why she didn’t say anything then and why she hasn’t said anything since when she’s had lots of good opportunities.  This is where Castle does have the right to be pissed.  They have both been in life and death situations about 2-3 times this season.  There were moments where Kate should have said something and obviously could have easily done so.  But she didn’t.  It’s a little different from “he guess what?   Remember when I told you to back off your mother’s case for your own sanity.  Well I really did it because someone is threatening you and I have been looking into on my own.  Oh and by the way, Love You Babe!!”  So in that sense, I can see where Rick would be devastated and jump to the conclusion of Kate not loving him back because of all the opportunities she has had to tell him.  But he has to remember that Kate’s number one valued trait in a person is trust.  If she doesn’t trust, you are dead to her.  Even though he has good reason for keeping his secret, he has to know that by doing so, he is breaking her number one rule.  That could be a point of no return for her.  So if I were him, I would have gone out for the drink and I would have opened up to her and been honest with her first.  Then I would confront her secret and just lay everything out there.  But he didn’t.  He’s keeping it to himself and as usual, these two aren’t addressing how they really feel……UGH!!!!

Looks like next week, Castle’s back to dating anything that moves, which gets under Beckett’s skin, and we see Beckett asking Lanie’s advice on whether or not to tell Castle how she feels.  I’m so happy to see that friendship returning.  They don’t do enough of that in my opinion.  But this is where I will want to slap Kate around.  Do you really need to ask Lanie if you should tell Castle your feelings?  OF COURSE YOU SHOULD TELL HIM!!!  If you want a relationship with the guy, tell him how you feel.  If don’t, then don’t.  It’s pretty simple.   So Miss Kate Beckett, this next song goes out to you…..

Kate Beckett’s Theme Song

I’m still trying to figure out how all this is a good thing.   She didn’t really make her argument.  Did she not read what she just wrote above?   How is this all a good thing?  I’m glad you asked.   Because all this HAS to happen before they get together.  There is no way around it.  The secrets and the fallout from learning the secrets, has to materialize before Castle and Beckett can be making Caskett babies.  The longer we went without these secrets coming to light, the longer till Castle and Beckett can be a couple.  Therefore, since secret #1 has come out, we are already starting to pass towards the last big hurdle (the fork in the road) to eventually get to our happy ending.  I’m sorry their happy ending.  It’s going to suck right now.   Probably through the season finale and most likely the early part of next season.  But I promise (I cringe as I say that since I have no creative control over the show) by this time next season or close to it, our dynamic duo will be together the way we have ALL wanted them together since the beginning.  Fear not Caskett shippers, our day is coming and it will be here before you know it.  Hang on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  But the pay out will be worth it.  I know it will be!


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