SEASON FINALE REVIEW: The Good Wife “The Dream Team” S4 E22

30 Apr

Unbelievable!!!!  I really didn’t think this would be much of a season finale….when will I learn?  Last night’s season finale of TGW was fabulous.  I’ve mentioned several times how there is no show on TV that has done a better job with guest stars the way TGW has.  All their guest stars should win Emmys.  They are that good and that magnificent.  Martha Plimpton is absolutely brilliant as Patti Nyholm.  And really, what more can I say about MJF.  Them teaming up to take down LG is genius.  But will it be successful?

The Dream Team vs. LG

LG has just won another class action suit.  One they believed they had no chance of winning.  Since they realize this will be tied up in appeals for years, LG tries to go for an immediate settlement to get the money to the client faster.  Seems reasonable.   But Canning isn’t budging.   In fact, he’s delaying the discussion because he is waiting for his attorney…one supermom, Patti Nyholm.  Then the bomb drops…they are suing LG for $50 million for fraud.  Basically the case should have been a $1 million settlement or jury trial.  Instead LG insisted it be a bench trial and they were awarded $25 million.  Canning and Nyholm are accusing LG of judicial tampering since the judge was someone Will played basketball with and mostly likely bribed for the favorable judgement.  We know it isn’t true but with Will’s history and his issues with the bar association now public knowledge, that’s what they are playing off of.   Not to get too off topic, but how can this not be an issue for the firm moving forward?  In real life, they would have to cut Will loose for this exact reason…they can’t have every judgement that goes their way result in a countersuit for fraud.  So regardless of whether or not Will is guilty (and he is) a struggling firm can’t have that liability around.  Especially a firm that is in the financial straits (which learn later on) that LG is in.  Diane will always have Will’s back and therefore will do anything for him.  If Will were a bigger person, he would step down from the firm so they wouldn’t be vulnerable to these types of actions.  But, since Josh Charles is a major character, he isn’t going anywhere.

As this is all playing out, Canning and Nyholm have made one thing very clear to LG….they are there to destroy them.  Now here’s my question.   Is this a personal attack or a professional one?  It’s one thing to go after a firm for your clients.  It’s another to take someone down because of your personal feelings.  What would be the motive for Patti and Louis here?  Patti has lost to them but Louis has beaten them more than he’s lost.  So what’s with all the venom?  Why go after them so fervently?  In the end, everything really spins on its heels.  Just when LG has gotten the upper hand on the Dream Team and destroyed their countersuit and therefore declared victory, the Dream Team had one more shoe to drop…..this wasn’t their end game.  This was all a distraction for a bigger picture move.   Patrick Edelstein, LG’s largest client, isn’t happy with them and the Dream Team was able to snatch him from their client list while this “case” was going on.  This whole thing was a rouse to steal their top client.  So while the intent to destroy them is still going strong, the action by which they are doing it was slightly different from what was originally perceived.  Ouch.  Diane and Will realize that they have been cut at the knees and are in trouble.


I am about to say something very unpopular so whatever you choose to throw at me, please have it be soft.  Kalinda is starting to annoy me.  (DUCK! for throwing objects!!)   I know Kalinda is a very private person.  I respect that.  But she lost the only girlfriend she ever had because of secrets.  Alicia has extended an olive branch to her but it comes with a price…Kalinda has to be more forthcoming and honest with her.  Alicia has been helping Kalinda with a tax case.  She finds an old check and reaches out to the company who issued it to see if they would be willing to reissue the check.  The man on the other line is very serious and cryptic and Alicia senses that something is off with him.  She hangs up and tells him she’ll get back in touch.  She doesn’t, but he gets in touch with her…twice.  Once on her cell and once at her home.  Both times, Alicia tells Kalinda about it and it wasn’t until Kalinda heard that he called her at home and called her by name that she brings her in the loop on who this is….her husband.  Kalinda also keeps all of this from Will when she asks him for money so she can run.

Ok.  I don’t know if Will knows her background.  My assumption is no because I think he would have asked if her running and asking for money had anything to do with her husband.  He didn’t.  In fact, he tells her that he thought she was happy here and couldn’t understand why she’d want to leave.  So I don’t think he knows.  Alicia doesn’t know.  No one knows.   Safe to say, this is a dangerous man.  Why else would Kalinda be so evasive (and have all that ammunition in her dry wall?)  We already know she had another name and life but we weren’t sure why or the story behind it.  I guess this was an abusive relationship that she escaped.  But here is where I start to get annoyed with her.  I get that you don’t want your private past aired out for all to know and discuss.  I get that whatever happened probably screwed you up so badly you don’t know if you like men or women.  I get that whatever happened has you so guarded, you don’t want to let that guard down for anyone.  But you know what, you did let your guard down for two people you thought you could trust….Will and Alicia.  Therefore, they deserve the truth.  Tell them what is going on.  They have proven themselves to the point that you know they won’t tell anyone and keep your confidence.  If this guy is that dangerous to the point where he now knows Alicia’s name and where she lives, you need to do something.  Running away isn’t the answer (which thankfully she changed her mind and is sticking around.)  So ask them for help.  Let them in on what is going on.  Don’t pull this “don’t worry about it I can handle it” crap again.  She is putting other people at risk by withholding information.   I don’t want Kalinda’s inherent character to change because it’s what I love about her. But there has to be some growth.  And this is an area she could grow by keeping Alicia in the loop and having her help her (as well as do what she need to do to protect her family.)  At this point, Alicia deserves to know what she is dealing with so she can protect her family.  Hopefully, Kalinda will give her that chance.  Or blow the guys brains out so no one has to deal with him ever again!   That would work too!

Alicia and Peter

Talk about a dream team.  This is why they belong together….her heart keeps pulling her back to him.  Her heart isn’t pulling her towards Will.  Her vajay-jay might be but not her heart.  It was clear in this year’s elevator scene (which I liked much better than last year’s) that while they don’t regret what they did, it’s over.  It was a moment (or ten) but it wasn’t love.  Will knows it.  Alicia knows it.  You can see it on Alicia’s face and Will’s face as he walks out of the elevator.  You can see it on Alicia’s face as she stands outside her old home.  She wants so desperately to be inside with her family.  But her heart has been shattered so many times, can she really put herself through it again.  I think she can.  I said it when it came out last year that while she was brutally hurt, and rightfully so, that hurt will eventually pass because she will realize that he did it when he was being an ass.  Not after they reconciled and were falling in love again.  Big difference.  It will certainly take time but I really believe that it’s not a matter of if, but when, they are back together as a family!

Another phenomenal season of TGW has come to a close.  What did you think of the finale?  It sets up for terrific 2012/2013 season and I am already looking forward to September!!!!


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