RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “The Penalty Box” S3 E21

23 Apr

There were some very eyebrow raising moments in tonight’s TGW.  Some confused me and some intrigued me.  The only thing I wasn’t confused about was seeing Lemond Bishop again.  Wow is that man just beautiful to look at!!  But more on him a little later.  Let’s break down “The Penalty Box”

Alicia and Diane’s Case

Judge Cuesta (who will always be Leon Kodak to me, played by the fabulous David Paymer) is being asked to step aside from the bench because he is being accused of prosecutorial misconduct stemming from a case in which an innocent man went to prison for 20 years for the murder of his wife.  (DNA later exonerated the man.) This has to be difficult when a lawyer has to defend a judge.  The judge is used to putting these lawyers in their place and having the power that when they speak their directives are followed, most of the time without question.  Likewise lawyers are used to biting their tongues most of the time out of respect for the men and women wearing the robes behind the bench.  But when a judge needs a lawyer, those rules are thrown out the window.  It’s hard for both sides but if the best case is to be put forward, all egos have to be pushed back to do what’s in the best interest of the client.

This case was my first eyebrow raising moment.  It appeared as though Cuesta was bending over backwards to protect his ADA.   First there was evidence that was left in the community smoking area where the jury was able to see it.  This was also evidence that was inadmissible due to the inflammatory detail that could cause prejudicial bias towards the defendant.   Then, there were banking receipts that would have proved the defendant didn’t commit the crime, that were withheld from the defense.  On both counts, Cuesta went over and above to protect ADA Lloyd.   Why?  I understand protecting your people and not being a snitch to save your own skin.  I can respect that.  I can also respect protecting a good person who made a simple mistake and you don’t want their career ruined over an honest mistake.  But Lloyd is out of the practice of law (he’s now in real estate.)  Plus, at what point is protecting someone making you just as culpable as the person who made the mistake?  This is a man who went to prison for 20 years for something he didn’t do.  This is also something that will destroy your career.  It’s obvious this ADA was a bad seed.  Making a mistake is one thing.  But choosing several despicable methods to win your case, shows a pattern of egregious behavior, not a green lawyer making one mistake.   So why was Cuesta so willing to destroy his career for a kid who couldn’t care less about him?  If Lloyd cared about Cuesta as much as Cuesta seemed to want to protect him, he would have owned up to his decisions and not let Cuesta take the heat.  And the other thing I couldn’t get over is that this guy is out of law!!!  He’s not a practicing attorney any longer!  He’s in real estate!  What are you protecting?  At some point, it’s gets to be stupid rather than honorable.   I didn’t get it.  Once you realize there were so many things Lloyd did to send an innocent man to prison, the quest to protect him should have ceased because it proved he could have cared less about protecting you.

Cary vs. Callie 

LG needs a new litigator and ASAP.  Diane wants Cary, Will doesn’t, and Howard just wants to know who Cary will take with him on a desert island.  Which cracked me up when he asked Diane and Will if he was gay considering he mentioned two men and not one woman.  Ha!  Diane also interviews Callie (played by Julianne Nicholson.)  Will didn’t know about this so when she tells him he lets her know that he is sleeping with her.  To which Diane replies “can’t you keep your pants on?”   I love her!   Ultimately Callie takes a job with another firm and Cary is offered the job at LG to which he is welcomed back with open arms…except Will.  His arms are only slightly opened and is very cautious with having Cary back on board.

Eyebrow raising moments #2 and #3.  The #2 moment was Will’s reaction to bringing Cary back into the fold.  Why was he so hesitant?  I know Cary was one of the ASAs prosecuting Will but as he explained to him, it wasn’t his choice.  He was given the case and it was his job to pursue it.  While Will might be upset about that, he has to understand that it wasn’t personal between him and Cary.  He had a job to do and he did it.  So other than the target was you, what’s your beef?  He also has to know that most of the dirty tactics being used were Wendy Scott Carr.  Will’s been around the block long enough to know who was driving the train on that inquiry.

Having said all that, could Will have another reason to not trust bringing Cary back to LG?  Which brings me to moment #3: the end of the episode where Peter calls Cary.  Is this all a set up?  My conspiracy theory mind is going crazy trying to put all these pieces together.  Let’s go back to last season’s season finale.  The final scene is Cary going into Peter’s office to discuss getting his job back.  Peter realizes that he used to work with Alicia and LG.  So all indications were that Peter was going to use Cary to go after LG, Will, and possibly Alicia.  My guess was that Peter wasn’t going to go after Alicia because he still loved her and eventually wanted her back.  But if he can take down LG or Will, then ok.  That seemed to go by the waste side this year though.  I thought that final scene was going to set up a massive showdown with Cary in the middle.  While it did happen (sort of), it didn’t in the way I thought.  Yes Peter wanted to go after Will but when he put Wendy Scott Carr on it and she took it down paths Peter didn’t want it to go, he nipped her and her agenda in the bud.  But Cary was put in the middle of that.   I think since Peter realized that going after Will meant, by extension, going after Alicia, he pulled back.  But maybe he isn’t finished yet and is trying to go about this another way.  That’s where Cary working for LG comes into play.

I think Cary going to LG for a job was originally an innocent proposition.  He lost favor in the SA office so he’s looking for another opportunity.  He loved working there, his relationship with Alicia is much better (or is it), so he took the jump back to the “dark side.”  When Peter found out, he was genuinely upset.  He brings Cary into his office and they discuss the information that was brought to Peter’s attention.  Peter talks about loyalty and Cary tells him that he is loyal.  After Peter tells him to turn his cases over to Geneva and that he’ll receive 1 month’s severance, the scene is over.  Was there another conversation that was had that we weren’t privy to?  I don’t know.  After Cary bumped into Alicia at LG and asked her not to say anything to Peter, does Cary assume it was Alicia who spilled the beans?  I don’t know.  Does that phone call by Peter that Cary took while talking to Alicia (celebrating his return to the “dark side”) mean something more than Peter asking him where he left his stapler?  I don’t know!  As usual, I’m probably reading MUCH more into this than there actually is.  But I can’t help it!  I always think there is more to something than meets the eye and while TGW, for the most part, has been a straight forward show, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something bigger brewing.


Someone needs to explain to me what happened with her and Lemond Bishop…yum.  My husband and I were on opposite sides.  I think my husband was right though (don’t you dare tell him I said that!!!)   He thought Kalinda did some work for Bishop and he was pissed that the FBI found out about and are questioning him.  I thought, you know what, never mind.  What I thought was dumb.  Even revisiting it in my head it makes no sense.  I change my mind, hubby was 100% right.  Anyhoo, Bishop tells Alicia and Kalinda that he doesn’t like the FBI sniffing around him (what a shock) and tells them to handle it.  Kalinda goes to see Agent Delany and tells her…I’m sorry fondles her into submission…to stop going after Lemond Bishop because it will get her killed.  Lana tells her no can do and Kalinda leaves.

This does drive me crazy about Kalinda.  She always uses sex to get what she wants.  Isn’t that how she lost her only friend for a while there?  Hasn’t she learned from that?  Kalinda is sharp and she’s a bad ass.  She doesn’t need to resort to the sex thing every time.  It’s one area I wish the writers would clean up.   In fairness to Lana, it’s not fair of Kalinda to ask her to not do her job.  As a FBI agent and with Lemond Bishop the biggest criminal in Chicago, Lana has to go after him.  On the flip side, can’t she go after Bishop without dragging Kalinda into it?  There has to be a million other ways she can pursue him without bringing Kalinda into the fold.   I don’t think the writers would kill off Kalinda because she’s way too popular a character, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this storyline does have me a bit concerned.

Next week….the season finale!!!!  It’s hard to believe with the way CBS has scheduled this show all year that it’s already time for the last episode.   But it is.  I have to say, I don’t have nearly the giddiness I had last season for that finale, but I am thrilled to see Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) returning for the finale.  Will we be seeing a little Chandler Bing as well?  One could hope!

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