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SEASON FINALE QUICK RECAP & REVIEW: Scandal “Grant: For the People” S1 E7

Is it possible to love and hate the First Lady at the same time?  Well I do!!!   While I really hated her after the whole faking a miscarriage to get your husband elected situation, I really LOVED her after her very poignant conversation with Olivia and getting her husband’s presidency back on track.   Bellamy Young has been sensational as Mellie Grant.  I couldn’t help but root for her.   But I have so many questions.   Did she and Fitz ever like or love each other?   Or was this always a business transaction?  What else has Mellie done to get her husband elected?  Do we think she had ANY idea about the Amanda Tanner kidnapping and murder?   She’s a fascinating character for me and I hope we see much more of her in Season 2.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that the big cliffhanger this season was who Quinn really is?   Do we care? I care to the point that I want to know who she is but not to the point where I am waiting with bated breath for the premiere next season to find out.  Quinn isn’t a character they’ve spent a whole lot of time on for me to care enough at this point for it to be the big cliffhanger.  And I know I’m about to say something unpopular but I wanted to strangle her in the finale.  If she asked one more time in Gideon’s apartment “what’s happening” I was going to throw my remote at my TV.  Your boyfriend is dead, your fingerprints are everywhere (which apparently is problematic for reasons other than incrimination), and we need to clean this up so you are ok, so shut the hell up and stop moving.  That’s what I would have said.  I know it’s a traumatic situation she walked into…I get that.  But pull yourself together and let them help you and shut up.   And can I just say, has this chick never watched TV or movies before?   What is rule number one with a sharp object lodged into someone’s person?  DON’T REMOVE IT!!!!  It’s keeping blood from spilling everywhere and actually giving the victim time for help to arrive and possibly do something.  Don’t touch it and don’t remove it.  Not only does she remove it but she waits until AFTER she removes it and has to apply pressure on it to lunge for her cell phone that is out of reach to call for help.  Ugh!

Speaking of stupidity, what was Olivia’s team thinking?  You take everything from Gideon’s apartment to cover up the fact that Quinn was there.  You meticulously leave no stone unturned.  But when you get back to your office and get all the information off of it that you need, you leave the ringer on?  Seriously?    THEN, Olivia goes to Cohen’s office and tells him everything that happened and everything her team did.  WHAT?  What was the point of putting your entire team in a precarious situation of doing something illegal (to cover something up) only to tell the play-by-play a few hours later?

This is my one problem with Scandal but it’s also the thing that is great about Scandal.  Olivia Pope is really fallible.  Olivia is the best but when her heart gets involved, she makes too many mistakes.  I like it and I don’t.  I like the fact that it makes her human and real.  I don’t like it because if she’s that good, she wouldn’t be making so many mistakes.  She would find a way to push her emotions to her side and do her job.  It’s probably why I love the scene with Mellie so much because Mellie called her on it.  She told her, I do my job, why couldn’t you do yours?   Basically by letting Olivia’s emotions weaken her, Billy Chambers was able to destroy the President from the inside.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.  But I respect that Olivia let her talk and let her run the show.  She knew Mellie was right too.  She didn’t go after her or go toe to toe with her.  Not that Olivia couldn’t, but it wasn’t appropriate.

I have to say though, I love the fact that Scandal has made the President an enigma.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Is he weak or strong?  Easily swayed or cunning and on his game?   We’ve seen both sides of Fitz.  He’s another one that when his emotions get involved, he’s a jellyfish.  When he’s on his game, he’s a tank.  I love that and I don’t.  Who needs a wishy washy President.  Not us!  But when he’s focused, he’s unstopable.  It must be something between him and Olivia that makes them both idiots when they are around and involved with one another.  And the chemistry with Washington is undeniable.  But I’m glad they are staying apart.   To me, this isn’t a will they or won’t they.  This is better if they don’t.   We know they want to, but can’t, yet still need to be in each other’s lives.

Finally, we learn that it was Cyrus, not Billy, that was responsible for Amanda’s kidnapping and murder.  It makes sense.  It made sense that Billy would use Amanda to set up the President but it made no sense to have her killed.  I still thought it was the First Lady, but I guess it was Cyrus.   Tip for the day…..don’t mess with a man who grows beautiful roses people!

What did you think of the first season and finale of Scandal.  I really enjoyed this show.  It has some kinks to work out but overall, I loved it!


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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Smash “Bombshell” S1 E15

Where to begin.  I like Smash.  I do.  I want to LOVE it.  But I don’t.  Regardless of my middle road feelings for this show, I can’t stop watching it.  I think it has a lot of potential to really be a great show, it’s just a hot mess right now.   Some characters need to go, storylines need to be streamlined or dropped, and some characters need to be reworked and pronto.

My biggest issue with Smash right now are the characters.  Are the writers trying to make certain people irredeemable?   I’m not going to waste any more time on Ellis or Leo.  They’re awful.  They’re terrible.  And there isn’t one person on the planet that doesn’t want both characters gone, yesterday.  But I’m talking about Ivy, Dev, and Michael.   Let’s start with Michael.  Was creepy stalker in his job description?  Seriously if I were Julia, I would put out a restraining order on him if it wasn’t for the fact that it would ruin my show.  She has made it very clear on numerous occasions that she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.  Yet he keeps coming at her.  He keeps standing uncomfortably too close to her.  HE TRIED TO KISS THE OTHER DAY!!!!  What is the matter with this guy?    It’s fine if you don’t care about your family but Julia is trying to rebuild hers.  Respect it and back off.

Dev was someone I was indifferent about from the start.  I didn’t like him.  I didn’t not like him.  Now, I hate him.   Thank you writers of Smash, you have made that line very clear at this point.  Let’s list all the things wrong with Dev shall we?   He started out in the pilot as a supportive boyfriend.  Somewhere along the way when this got to be something he didn’t like, the support went out the window.  Instead of retreating to your job (and the slutty reporter) why not talk to your girlfriend about what’s bothering you and let her in.  She doesn’t know things are bad unless you tell her.  Hooking up with a reporter isn’t the best solution.   Proposing to her after telling her about cheating on her, isn’t the best solution.  Then when she’s upset about it, you run off and sleep with the woman who is her arch-enemy in show biz because you think it’s over.   Are you kidding me?   Lately, Dev has been completely useless.  Other than being a complete jerk and making Karen even more unlikable after her reaction to his cheating (the first time) what is Dev’s point on the show.  Clearly Karen can do better.   He cheated on her twice over the course of a week so she can’t do much worse.

And that brings us to Ivy.  Team Ivy here.  Although I’m slightly more embarrassed to say that these days because of what the writers have done to her.  She went from being a girl with little self-esteem who would do anything for her big break to Puck from The Real World: San Francisco.   Ivy just started doing things that were deliberately cruel.  I thought at one point, the writers were shying away from the rivalry/animosity between Ivy and Karen.  They weren’t becoming friends but the tension was dropping and they were pleasantly tolerating one another.  Then Ivy lost the part (I’m still not sure why other than it was too early for her to get the role), Rebecca’s brought in, Karen’s named understudy, Rebecca gets poisoned by Ellis, Karen gets to play Marilyn. Oh and Ivy basically walks in on Derek and Rebecca having sex after he told her he loved her.  Talk about screwing somebody (and I don’t mean Rebecca.)   Ivy was already in a fragile mental state and all this just pushed her over the edge.   To the point where we leave the season finale with her holding a handful of pills trying to decide if she wants to kill herself.   If Ivy couldn’t hurt Karen, she was going to hurt herself.

Look I understand not liking Karen because she appears to be taking away your shot at stardom for no apparent reason.   But ultimately none of this is her fault.  Who you should be pissed at is Derek.   Everyone else thinks this part should be yours….Tom, Julia, Eileen, even Karen thought it should go to you when Rebecca bowed out.   The one person who didn’t, who could pull the trigger was Derek.  And for some reason, he thinks this part belongs to Karen.   So that’s who you should be pissed at.  Derek took your role.  Derek cheated on you.  Karen just happened to be the beneficiary of it all.   If it wasn’t for the fact that I love Megan Hilty to pieces, I would loathe Ivy.   And is that really the point?

So you have three characters who have become so unlikable because of their actions, it’s hard to see how they can bounce back and become characters you root for again.   Do you guys see how that’s possible because I don’t.   I worry about that for Smash because you must have a rooting interest.  And if you ask me, Karen isn’t a good enough, strong enough, smart enough character to root for.

Fifteen episodes in and Karen is still as dull and stupid as she was in the pilot.  Actually she was fiestier in the pilot.  So since episode 2.  Katharine McPhee just isn’t a good actress.  I’m sorry.  Singing, no problem.  Dancing, not too bad.  But acting?   Sheesh.  Watching my lab chew on a rawhide bone for 2 hours is more exciting than watching Karen Cartwright/Katharine McPhee.  Seriously, what self respecting woman has her boyfriend tell her that he’s cheated on her (the first time) and then calls him to apologies for HER behavior.  What?   Are you insane?   You have every right to storm off and hate him.  He cheated on you and had the balls to ask you to marry him after he already cheated on you.  Why are you apologizing to him?   That has nothing to do with her acting ability mind you.  That’s just very poor writing for her character.  But Karen is still just a one note character.  Bland and boring, just as McPhee is portraying her.   Even when she confronts Dev about the ring and sleeping with Ivy, she was bland.  I would have drop kicked him out of the theater.  I would have been heartbroken and visibly upset.  In most other cases, I would have assumed the actress was playing it down because she didn’t want to have a scene in front of everyone.   But with McPhee, it’s how she delivers everything…flat.

Besides all that,  I think the biggest problem I have with Karen is that I don’t see what Derek sees in her.  Derek keeps insisting to everyone that she’s a star.   He says it to the point where everyone else around him agrees that Karen is a star.  What has she done to prove that?  I think what also makes this so hard is that the casting department did a lousy job.  You casted someone with no command of the stage and no acting ability to be the main protagonist who is supposed to have undeniable talent.  You cast her against someone with incredible stage presence, a very powerful leading lady in her own right, someone with tons of Broadway experience who exudes talent, and is head to toe Marilyn Monroe.  And we’re supposed to believe that Karen has IT and Ivy doesn’t?   We’re supposed to believe this is Karen’s part and not Ivy’s?   HOW?   Ivy even looks like Marilyn.  Karen is thin as a rail with no curves and you did nothing to make her look like Marilyn other than stick a blonde wig on her head.  Even watching Karen perform the songs, I’m watching someone with a very pretty face in a platinum blonde wig perform the numbers well, but I don’t get the sense I’m watching Marilyn the way I did with Ivy.  Not even close.  That final number was basically Karen in a blonde wig singing a song.  She didn’t sound like Marilyn and she doesn’t look like Marilyn.   I don’t get it.

What did you guys think of the season finale and the season as a whole of Smash?   As much as I just ripped the finale and the destroying of half the characters on the show, I’m still going to watch it.  I still like it.  I love Tom and Julia.   But my one request….DO NOT MAKE HER PREGNANT WITH MICHAEL’S BABY!   Thank you for letting me shout that.   I like Derek although I haven’t been fond of him lately.  I love Tom’s relationship with Sam.  I love Julia and Frank.  I love the ensemble.    There are some good parts to this show.  It just needs to be tightened up and cleaned up and I think it will rebound in Season 2.   But we’ll see.


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SEASON FINALE RECAP AND REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “The Magician’s Code” S7 E23 & 24

We got one big question answered.   But did we just get THE big question answered?

The answer to the second question is no.  Victoria is not the mother.  At least, that’s how it appears today.  We have learned that Ted will meet the mother at Barney’s wedding.  We also know that the mother was in one of his architecture classes.  Victoria doesn’t fit any of those descriptions.  It’s a shame because I think of all the people Ted has dated over the seasons, Victoria is most people’s favorite.  I know she was always mine.  I was always hoping she would end up being the mother because they were good together.  But I can’t see how that can happen.   Since Barney’s wedding appears to be happening at the end of next season, it looks like Victoria will just be filling the gap until that happens.  And maybe that’s what Ted needs to finally be ready to meet the mother.  He had his closure with Robin and since Victoria was “the one that got away” maybe he needs to really close the door on that relationship as well.

I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it now.  It’s time to meet the mother.  We are going on Season 8 and we haven’t met her yet.  I think it’s gone on too long.  It’s very rare for comedies to last this long in this day of TV. They just start to run their course.  And while I still love HIMYM and still think it’s one of the best comedies on TV right now, it’s getting a little droopy.   It’s starting to sag.  I think there is so much storytelling to be had once we meet the mother but my fear is that waiting so long, you are going to start to lose people and then the ratings will be so bad, CBS will pull the plug instead of you going out on your own terms.  And now Victoria has been reintroduced when we know she isn’t the mother and since we know Ted meets her at the wedding and the wedding won’t be until the season finale of next year, we know it’s another entire season without meeting her.  It’s ridiculous.

People will argue (and I’ve said this too) that this show has gone way beyond the mother at this point.  This show has become about these 5 friends and their lives together.  I’m thrilled that’s what the show has become. And the storyline vehicle for telling their stories being Ted’s retelling his children about how he met their mother.  At first it was, who is she, when will we meet her, how will she fit it?  Now it’s become, oh just tell us already.  And that sucks.  But it is what it is.  I just wish it would have happened a season or two ago because I worry this show will get canceled before we have a chance to she how the mother interacts with everyone and those stories that need to be told.

As for the other big question that was answered with no doubts what so ever, who was Barney’s bride.  And to no one’s surprise, the bride turned out to be Robin.    YEAH!!!!   I’ve always thought, since the moment they shared their first bro date together smoking cigars and playing laser tag, that Robin and Barney were meant to be.  The two people who insisted that they didn’t want to get married and have the regular family life, were going to find a way to be together.  I just knew it.  Although I had my doubts earlier in the season.

I think had Barney stuck with Nora all season, it would have been a bigger surprise with the Robin reveal.  We would have invested all season in Nora and I think it would have been more believable.  While I liked Quinn, I thought their relationship happened very fast and came out of nowhere.  For someone who is anti-relationship Barney went from Nora to try to get back with Robin to Quinn.  It seems out of character for him.  I never really bought into him and Quinn because it always felt like a smoke screen to me.  Even when he proposed to her last night, I never thought she was the bride.  In fact, as soon as he proposed to her, I knew it wouldn’t be her. But I can forgive all of that because in the end, Barney and Robin will be together.  And this isn’t a ruse.   In an interview with Craig Thomas on, Thomas confirms that Barney and Robin will be together and they will get married.  It was always meant to be them.  And I have to say, Robin looked stunning!!!

This was a tough year for Robin.  She ended up choosing Kevin over Barney only to realize that she and Kevin wanted very different things and broke up with him.  Ted confessed his love (again) and she gently tried to let him down and as a result needed to part from the group for a while so Ted could heal.   That really bugged me but I’ve already vented about that on my podcast.   Robin also found out that she couldn’t have children and while Robin said that was always her choice, it’s very different when the choice is taken away from you.  Then she had to watch the man she truly loves get engaged to another woman while she tearfully gave him her support.  Other than her job going well, this was a VERY tough year for her personally.  Robin really hasn’t been happy in quite a while.  So to see her beaming from ear to ear on her wedding way, made this HIMYM fan very happy.   Robin will get her happy ending.   And so will Barney.

Finally, the moment arrived….baby Erikson is here.  Marvin Waitforit Erikson was born to a very happy Marshmellow and Lily Pad.  Marshall almost didn’t make it and even though Lily has always had a tough relationship with her father, it was so sweet that he showed up for her and gave a pep talk to be able to have the baby.  Then he went into true form by telling her how vaginal tearing could happen and Lily kicked him out.  But Marshall did make it and the gang was there for Marvin’s birth.  As soon as they said his name and that he was named after Marshall’s dad, woosh came the tears.  I could stop them.  It was so sweet and touching.  As for the middle name…..LOVE IT!!!  And I love the fact that Marshall and Lily both thought it was the coolest middle name ever!!!!  I agree.  I can’t wait to see how they are able to juggle new parenthood while still hanging with gang at McClaren’s.

What are you thoughts on the season finale?  Did you like seeing the reveal of Robin as Barney’s bride?   What do you think of the whole Victoria and Ted riding off into the sunset together?   And would you be happy if next season was the last season of HIMYM or do you want more now that we know we will meet the mother in next year’s season finale?


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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Once Upon A Time “A Land Without Magic” S1 E22

I think it’s fair to say that no one can bitch anymore about ABC’s Once Upon A Time, not moving the story forward.  Not only did it move forward but it gave us a “what the hell happens now” moment at the very end.  I love that!  I’ve loved this show all year and I really enjoyed how they brought everything full circle to the pilot yet there is so much more to learn now.

The thing I love about OUAT is that there are certainly moments you see coming.  Emma kissing Henry to wake him up with True Love’s kiss is one of them.  But there are many other moments that really take you by surprise and question how you didn’t see it coming (like Little Red Riding Hood being the Big Bad Wolf.)  There are certainly things that will annoy you.   Emma supposedly being an expert in telling when people are lying to her yet being duped countless times.  But then there are things that will truly delight you like when August goes to see Marco in his shop and work with him just so he can be close to his father.  The show has a little bit of everything….mystery, romance, adventure, silliness, fantasy, violence, evil, and heart.   And it was all pulled together so perfectly in last night’s finale, while many lingering questions were finally answered.

One of the big events that everyone wanted to happen, happened last night…..Emma finally believes.  Lately it seems as though Emma has been given a really hard time.  People were getting very frustrated that she wasn’t believing.   It didn’t bother me as much as other people because, let’s be honest, would you believe that all the fairytale characters you read about and watched as a kid were real?   Hell no.  It would take some massive convincing and a huge leap of faith.  Your first instinct would be Emma’s….that Henry is having some sort of mental break.   But, when two adults (Jefferson and August) also try to tell you that it’s real, something has to trigger deep down inside….especially since you are supposed to have this gift of knowing when people lie to you.   Actually my problem with Emma is more her gift (or lack of it) than her not believing.  How many times has she been duped this season.  It’s as if the writers completely forgot about that storyline.  Anyhoo, I’m thrilled with the way Emma found out.  She needed a magical push.  When Henry was in the hospital, she was going through his things and she picked up the book.  As soon as she did, flashes started streaming into her head of her parents with her as a baby and scenes leading up to her going into the tree to be saved and she finally believed.  Just then, Regina shows up and Emma lays a beating on her.  It was great.  She confronts her about everything Henry said being true and shockingly, Regina admits to her that it is.  They decide they need help from the only other person who knows the truth and has the power to help….Mr. Gold.  By the way, the look on Emma’s face when Regina says to her “some people call him Rumplestiltskin” was priceless.

They go to see Mr Gold and he agrees to help.  He tells them that there is some powerful magic hidden in Storybrooke but only Emma can go and retrieve it.  We learn that Rumplestiltskin had a vial of True Love he created in fantasy land.  It’s the only thing that can break the curse because nothing is more powerful than True Love.   So that’s what Rumpy was doing with Snow and Charming’s hair!!  He wanted to save it for a rainy day. Why?  Did he know this was going to happen?  Or did he simply want to have something just in case he needed it but not knowing what he will need it for?   So where was this vile hidden where only Emma could go and retrieve it?   Why in the belly of the beast of course!   Charming hid the vial in the stomach of Malificent’s alter ego, the dragon, and when Storybrooke was created, old Malificent was brought over in her dragon form.

One of the things I loved most about this episode (besides Snow and Charming reuniting but more on that later) was the parallel of watching Charming take on the dragon while Emma was using her dad’s sword to fight the dragon in Storybrooke.  Both were doing it for love…Charming to save Snow’s life and Emma to save Henry’s.  It was beautifully done.  Emma wins and off she goes to save Henry, or so we hoped.  Gold tricked her (surprise surprise) and when Emma is untying Regina to go after him, they both get a call from the’s Henry.

They rush in and Dr. Whale (I’m dying to know which character he is) tells them that Henry is gone and that there was nothing they could do.  Everyone is in tears (myself included.)  Emma walks in and over to her son and she tells him how much she loves him and then she kisses him.  Voila!!!  Henry takes the same deep breath that Snow takes when Charming wakes her with a kiss and Henry is back with us.  And while I saw that coming a mile away, what I didn’t see was what happened next.   As the kiss awakened Henry, it also “awakened” all our favorite fairytale characters.  The wave of truth spread throughout the town and one by one we see Granny, Red, Jiminy, the Blue Fairy, Charming, Snow, all start to remember who they really are.  As this happens, the Blue Fairy turns to the Evil Queen and says “I think you may want to run and hide Your Majesty.”  It was great!    But not as great as what happened in the street!!!!!!   We see David/Charming pulling his car into town and pulling over and start running.  Now at this point, we assume he knows who he really is, but it wasn’t until he yelled “SNOW” when he saw Mary Margaret/Snow that we knew for sure.  She softly and sweetly whispers “Charming!”  and they run into the street and kiss and I couldn’t be happier!!!  Nor could I stop crying.  I know, I’m a complete wuss.  But Snow White and Prince Charming were one of my favorite stories as a kid so I am very invested in them!

While all this is going on.  Rumpy has the vial of True Love.  What is he going to do with it at this point?  The curse is broken right?   Well let’s back up a few steps.   Jefferson went to Regina wanting to claim his side of the deal and reunite with his daughter.  Regina basically tells him to piss off since her plan didn’t work.   He tries to explain how that’s her fault, not his but Regina, as we all know, isn’t the fairest in the land.   Ha Ha Ha!!!  Get it?   Fairest in the land?   Fair meaning pretty and amenable….oh never mind.   She balks on her end of the deal and Jefferson is not pleased.  So what does he do, something brilliant!!!  He goes to the jail area where Regina keeps all the people she wants hidden (did you notice the S. Glass name next to the first cell?)  There, he opens the door for Belle’s cell.  He tells her to go find Mr Gold and tell him that Regina is the one who held her prisoner and that Mr Gold will protect her.  Belle’s slightly confused and has really bad hair but she does what Jefferson says because she’s happy to be free.

She finds Mr Gold’s shop and when she walks in and asks if he’s Mr Gold, his back is to her.  He hasn’t seen her yet.  When he turns around to see just who has entered his shop looking for him, he sees her.   His heart stops.  He can’t believe who he is seeing for the first time in a long time.  It’s such a sweet moment because the love of his life has returned (even though she doesn’t know it.)  And when she tells him that it’s Regina who held her captive, it sets him on his mission.   He and Belle go to the well area and as they are walking there, the wave of truth rushes through and Belle remembers that she loves him…yeah!!!!   They go to the well and Gold drops the vial into the well.  Bells asks him why he did that and he tells her because he wants to retrieve the magic.  “Why” she asks.  “Because Magic is Power” he tells her.  The next thing you know, the entire town is enveloped in this cloud of purple smoke.  Henry, Emma, and Blue Fairy watch it from the hospital window with a very panicked look on all their faces.  Snow and Charming see it coming for them.  The Evil Queen takes a moment to stop crying for her misery to watch it from Henry’s bedroom window and a huge grin comes across her face.   The final scene is the purple smoke working its way up the clock tower just as it strikes 8:15!

WOW!!!   What an episode.  So many questions answered but so many more have just popped up.  I see what Kitsis and Horowitz were saying when they told everyone in pre-finale interviews that you will finish watching the finale and say “what the hell happens now?”   They were right.  What does happen now?

I guess the big question is, now that the magic is out, are they all transported back to fantasy land or are they still living in Storybrooke but the magic is now with them.  I believe it’s the latter because there is still more story to tell in fantasy land.  Remember, after Charming wakes Snow, he proposes to her (she accepts of course) and they agree to take back the kingdom, away from his father and her step mother.  So there is a war to wage and witness in fantasy land still.  So I think we will still see the parallel universes.  It will be fascinating to see how the fairytale characters live in Storybrooke now that they all know who they are.  Will they remember their lives as Ruby, Mary Margaret, David, etc?  I think so but I don’t know.  And what about August/Pinocchio?  Last we saw, he completely turned back into a wooden boy/man.  Did August die because the curse wasn’t broken in time?  Or did the magic save him?

That leads me to my final big question….was the curse really broken?  I don’t think so.  The curse seems to be two fold…take away the memories of who they really are and banish them to a land with no magic.  I guess you can argue that the curse is broken because they now remember and Storybrooke now has magic.  But the flip side is that they are still trapped in a world where they don’t belong.  Fantasyland is all their homes.  Not Storybrooke.  So is there more of the curse that still needs to be broken?   I guess time will tell.

What did you all think of the season finale?   Most of what I’m reading, people who have stuck with the show are over the moon about the finale.  People are thrilled.  It was a great payoff finale.   I am already counting down the days until September because I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!


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A few surprises on the ABC renew/cancel front coming over late yesterday evening:


  • Private Practice
  • Scandal
  • Body of Proof
  • Last Man Standing
  • Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23


  • Pan Am
  • The River
  • Missing
  • GCB

I think the biggest surprise for me is that Body of Proof was renewed while GCB was canceled.  BoP is a better show but it’s ratings were awful.  GCB’s ratings were better than BoP by a good amount.   I’m curious to find out more about the decision.

Private Practice was another show I thought had a good chance of going.  But I think ABC did the right thing and give it a short (13-15 episode) final season renewal.  I don’t think it’s been officially announced as a final season but all indications are that is the plan, which makes perfect sense.  The show was never great to begin with and it’s beyond tired at this point.


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Cougar Town Heading to TBS

I’m so happy for the Cul-di-Sac crew.   Maybe they will finally get the love and attention they deserve on TBS.  ABC has canceled Cougar Town but it was picked up by TBS so Penny Can lives on!!!

I’m not sure why this comedy was always given the short end of the stick by ABC.  I don’t get it.  But I’m glad someone found value in the show to keep it alive!  I’m curious to see how the show will do on cable and how much it will change (if at all.)


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This news came out of few days ago but I was traveling for work and just got around to seeing it now.  So if you are like me and slightly delayed in hearing the news here you go….


  • Once Upon A Time
  • Castle
  • Revenge
  • Happy Endings
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Suburgatory
  • Shark Tank
  • The Bachelor
  • The Bachelorette
  • Dancing with the Stars

I’m sorry but I can’t believe The Bachelor/Bachelorette is still on the air.  What garbage.  But I’m thrilled for all the other shows!!!

Cougar Town was renewed but will be heading to TBS.

Still no word on Body of Proof, Apt 23, Private Practice, Scandal, GCB, Last Man Standing, Missing, The River, or Pan Am (at least nothing official with Pan Am.)

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I’ve decided with as fast and as furious as these renewals and cancellations are coming in and with not a lot of detail behind them, it’s better to put them both on one post.

The CW has just announced the following shows:


  • Nikita
  • Hart of Dixie
  • Gossip Girl….for a FINAL season


  • Ringer
  • The Secret Circle

Ringer probably bums me the most.  It became a much better show as it went on but I think it lost too many people early on to catch back up.  It was getting strong, in the ratings, at the end, but just not enough.

Gossip Girl, it’s about time.  That shows has run it’s course and it’s time to say good-bye…I actually said good-bye this year to the show.  90210 was already renewed before this announcement as were The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.


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While there is plenty of good news about renewals, there is also sad news for the fans of shows who get canceled.  Here are some of the shows NBC has decided to cancel which shouldn’t shock anyone:

  • Bent
  • Are You There Chelsea
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Awake
  • Harry’s Law

Again, no surprise but there is a fair amount of outrage for Bent and BFF for being very good comedies but NBC did a horrific job of promoting.  There are some people upset about Awake but I think it’s mixed 50/50.  I don’t think anyone is going to lose sleep over Chelsea.  Am I right?

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One of the top shows I’ve been waiting to hear about has finally been renewed…..YEAH!!!!!!    Here is the official list so far:

  • Parenthood
  • 30 Rock
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Up All Night
  • Community
  • Whitney

Parenthood was a 15 episode order (really this show should be at 22 but beggars can’t be choosers.)  Community was a 13 episode order and likewise Up All Night and Whitney will be 13 as well (but it’s not official.)  And Parks and Rec was given a full 22 episode order….sweet!!!

I’m stunned Whitney was renewed.  Actually it’s not so much the renewal as much as the amount of people who watch it being enough for a renewal.  I haven’t met one person who has liked that show.  I haven’t read one article, blog or listened to one podcast where someone thought Whitney was a good show.  Who the hell is watching it?

I’m just happy Parenthood, Parks and Rec, Community and 30 Rock are all coming back.  30 Rock, while tired and past its prime, should go out on its own terms and I’m glad it has the chance for a final season.


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