SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: Veep “Fundraiser” – Pilot S1 E1

23 Apr

This will be a quick one because I HAVE to get back to work! Veep was awesome and I laughed constantly. Veep stars Julia Louis Dreyfus as a former Senator turned V-POTUS Selina Meyer. She is just starting to get used to her new position (she has her own flag you know!) and trying to focus on a Clean Job Commission that is causing quite a few headaches for her new staff: Chief of Staff, Amy (played by Anna Chlumsky), Director of Communications, Mike (played by Matt Walsh), Personal Aide, Gary (played by Tony Hale), recently poached Strategist, Dan (played by Reid Scott), Executive Assistant, Sue (played by Sufe Bradshaw) and annoying White House liaison, Jonah (played by Timothy Simons.)

Veep was laugh out loud funny, very witty, well paced, and extremely well cast. The thing that caught me most off guard was hearing ladies like JLD and Kate Burton dropping F-bombs during the episode! I’m so used to seeing both ladies on network TV so of course that language isn’t permissible. But I have to remember that they’re on HBO so they were letting it rip. JLD was in rare form and I mean that in a good way. She is incredibly funny and her timing is fantastic. I loved when she came out of a meeting after learning that Amy, who was supposed to sign Selena’s name on a card for a Senator who just passed away, signed her own name instead. Selena freaked out, sent coffee flying through the office, and scolded her people to get the card and fix it. She then calmed down and went right back in her meeting. The cast chemistry right out of the gate is really strong. You would think they’ve been working together for 4 seasons…that’s how well they were clicking. This is quickly going to become one of my must see TV shows, I can tell already!

I love TV shows about the White House and politics because I find it fascinating. And I really love when they are comedies. Mostly because politics and the status of our country is no laughing matter. It’s serious stuff. So I find the more serious the topic (in the right context) the funnier it can be. And that’s what you have with Veep.

Veep airs 10am on Sundays on HBO right after Game of Thrones (review on that coming soon.) You must check it out because it’s absolutely terrific!!! Again, sorry for the short recap but duty calls!

And by the way, did the President call? No? Ok.

DVRs: 3 1/2


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