RECAP/REVIEW: The Good Wife “Gloves Come Off” & “Blue Ribbon Panel” S3 E18 & 19

27 Mar

The best show on TV delivers another fantastic episode on Sunday night.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least comment on the March 18th episode “Gloves Come Off.”  I watched both yesterday so there are a few things I want to discuss from each.

Gloves Come Off

Elizabeth Reaser is back as Tammy.  I must say, the slick dark hair is a really good look for her!  I’ve said this before when Tammy was around more, I can’t stand her character and I really don’t think Reaser is a very good actress.  The only good thing about Tammy coming back is that her visit precipitated a reunion between Alicia and Kalinda..sort of.  Tammy tells Alicia that she and Will weren’t over when she slept with him.  But once they did sleep together, Will seemed to forget all about Tammy and appears to have lost her number. It put some things in perspective for Alicia…good people make bad choices sometimes.   Alicia isn’t a bad person but she had just found out about another person Peter had slept with and it happened to be her current BFF. Between that and the chemistry she and Will had once shared, she let her guard down and gave into her needs.  Unfortunately, she hurt someone else in the process.  I think this is why Alicia is seeing Kalinda’s situation regarding Peter in a different light.  People have their reasons for having an affair.  You may not agree with their reasons and they may not agree with yours.  But people have them and if you are going to be someone who is one part of a cheating tandem, you can’t judge other people.  So Alicia decided to extend an olive branch to Kalinda to see if they can get back to where they were.  She doesn’t know if they can but she’d like to try.   Yeah!!!!!   You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

The case involved a former hockey player suing a snowmobile company for the death of his wife, which turned into a countersuit since the former hockey player suffered head trauma so he decides to go after the league.  It’s a complicated case and one that was really fascinating until the end when for some reason, the snowmobile company dropped their countersuit and settled for what the plaintiff was requesting in the first place.  I was as confused as Alicia and Julius.  The case did bring back a TGW favorite…Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox.)  Canning has been trying to woo Alicia to his firm now for over a year.  Alicia isn’t interested because she doesn’t want to be considered a poacher.  I really don’t understand her logic here.  Well I do and I don’t.  People get recruited from rival companies all the time.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal (especially if they keep turning down the offer.)  If someone out there is willing to pay you a better compensation package for the work you do with a potential for better advancement, why wouldn’t you at least consider it.  You’d be a fool not to.  You may be perceived as loyal but now you’d also be perceived as stupid.  And I still don’t buy the loyalty angle.  Just because you change jobs, doesn’t make you disloyal.  In the end, Alicia used Canning’s offer to solicit a better offer from Lockhart Gardner.  At first she was really pushing Diane but she pushed one step too far when Diane asked Alicia to give her until the end of the week and Alicia said no.  Diane stood her ground and said “the end of the week Alicia or you can clean out your desk now.”  Both women were taking big risks.  Alicia needed more money for a house and Diane didn’t want to see one of the stars of her company leave but she wasn’t about to be strong armed by her either.  It was also hard to feel for Alicia somewhat in this scenario.  Because of the different flashbacks we were seeing, I couldn’t tell if she really wanted her old house again or not.  So if you can’t afford $1.9 million for a home, then find a home you can afford.   Why is it LG’s fault that they don’t pay you enough to buy that kind of home?  Also, you and Peter are still married.  These are his children that will be living there.  Why not pull your resources and buy the home together?   You and the kids live there and he can still live in the city until you guys work things out.  I know she wants to do this on her own, I get that.  But sometimes your pride has to take a back seat (if you can’t do it on your own) to do what’s in the best interest of your family.  Or simply buy a cheaper home.

Show of hands.  How many people love seeing Diane Lockhart playing the field?   That’s what I thought…everyone.   I loved watching her get flustered on the phone as she is switching back and forth between Kurt and Jack’s calls and trying to schedule dates with both of them.  In case you were wondering, Team Kurt right here!  I can’t get behind Bryan Brown’s Jack because I still remember him being such a jerk in the movie Cocktail.  Sorry Bryan.  I know it’s not fair, but it is what it is.

The last question I want to raise…who is leaking information about Will to the review board?  In typical form when it comes to my feelings about Will Gardner, I can’t feel bad for him.  He is hanging around helping with cases (even though he thinks he’s skirting around it by being ambiguous and dismissive.)  He is doing things he shouldn’t be doing.  So I can’t feel bad for him that someone is saying it to the review board.  However, the Judas must be captured and punished!!  You don’t squeal on your firm or your teammate.  And that’s what someone is doing.   But who?

Blue Ribbon Panel

I need someone to explain the point of a Blue Ribbon Panel.  How do these things come about and what is the end goal of these panels?   Because I don’t get it.  Isn’t the most important thing to find out the truth to what is happening so the victims’ receive justice?   Well apparently that isn’t the goal of this particular panel which is headed up by the devious Mike Kresteva (played by the delicious Matthew Perry.)  Alicia was asked to step in on Diane’s behalf and step in she did.  One of the things I love about TGW is the real world feel the show has at times.  Here is a woman who is confident, intelligent, determined, and excellent at her job, who is thrown into the deep end of the pool with very powerful people.  She was out of her league at first.  And we get to see Alicia’s self-doubt creep in very much the way we saw her in the early parts of Season 1 when she was just trying to find a way to be successful and figure out what is going on.  Even very successful people have moments where they aren’t sure if they are up for a certain task (whether they want you to know it or not.)  But in typical Alicia form, she outshines everyone in the room.   No one tells her this is basically a formality because all Alicia cares about is the truth….how refreshing.  But it starts to backfire on her because in her quest for justice, she may be putting her career in jeopardy by pissing off judges and other lawyers.  So she needs to weigh what’s more important.  She of course falls on the side of justice and sooner than later starts to have some people in her corner.  It backfires though when it is revealed that her husband was involved in the early investigation and he chose to shut down the pursuit for unknown reasons.  It was a racial charged case with a white man shooting black man.   So Kresteva gives Alicia the choice…file the amended paperwork and the case goes away or file the truthful paperwork that will come back to bite her husband and other people, in the ass.  She chooses to save Peter.

I love when that happens!!!  Not because the victim won’t receive justice for his father’s death, but when the outcome isn’t as neat and tidy as we would like.  Why can’t Alicia find justice and protect Peter?   Because you don’t always have that choice.  Sometimes, your choices are hard and someone has to be the loser.  That’s how the real world works.  And that’s what happened to the victim’s family.  Perry was terrific as the slimy but charming Kresteva.  It’s another thing that TGW has always been the best at….perfect guest stars that you just want to see over and over again (except Elizabeth Reaser.)  And they bring these guest stars in just enough so you remember them but not too often that you get sick of them.

Overall this was a very strong Alicia-centric episode.  Between her fighting the old boys club on the Blue Ribbon panel to fighting the IRS and FBI for Kalinda, she was not someone to mess with this week!  You know where all that intensity is coming from?   The stress of buying a home.  It can make you do some crazy things and act in insane ways.  I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, starred in the movie.  I have to say though that the one eye-rolling part of the episode is when the real estate agent asks Alicia to write a letter to the home owner about why she should get the house.  I’m sorry, but I’ve bought and sold enough homes over the years that it has nothing to do with that.  Yes you want someone to buy your home that you know will love it and take care of it as much as you did, but you can’t control that.  What you can control is how much you get for your house.  Because ultimately, it’s your decision who you sell your home to.  You can write me the most beautiful letter in the world.  But if your offer is several hundred thousand dollars less than other offers, sorry for your luck.  That’s kind of what happened to Alicia.  They called to say they loved her letter and they want her to have the house, but they still wanted their money.  So they are giving Alicia the chance to match the best offer so they can give the house to her.  So it kind of worked, kind of didn’t.  But it didn’t matter because Alicia got the house!  She has no idea how that’s possible since she didn’t up her bid but the agent said she was looking at the paper work with the name Florrick on it.  “How many Florrick’s are there” she asks.  Really? You’ve never heard of the State’s Attorney Peter Florrick?   Ugh.  Alicia confronts Peter about it but he is clearly in the dark and has no idea what she is talking about.  It then dawns on her that there is a third Florrick. That’s right.  It’s the God awful most horrible character on this show, Jackie Florrick.  She bought the house in Peter’s name.  Damn her.  And that’s how the episode ends….with Alicia tracking Jackie down to her salon where she asks to speak with her.  I can’t wait to see the fireworks when we come back on April 15th.  APRIL 15th!!!   Yikes.

As you can tell from my recent post on the renewals for CBS, TGW was renewed for Season 4.  Can I get an Amen?   AMEN!!  Can I get an Oh Yeah?   OH YEAH!!!!  Can I get a Hell Yes?   HELL YES!!!   I’m not excited in the least that TGW is coming back.   We only have 3 more episodes until the season finale.   What do you think will happen with this Jackie/Alicia showdown?   Is there any chance that Peter and Alicia, with this new house situation, will find their way back to each other again?  What will happen with Will and the review board? What is going on with Kalinda’s situation and why is Lana after her?   So many questions to answer before the April 29th season finale!!!!


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4 responses to “RECAP/REVIEW: The Good Wife “Gloves Come Off” & “Blue Ribbon Panel” S3 E18 & 19

  1. Kiki

    March 28, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Hell yea season 4!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the recaps!!! Very good two episodes, especially cause they are Alicia centered!!

    Cannot wait for April 15th, let’s sit back and enjoy the A/J showdown!!!

    • fortheloveoftv

      March 28, 2012 at 10:50 am

      I love the A/J smackdowns. They are fantastic. I can’t wait to hear Jackie’s warped reasoning for buying this house in Peter’s name. Did she do it to screw Alicia? Did she do it to try to help push them back together. Now if the latter is the case, I don’t mind it so much! LOL. But I HATE these long breaks between shows!!!

  2. Melissa

    March 28, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    I hope they don’t skip the Alicia/Jackie showdown. Sometimes they move past stuff like that and only mention it in passing later. I’m crossing my fingers for an epic showdown, though I think it would have been better to cap the episode with it. I just hope Jackie doesn’t turn up shot! and Alicia is the prime suspect, based on her comment to Peter. How delicious would that be?

    One interpretation of all the meaningful glances Alicia was giving Kalinda (though I know yours is right, as well) is that Alicia missed having her friend to ask for advice. Think of everything she was juggling – house, Louis Canning’s offer, confronting Diane – before she would have gone to Kalinda for counsel. I think that she misses having a confidant.

    • fortheloveoftv

      March 28, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      I would agree with you. Alicia doesn’t seem to have any friends right now and Kalinda was the only real friend she had. As much as she is still upset with her and still feels betrayed by her, she misses her friend. And there are so many reasons why she needs her right now.

      I’m glad the show is moving back in that direction. I’ve really missed their friendship on the show (it’s the one thing that’s really been lacking). Now maybe they. Now maybe they can team up and take down Jackie!


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