RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Pants on Fire” S3 E20

16 Apr

Chandler Bing is horrible and amazing at the same time.  In typical The Good Wife form, they are flipping fantastic when it comes to guest stars on this show.  I was hoping “Blue Ribbon Panel” wasn’t going to be the last we saw of Mike Kresteva (played by the always remarkable Matthew Perry) and after last nights episode, we only scratching the surface of Mr. Kresteva’s devious and manipulative ways.

I think the key with finding a good foil for our heroes (that would be Peter and Alicia in case you were wondering) is finding someone we can’t stand because they are making or are about to make life very difficult for our protagonists but at the same time is so charismatic that we want to see more of them.  The old “I love to hate you” mentality if you will.  And that’s what Kresteva brings.  He is calculating, dastardly, and beguiling. But you know why I love him the most?   Yes you do.  You know what I am going to say before I even write it down.  Kiki, you know where I’m going!   I love him because he is already starting to bring Peter and Alicia back together.

To me, Peter and Alicia will always belong together and I believe that’s what they want as well.  For obvious reasons, Alicia was hurt.  But Peter has changed and so has Alicia.  I believe that once the hurt is gone they will find their way back to one another.  It happened once, it can happen again.  And what better way to start the reconciliation than to have a common enemy to fight!

Peter has been going back and forth about his run for Governor.  Of course Eli wants him to run but does Peter?  He has mentioned several times that he really enjoys being the State’s Attorney again and that he wants to run a tighter, more above ship this time around.  So does he want to throw that away for the chance at the Governor’s office?  By the end of the episode the answer is, yes.  What gives Peter that final nudge towards running?  Alicia’s support.

First, Alicia goes to see Eli.  You see, Kresteva came to see her in her office regarding the BRP report and asked if she would be willing to write a minority report.  She declines again because of the conflict of interest since he husband was possibly involved in the case.  He leaves.  Later that day, he is on the news saying how it was Alicia who invited him to her office to discuss suppressing certain information because it would expose her husband.  He says he refused to do it because the most important thing is the truth.  Alicia’s jaw (along with mine) is on the floor at this point.  After this grandstanding of insidiousness, Kresteva then announces he is running for Governor of Illinois.  Of course he is!!!!   So Alicia goes to see Eli and at first wants him to go after Kresteva and tell him to stop spreading lies about her.  Eli tells her that will get them no where and to just let it go.  Who are we kidding?   There is NO WAY she is letting this go.  She confronts Kresteva who recounts a completely different version of events (a were-you-smoking-crack-then-or-now version of events) and Alicia is beside herself.  It’s one thing to lie to a pundit or a TV audience.  It’s an entirely different matter to lie directly to the person you are lying about and look at them, like they have lost their mind because they don’t remember it the way you are fabricating it.  When Alicia gets back to LG, she tells Eli what happened and before she can finish, he finishes it for her.  He reminds her how good he is at his job and to let him handle it.  At this point, she says she wants Peter to run and win and she is behind it 100%..whatever Eli needs.   That’s my girl!!!  Of course there is the ubiquitous reminder of no kids involved.

Finally, Alicia goes to Peter.  She tells him what a fantastic Governor he would make and that regardless of their issues, she has always supported his politics and belief system.  She will back him and he really appreciates the support that he desperately needs.  This pushes him over the edge to run.   When he meets Kresteva in the elevator later on and lets him know that he will be running against him, Peter asks him to leave out the families.  You can go after him all he wants, but leave out the families.  Kresteva says no way.  In Mike’s mind, that’s what makes it fun.  How far will you go to get elected when it could destroy your family.  In particular, his wife.  This is setting up for a MONSTER campaign that I cannot wait to watch.  With Alicia and Peter teaming up, there is no way they can lose!!!

Another interesting twist on the political front is Eli being torn between Peter’s campaign and his ex-wife, Vanessa’s (played by Parker Posey) campaign.  I’ve never been a huge Parker Posey fan but I LOVE her as Eli’s ex.  Eli isn’t running her campaign but he is consulting to help her out (and, as to be expected, they have started sleeping together again.)  Unfortunately, the head of the DNC comes to see Eli and puts him in a brutal position.  He doesn’t want Vanessa to run.  He has another candidate the committee would rather see this time around and if she runs, she takes all the women voters away from him and he’ll lose.   If Eli continues to help Vanessa, the DNC will not support Peter’s bid for Governor.  If Eli pulls his support from Vanessa, the DNC will back Peter.  Ugh!!  That is brutal!!  Eventually, Eli gives Vanessa the bad news therefore giving the DNC what they want and Eli and Peter get what they want.  But Vanessa left hung out to dry.  That sucks.  But that’s politics.

Lastly, there is one more thing I need to touch on….Alicia and Peter vs. Jackie.  We knew the showdown was coming based off the ending from “BRP” (that you may not remember considering it was close to a month since the last new episode!)   Curse you CBS!!  Anyhoo, when last we left, Alicia was trying to buy her old house but it didn’t work out.  However, her agent called to congratulate her when she saw the name Florrick on the agreement of sale.  Putting 2 and 2 together, Alicia realized it was Jackie who bought the house.  She confronts the witch at her salon and asks why.  Jackie says she bought it for Peter and the kids.  And Alicia chimes in “with the hopes of you moving in as well.  That way you get what you want…me out of the picture.”  Alicia is pissed and tells Jackie that she will stop it.  “How” Jackie asks.  “I’m a lawyer, watch me” Alicia replies.  I love their pissing matches!!!

Alicia calls Peter about what Jackie did and Peter tells her that he will handle it.  Peter invites Mommie Dearest over to his office and tells her to withdraw the offer.  She says she can’t but Peter is very firm with her and he isn’t messing around.  Seriously, if she wasn’t his mother, I would have thought he was threatening her.  She tries to tell him that Alicia is manipulating him (oh and she isn’t trying to do the same thing…weasel) but Peter isn’t buying it.  He tells her to back off and pull the offer or he will make the call and do it himself.  She relents and walks out with her tail between her legs.  But Jackie is not one to go down without a fight….

Alicia gets a call from Jackie telling her that she had a stroke and to please call Peter.  They both arrive at the hospital but Alicia is there just a minute before Peter.  Jackie asks her to lean down and whispers “I forgive you.”  Just then Peter comes in and immediately apologizes for yelling at her earlier and Jackie lays in bed with a smug look on her face.

Ok, so here is my question.  Did Jackie really have a stroke or not?  I know you can’t fake a stroke BUT she has a lot of money and influence.  Could she set this up to make it look like a stroke to wear Peter down?  If not and she really had a stroke, then she is using it for everything she can to paint this as Alicia’s fault and get Peter to do what she wants.   WEASEL!!!   Either way, she sucks.  It just seems a bit of fortuitous timing that right after Peter scolded her, she has a stroke.  Also, we didn’t see her have the stroke.  We just see her in a hospital bed.  So until I am proved wrong, I think Jackie just had an episode of some sort that she is blowing up to be a stroke.  And yes, I do think she is that awful a person to do something like that!

Only two more episodes until the season finale!!  What are you hoping to see before we break for next fall?

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One response to “RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Pants on Fire” S3 E20

  1. Kiki

    April 18, 2012 at 12:06 am

    OMG!!!! I cannot believe it, when I saw my name I was like LOL….because yes I knew exactly what you were going to write LOL. I am really excited, but I am also very cautious! I want them to do it right this time if they are heading there again. I want true emotion, and I hope Alicia’s heart is really in it. I am not sure if “the love” is back, but them teaming up together can surely get them there again! OMG the possibilities of amazing scenes gives me the biggest SMILE!
    Man I am so excited of what S4 will bring, and as you said A/P teaming up, NO way they can lose!!! YAY!!

    Oh is it Sunday yet? LOL


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